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Found 11 results

  1. So this has been bugging me. Kell and Marsh are said to have blond hair. Blond hair ranges from a reddish- yellow to white. It typically grows lighter when exposed to sunlight. But Pre-Catascande Scadrial has a red sun or, more accurately, has a ferromagnetic cloud that filters out some green wavelengths causing the sun to appear red. (I’m assuming some green gets through as the cloud isn’t consistent.) Which is a problem, because under a red light yellow looks red. (Green should also appear black outdoors, but would become green when exposed to candlelight.) So Marsh and Kell should look like redheads outside, and blond inside. But they seem to be blond all the time, which makes me wonder if they are actually blond according to how we use the term. If they had hair that was closer to red, then the transition wouldn’t be so obvious. This doesn’t explain the issues with Green, or how Elend could have any sort of white suit... (White objects reflect all colors, and change color depending on the frequency of the light. If there is no Green light, then that suit should not have appeared white.) Thoughts?
  2. A thought crossed my mind pondering the mechanics of color and Awakening. Since Awakening uses color as fuel, could gemstones (like the ones on Roshar) be used? If so, how would that affect the gemstone's function? I know that a some of the gemstones of Roshar are effectively only different in color and almost identical in chemical structure. Because of this, would a gemstone's ability to hold stormlight and trap spren be affected if its color was drained? If the gemstone that is drained were in a fabrial, how would it affect the fabrial's functionality? Are a gemstone's and a fabrial's magical properties about perception or more about physical properties? Also, I think the fact that it is practically impossible to draw from the color of living things suggests that investiture affects the accessibility of color. If this is true, I suppose that infused gemstones would be hard to use as color fuel. I suppose if someone used the color from spheres (although likely expensive in breath for the Awakening because of the relatively low amount of color) it would prove a headache to anyone who tried to use or trade them. What are your thoughts?
  3. From the album Nalthis Landscapes and Characters

    A painting sketch of how I imagined the streets of T'Telir. My excuse to go overboard on colors.
  4. Definition of synesthesia: here I've been trying to create a character for a roleplay, and I was wondering; do you guys think it would be possible for someone with this condition to use a color from one of these experiences to fuel Awakening? Brandon has said that they would have interesting interactions with the magic system (if I find the WOB I'll link it), but he didn't specify what they were - so far as I know, at least.
  5. Question is in the title. My birthday is coming up and I'm getting myself a Bridge Four tattoo. I would like to get in Kholin Blue. I've been digging around and I've gotten shades from cobalt to cerulean, to navy. I would like to get the tattoo in the shade closest to Kholin Blue because obvi Bridge Four and the Kholins are all amazing!! Thanks so much for your help guys!! *Bridge Four salute!*
  6. Normally we see awakening turning the object they drew color from into grey, but when Susebron does it the objects turn white. Is that just because of the ridiculous heightening he is at? ...or is it a Tide ad?
  7. Is there an effective way to change text color while on mobile? Currently I have to change my browser settings and request the desktop site and then change it.
  8. The fuel for Awakening is colour. The royals can change their hair colour by their mood. The royals can have essentially infinite awakening fuel by draining their hair colour. Not that colour is too hard to find in a pinch, but, for instance, in a spotless white prison, you have that and your blood to catalyze an Awakening. Because Breaths are finite quantities as well, giving a much less overpowered effect than, for instance, infinite metal for a Scandrian, the ability to use Awakening no matter what the circumstances seems all right.
  9. I saw this on Tumblr and it said Peter could cannonize the color of Renarin's eyes. I am wondering if anyone has asked yet and , if not, I'm asking. What color are Renarin's eyes?
  10. I know that I associate colors with certain numbers. While I do think of multi-digit numbers as having colors, the basis for all of it is firmly established in the colors for the ten digits. I have asked a lot of people whether they do the same. So far, I have only met one or two people who do this as strongly as I do. However, I want to see what all of you will say. I will present the colors that I associate with numbers below in white text, but I want you to make up your mind first about what colors you think the numbers are before you look at mine, maybe even write them down. My colors are below: 0 - clear/black 1 - white 2 - blue 3 - yellowish green 4 - red 5 - orange 6 - dark teal 7 - dark brown 8 - very dark purple, almost black 9 - black If you don't understand what I'm talking about, Wikipedia has a good article on it here. This Numberphile video (and this one) does a nicer, less scientific job of explaining the experience of synesthesia. I have also heard of people assigning personalities and genders to numbers, so comment away!
  11. Does anyone know what color the shattered plains are? The cover art depicts them as red, but I don't trust cover art and anyway that could just be due to the sunset. I have scoured the text and have not found any specific reference to the ground other than frequent references that it is stone. I'm trying to recreate them in Lego, so any other relevant environmental descriptors would be helpful. Thanks!