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Found 6 results

  1. I searched "Calvin and Hobbes" and found nothing. This is severely disappointing, so I am going to remedy that. So uh, just talk about Calvin and Hobbes, I guess . When I read this (for the hundredth time), it reminded me of every time that I was into a good Sanderson novel:
  2. comic

    I can't believe there isn't a thread about The Order of the Stick already. This is the thread for that Wonderful Comic, The Order of the Stick, which as of today, has posted 1000 strips online! Are there any other OotS fans out there? (Looking at you two Kobold and Kaymyth) What are your guys thoughts on Today's strip? Favorite Character? Favorite Quote? So excited for this next Fight between Evil!Durkon and Roy.
  3. comic

    Does anyone else on the 17th Shard read the Webcomic Manly Guys doing Manly Things? You don't? Go do it. It's a weekly updated Webcomic about a Temp agency for all the 'Manly' Video game Characters out there, run by a Time-Traveling Navy SEAL from the Future. I really want to talk with people about it. It's hilarious, and the current arc has had me in stitches for the past month. If you're not sure you want to read it, read this first:
  4. This is a cool comic I'm recommending to everyone. It's called Planeswept and it's pretty awesome. Here's the link to the first set of comics. (It's also available in Spanish and makes a reference to Words of Radiance so yeah.) Also, here's another comic I like, Invisible Bread! It's a comedic comic with no story. There's typically a hidden panel in the bottom left of the comic, and the link provided is also the first comic posted there. Here's the Link. Talk about them here! **Update schedules are Friday for Planeswept and about every Tuesday and Thursday for Invisible Bread** P.S. The first one I mentioned is also has various art stuff, so it's not limited to just comics.
  5. Hello everybody! Hope you like the illustration. Based on the context, I decided to use a comic style in the drawings. I also used an Art Deco layout and color scheme which for me goes perfect with the theme of the bank. Thanks

    © Rodrigo Mascareno 2013