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Found 18 results

  1. As I was reading Rhythm of War, Kaladin's vision of Tien caught my eye and one particular phrase raised a huge question for me. When Tien says (paraphrasing here, will add actual quote later today) "look at them Kal. Look at their colors" in reference to his Connections to others, it almost seems like a huge hint as to the significance of color in the Cosmere. And because Kaladin later found the wooden horse that was handed to him in the vision, it seems that it was a genuine Connection he had with Tien from the Beyond. Does anyone else get the feeling that this is vastly important? Or that it might be worth getting a WoB on? Also, side note to make this post super long, we have a WoB confirming that color is important in the Mistborn series and we know that Honors color is blue and Honor is the force of cohesion, that which binds and Connects things to each other. I'm assuming this is why the lines that show allomancers sources of metal, or their Connection to them, are blue. The only other reference to color in Mistborn that I know of is that Ruin is black and Preservation is white. Is it possible that Ruin was directly involved in the creation of nightblood which is why nightblood turned black upon its creation? It's command is "destroy evil" and destruction is exactly ruin
  2. Okay, so it's clear Metal has specific effects on magic throughout the Cosmere based on Dawnshard and RoW. I was just wondering whether that might be true of all magic focuses. It just so happens that Scadrial was a world where the uses of those effects were the heart of the magic system and directly either using those metals as attribute batteries (Feruchemy and Hemalurgy) or realmatic keys (Allomancy) was the main basis of the magic system. Oaths seem to be realmatic keys on Roshar, as people who swear them get infused with stormlight that wasn't already in the physical realm, so there's a parallel there. It seems hemalurgy removes a spiritual connection to a certain attribute and grafts it somewhere else, and we saw Ishar almost do that to Dalinar and his connection to the Stormfather with spiritual adhesion. Most of that was an aside though. Metal seems to have particular effects on magic on Roshar, especially obvious in fabrials, but probably not limited to them. Do we think color might have effects like that, like for awakening, we know you need color, but maybe they're doing it bluntly, and the specific color drained might allow you to do certain things with less breath if the color matches the effect, which is related to gem colors being necessary for certain things for soulcasters, but with enough stormlight, a real lightweaver or elsecaller can probably soulcast with wrong color gem, it's just far less efficient and takes more soul negotiating? So could color have an effect on magic on Scadrial somehow or on Sel, or could specific crystal lattice structures be better for conducting stormlight for specific things? I'm not sure if these questions are clear, but I'm thinking about a lot.
  3. Hello. Sprens are described in a multitude of colors. But their color comes from investiture. Would a human with the 3rd hightening see spren differently or are they already glowing in their perfect color? I am colorblind (not compmetely but also not just red-green) I always think about the hightening being compareable to how normal people see compared to me.
  4. After a re read of RoW I kept noticing more mention of color and it’s effect on the spen or magic system on roshar. There was the talk about Spren and the colors of gemstones which was interesting but the stranger one was about the pursuer and his husk. I noticed how it was mentioned that the color was drained from the husk leaving it dull and grey. is there a connection or similarity to nalthis magic? To me it read like the color was drained from his body and was needed for his next. just a thought. Thanks for any input!
  5. Okay, I just need to see if I'm the only one who had this thought or knows why I have this thought. For some reason, during my reading of Mistborn Era 1, in my head, I started seeing Atium as orange rather than silver. This ended up carrying to when I thought of Ruin, orange was always in the back of my mind. And the odd thing is, I think I saw Atium is silver at first, then something changed that image in my head and I don't know what or why. Am I the only one? Has anyone else fallen to this or something similar, or is it just me?
  6. Hi Folks! Not sure if this is necessary, but spoilers possibly....... I was just wondering if anyone knows/asked B.S. about how color could be drained from wood and stone for Awakening? I go under the assumption that the colors people have come from the Tears of Edgli which "drink" the investiture from the Perpendicularity that then provides the necessary addition to Investiture when performing Awakenings. Now that might be ENTIRELY wrong. But if that assumption is at all accurate, does anybody know how draining wood and stone of color would provide that since they are not "drinking" the Investiture like the Tears do? This whole thing might be entirely out of bounds, but I have been thinking enough about it to ask. Thanks!
  7. Despite Brandon’s statement, I find no obvious Nalthian Investiture source to fuel Awakening. Please help me solve this mystery. AWAKENING’S FUEL I see Awakening’s color drain the same as Allomancy’s metal burning and Sand Mastery’s dehydration. Magic lasts in those systems only while color, metal, and water last. Yet none of these substances is Investiture or otherwise serves as the magic system’s fuel. I view color (electromagnetic radiation really), metal, and water as the kinetic Investiture carriers for their respective Shards, substances that transport kinetic Investiture to magic users. Here are Nalthian Awakening’s fuel possibilities: Color as “Spiritual Attribute” Many believe color is a “Spiritual attribute.” I agree, but that doesn’t tell us how color could act as fuel. Most (all?) Spiritual attributes are Connections. A Spiritual aspect is raw Investiture mixed with Connections. Connections IMO carry the data that turns raw Investiture into a unique lifeform or object. An object’s color is unique data like its weight and dimensions. Because Connections are not Investiture, I think color couldn’t fuel Awakening even if color is a Spiritual attribute. Specific colors are magically significant in the cosmere. Color affects Soulcasting, for example. But Brandon says in that WoB, “I didn't work that into the Warbreaker magic,” and he chooses not to “retcon the magic.” He confirms specific colors don’t matter for Awakening in this 2019 WoB. Pigment @RShara opines an object’s “pigment” is fuel. Pigments are substances that selectively absorb visible light wavelengths. Selective absorption causes the object to reflect the other wavelengths, which our eyes perceive as color. RShara says breaking the pigment’s bonds yields the energy Awakening needs. This is a neat solution, but I have questions. What happens to the object’s Spiritual aspect when those Physical Realm bonds break? Why and how does that fuel Awakening? In our world, to break molecular bonds requires external energy; otherwise, stable molecules like pigments remain intact. What supplies this external energy in the cosmere? How does Awakening work if the object holds no pigment? Pigments are separate molecules from the objects they color. Brandon says an Awakener can drain color from gemstones. Gemstone color depends on internal impurities that affect light absorption, not pigments. How is that consistent with the pigment theory? If an Awakener can drain color from an object without pigment, then pigment’s bonds seem unnecessary as fuel. Something Else Because of my questions, I look elsewhere for Nalthian Investiture. No obvious source jumps out at me. Breath can be used as fuel but generally isn’t. Dyes made from the Tears of Edgli are best for Awakening and contain Endowment’s Investiture. But Awakeners can Awaken from other color sources too. That leads me to ask, Why does Awakening drain color? Color is the perception of reflected light. Objects absorb the other light wavelengths in the form of photons. Absorbed photons – the ones that don’t give off color – are all that’s left in the object. Why should draining the absorbed photons turn an object gray when the absorbed photons are not responsible for color? Best Guess My best guess: Draining those photons drains Investiture the photons hold. Like a Shardblade severs a limb from its Spiritual aspect and turns the limb gray, draining Investiture-laden photons IMO causes the object to turn gray. Endowment Investiture “sticks” to the object that absorbs the photons. My limited imagination can’t see another explanation that both grays an object and sources Investiture. The following vague WoB supports the possibility but with caveats. “A connection” can mean most anything. It’s also unclear which “two things” from among drained objects, Shardblades, and gemstone color Brandon refers to. Here’s the WoB despite these flaws: Investiture Source? Where might Investiture-laden photons come from? As quanta of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), the Invested photons’ most likely source is Nalthis’ sun. On Taldain, Autonomy’s Investiture “beats down” from its sun onto that planet. Nalthis’ sun could function similarly. I speculate Nalthis’ sun has always radiated Investiture onto Nalthis as part of that planet’s pre-Shattering ambient Investiture cycle. I do not suggest the sun’s Investiture necessarily comes from Endowment. It might be Autonomy’s or some other Shard’s Investiture. I think Awakening can use any Investiture as fuel IF the Investiture is in a form Breaths can process (discussed below). Breath holders can theoretically Awaken objects on any planet. But on Nalthis, Investiture stuck to the photons an object absorbs is the only fuel I can find that relates to color draining. Awakening on Roshar Comparing Nalthian with Rosharan Awakening is instructive despite how inconclusive the relevant WoBs are. It’s hard to know if Brandon means Stormlight can substitute as Awakening’s fuel or substitute for Breaths. When asked, “could you fuel Awakening using Stormlight, or do you have to bring Breaths?,” Brandon answered, “Yes, you could.... there are tricks to making it happen on each world. Some are easier than others, but yes you can.” [Calamity Release Party (Feb. 16, 2016).] Since the questioner asked if you can fuel Awakening with Stormlight, I believe Brandon assumes the Awakener has Breath, though that’s unclear. [Hint: Don’t ask Brandon compound questions! We can’t tell what “yes” means.] Brandon also says, “You can make a Returned feed off of Stormlight very easily. You can't use Stormlight to power Awakening very easily, but if you still have those Breaths, you can use them and reclaim them.” [Starsight Release Party (Nov 26, 2019).] This also sounds like Stormlight can fuel Awakening “if you still have those Breaths.” And Brandon says you can convert Stormlight into Breath by “Refining the power somehow into a more pure form.” [General Reddit (April 25, 2019).] Neither Hoid nor Vivenna knows how to do this, “so it’s not like a simple thing to achieve.” With limited confidence, I interpret these WoBs to mean Rosharan Awakeners need Breaths to Awaken. Otherwise a Rosharan Awakener would have to convert Stormlight into Breaths, which no one knows how to do yet. That suggests, for now, Rosharan Awakening relies on Breaths and some Rosharan fuel. Rosharan Fuel for Awakening I see two possible Rosharan fuels for Awakening: Stormlight and gemhearts. Brandon says here, here and here that Awakening drains Rosharan gemstones of color and ruins their Soulcasting properties. Gemhearts are made from Investiture leaking into the Physical Realm. That supports but doesn’t prove that Awakening drains Investiture, not color. When @RShara asks, can you Awaken using an underground gemstone that’s never been exposed to light and doesn’t hold Stormlight, the answer is “Yes,” if that gemstone is made from a gemheart. The more interesting question is whether mined gemstones can substitute. Most gemstones come from gemhearts: “Some are mined. Mining is not easy on Roshar.” Mined gemstones are “very similar. Not 100% chemically identical” to gemhearts because they contain more mineral impurities. Brandon hasn't said whether Rosharan Awakeners can use mined or artificial gems as color sources (though the latter can be used for fabrials). I believe if the gemstone holds Stormlight the Awakener could remove that Investiture to fuel Awakening, which will drain the gemstone's color. Endowment’s Magic Brandon (IMO) says Shards grant magic users access to Investiture through the Shard’s unique “primal force/fundamental law/something natural.” Ruin magic users Intend an act of entropy (spiking, converting attributes into Investiture, destroying evil). Windrunners Intend a bond to change gravity’s vector (lashing). I believe Endowment gives Awakeners access to Investiture through quanta. Breaths are quanta of Endowment’s Investiture. The Heightenings are the quantization of Breaths, since Breaths vary due to age, illness, and other factors. Photons are quanta of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which includes visible light. Endowment IMO gives Awakeners access to Investiture through quanta (Breaths), fueled by any Investiture carried in quantum form. Conclusion: Breath Can Use Any Quantized Fuel This post’s opening WoB says Awakening “is just looking for any available Investiture to power itself.” I don’t think Awakeners can use Investiture in any form. A Rosharan Awakener cannot simply inhale Stormlight and Awaken an object with that fuel even if they do hold Breaths. The reason IMO is Endowment’s “quantum” primal force. I think Breaths need to process Investiture in quantum form. Like metal and water carry their Shard’s kinetic Investiture, I believe photons carry Endowment’s kinetic investiture. You can Awaken anywhere in the cosmere with any Investiture, but you must access that Investiture by draining the “color” from an Invested object. That Investiture reaches the Awakener down an EMR pathway. I speculate on Nalthis that Investiture radiates from its sun, like on Taldain. And for those who think draining “color” by itself suffices to fuel Awakening, this “Poster Challenge” is for you. POSTER CHALLENGE – “HAND WAVIUM” OR COSMERE THERMODYNAMICS? Folks on Discord surprised me the other day by rejecting the idea cosmere thermodynamics helps explain magic. They feel cosmere thermodynamics itself is broken or has so many exceptions as to limit its value as an analytical tool. Many think Awakening and other magic systems don’t need fuel and don’t have to comply with thermodynamics’ rules. They accept magical solutions that I think involve too much “hand wavium.” I therefore offer this POSTER CHALLENGE: Read this WoB carefully and summarize its main conclusion. What do YOU think Brandon says here? Thanks for playing! And for my Discord friends, I offer this quote: Brandon violates his own rules more often than one would like. But those rules exist and IMHO should guide the development of our magic system theories. All the best! C.
  8. So this has been bugging me. Kell and Marsh are said to have blond hair. Blond hair ranges from a reddish- yellow to white. It typically grows lighter when exposed to sunlight. But Pre-Catascande Scadrial has a red sun or, more accurately, has a ferromagnetic cloud that filters out some green wavelengths causing the sun to appear red. (I’m assuming some green gets through as the cloud isn’t consistent.) Which is a problem, because under a red light yellow looks red. (Green should also appear black outdoors, but would become green when exposed to candlelight.) So Marsh and Kell should look like redheads outside, and blond inside. But they seem to be blond all the time, which makes me wonder if they are actually blond according to how we use the term. If they had hair that was closer to red, then the transition wouldn’t be so obvious. This doesn’t explain the issues with Green, or how Elend could have any sort of white suit... (White objects reflect all colors, and change color depending on the frequency of the light. If there is no Green light, then that suit should not have appeared white.) Thoughts?
  9. A thought crossed my mind pondering the mechanics of color and Awakening. Since Awakening uses color as fuel, could gemstones (like the ones on Roshar) be used? If so, how would that affect the gemstone's function? I know that a some of the gemstones of Roshar are effectively only different in color and almost identical in chemical structure. Because of this, would a gemstone's ability to hold stormlight and trap spren be affected if its color was drained? If the gemstone that is drained were in a fabrial, how would it affect the fabrial's functionality? Are a gemstone's and a fabrial's magical properties about perception or more about physical properties? Also, I think the fact that it is practically impossible to draw from the color of living things suggests that investiture affects the accessibility of color. If this is true, I suppose that infused gemstones would be hard to use as color fuel. I suppose if someone used the color from spheres (although likely expensive in breath for the Awakening because of the relatively low amount of color) it would prove a headache to anyone who tried to use or trade them. What are your thoughts?
  10. From the album Nalthis Landscapes and Characters

    A painting sketch of how I imagined the streets of T'Telir. My excuse to go overboard on colors.
  11. Definition of synesthesia: here I've been trying to create a character for a roleplay, and I was wondering; do you guys think it would be possible for someone with this condition to use a color from one of these experiences to fuel Awakening? Brandon has said that they would have interesting interactions with the magic system (if I find the WOB I'll link it), but he didn't specify what they were - so far as I know, at least.
  12. Question is in the title. My birthday is coming up and I'm getting myself a Bridge Four tattoo. I would like to get in Kholin Blue. I've been digging around and I've gotten shades from cobalt to cerulean, to navy. I would like to get the tattoo in the shade closest to Kholin Blue because obvi Bridge Four and the Kholins are all amazing!! Thanks so much for your help guys!! *Bridge Four salute!*
  13. Normally we see awakening turning the object they drew color from into grey, but when Susebron does it the objects turn white. Is that just because of the ridiculous heightening he is at? ...or is it a Tide ad?
  14. Is there an effective way to change text color while on mobile? Currently I have to change my browser settings and request the desktop site and then change it.
  15. The fuel for Awakening is colour. The royals can change their hair colour by their mood. The royals can have essentially infinite awakening fuel by draining their hair colour. Not that colour is too hard to find in a pinch, but, for instance, in a spotless white prison, you have that and your blood to catalyze an Awakening. Because Breaths are finite quantities as well, giving a much less overpowered effect than, for instance, infinite metal for a Scandrian, the ability to use Awakening no matter what the circumstances seems all right.
  16. I saw this on Tumblr and it said Peter could cannonize the color of Renarin's eyes. I am wondering if anyone has asked yet and , if not, I'm asking. What color are Renarin's eyes?
  17. I know that I associate colors with certain numbers. While I do think of multi-digit numbers as having colors, the basis for all of it is firmly established in the colors for the ten digits. I have asked a lot of people whether they do the same. So far, I have only met one or two people who do this as strongly as I do. However, I want to see what all of you will say. I will present the colors that I associate with numbers below in white text, but I want you to make up your mind first about what colors you think the numbers are before you look at mine, maybe even write them down. My colors are below: 0 - clear/black 1 - white 2 - blue 3 - yellowish green 4 - red 5 - orange 6 - dark teal 7 - dark brown 8 - very dark purple, almost black 9 - black If you don't understand what I'm talking about, Wikipedia has a good article on it here. This Numberphile video (and this one) does a nicer, less scientific job of explaining the experience of synesthesia. I have also heard of people assigning personalities and genders to numbers, so comment away!
  18. Does anyone know what color the shattered plains are? The cover art depicts them as red, but I don't trust cover art and anyway that could just be due to the sunset. I have scoured the text and have not found any specific reference to the ground other than frequent references that it is stone. I'm trying to recreate them in Lego, so any other relevant environmental descriptors would be helpful. Thanks!