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Found 8 results

  1. The title explains it all. I'll set up a doc to add thoughts to and maybe a discord thing. I have some ideas but it will mostly just be everyone working together. Here's the doc: Here's the discord server:
  2. Ok so I'm going to do a few polls up top establish some basic ideas then take some ideas from the replies then I'll start another thread for worldbuilding/history and we'll do the same thing for that thread then make a characters/theme thread then I'll put it all together.
  3. I would like to start a project. This project is meant to pinpoint inspiration and reignite the spark of imagination. Here it is:!forum/the-spark-of-imagination
  4. I run the annual Brandon Sanderson fan gift swap, Secret Sazed. I know it's a little early to be thinking about holiday gift giving, but since most of the people who participate do physical crafts or art, I wanted to get this out early this year. We offer both digital and physical giving and just about anything creative is welcome. If you'd like to participate, use the following form. If you're uncertain on what you want to give, indicate that on the form. You can go back and edit it later :-)
  5. This is where we will wright our collaborative story! Before we officially start I just want to put forward a few guidelines. Try to post your segment of story as soon as possible after the previous post, if it takes longer than two days for you to pay your segment we may have to skip you, and the most important role is be creative! Don't be afraid to try something new and also don't be afraid to try something old! Have fun!
  6. This thread is dedicated to the telling of tales, legends and stories! The first 20 people to post on this thread will gain a spot on the main story-building thread. The first person to post will wright the opening the last person to post will wright the conclusion. I'll start another thread that the actual story will be written. Enjoy and get writing!
  7. Hi there! Brandon Sanderson is by far my favorite author, and I've read almost everything by him. Just a few novellas/shorts to go! But I've been nonexistant in the fandoms and communities. What are some of the best threads here? Theories, important points, even simply funny stuff. Thanks! -Rusty
  8. I'm making a fakebook page for a school book-reading project, and the person I'm doing is Kaladin. Problem is, I have no idea what videos, images, or status updates he would make. If you know anything (videos, pictures or status update ideas you have), please post it here.