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Found 12 results

  1. I recently reread the Bands of Mourning, and just thought of a passage, where Wax is pushing on all the metal within the mansion where the party took place. Sterring mentions that all the nearby women's earrings are being pushed on by Wax's Steel bubble. How is Wax pushing on metal that's pierced through someone's skin? I thought aside from Duralumin/Nicrosil boosts or using the Mists themselves, it was basically impossible?
  2. So, I couldn't find a thread discussion on this topic of twinborn possibilities. I honestly dont know why I have it in my head that this combination could lead to some really interesting/power things. And I kinda want to talk to people about it. So a steel allomancer can push on metals while a chromium feruchemist can store Luck to tap into at a later time. This could lead to really cool trick shots and all around fun reading I think. And it doesnt help I have it in my head a character being of this type of twinborn and saying something along the lines of "I guess that was a... lucky shot" after they get out of a close scrap with someone.
  3. Ok so I'm not sure if this was addressed in the books and I'm just dumb, but I have a quick thing to ask about iron and steel allomancy: When Allomancers push or pull metals, do they push/pull toward the center of their body always, or are they able to decide which part of their body the metal is pushing/pulling towards(i.e. like a lurcher can pull a coin to either hand)
  4. From the album Cosmere Concept Art

    I make fantasy concept art. Decided to repurpose some old images I had done some work with into Cosmere concepts. Follow me on Instagram for more design like this in the future.
  5. As I recall it, Steelpushing is based on a line of force from one's center of gravity to a piece of metal - visible to the Allomancer as a blue line, whose thickness/strength was relative to the mass of the metal object in question, and distance from it. You could push with varying degrees of power on the object, but the force would always be along in that straight line. When Vin first tries it, she shoots straight up, and manages to balance at the apex. When Kelsier joins her, he explains that the body's sense of balance (that lets you just stand on one leg for a while, for example) translates to Steelpushing, so balancing on a Steelpush isn't that hard, but "move too much to one side, and you'd tip over like a weight on the top of a very tall pole". I get that later she finds embedded parallel sets of iron bars in a kind of path going between cities, that Coinshots and Mistborn can use to "fly", using the pairs as "course corrections". And that Wax, living in a more modern age than the Final Empire, with steel structures and lampposts all around, could REALLY get around the city (and that a Lurcher could probably do about as well as Spider-Man in flinging himself around town). What always struck me as dubious though was the way Elend, Vin, Zane, Wax, etc., can just drop a small coin - a clip - and launch off into the air. Unless they dropped it directly between their feet and stood very still, wouldn't the effect be just to shoot the coin away? Like if I were to jab my finger at an angle on a coin on my desk. Some or most of the force would be transferred directly into the desk (downward), depending on the angle, but some horizontal force would remain to shoot the coin away from me. And if they did manage to drop it straight down, wouldn't they just shoot straight up, like Vin did in her initial exercise? Yet we often see someone drop a coin and flying up to land on a rooftop, go over a wall, etc., which seems to require some horizontal movement to do, otherwise instead of dropping down onto the roof or on the other side of the wall, you'd just come down exactly where you started from. I didn't let this detract from my enjoyment of the Mistborn books by any means, but it's one of those details that has always been niggling me, and if someone could explain it away for me, I'd like it that much better For example, in a city or somewhere with a lot of metal attached to structures nearby, you could always "push off" a bit on SOMETHING near you... Like door hinges or whatnot. Is that always the unspoken assumption?
  6. The other day, I was thinking about how cool it would be if Coinshots and Lurchers were Feruchemists. Then I started thinking about the final details... Rough draft done by my sister via pencil, final draft done by me with MediBang and a Wacom Intuous Tablet.
  7. From the Ars Arcanum: The blue lines of iron-sight and steel-sight seem to hold a lot of information. For example, Oudeis provided evidence before that Ranette's use of iron may have given her the ability to identify other metals, simply using her ironsight. Maybe this is because she's an iron savant? With this in mind, what if there is more information to be gleaned about metals and their relationship to iron and steel sight? The Ars Arcanum quote above leads me to believe that the size of the blue line is directly correlated to the "size" of the metal source and that the brightness of the line depends on the "proximity" of the metal source. A lot of quotes from the original Mistborn trilogy seem to back this up. However...I've found inconsistencies in the quotes from the original trilogy AND I want to propose that the word "size" is incorrect. I'd argue that "mass" makes more sense instead and would fit better with Ranette's metal identification skills. This quote shows that proximity does in fact have an effect on the brightness/illumination of the blue lines. It reminds me of the Doppler Effect. As you move away from the metal sources the color dims like the sound of the waning Doppler Effect. We also have a mention of width, but nothing to the effect of size or mass. The next quote helps us here better. Here we see that the size of the metal dictates the thickness of lines. Seems pretty straightforward, and confirms the Ars Arcanum, right? The bold sentence (emphasis mine) contradicts the Ars Arcanum. The word "faint" should be replaced with "thin", because a size, small, is referenced afterwards. Here Kelsier is confusing the correlation of the illumination of the blue lines with what should instead be a description of the blue lines thickness. Either Kelsier is misinformed or Brandon made a mistake here. Whichever it is, this led me to think more about what the full description of the blue lines really means. There is plenty of evidence (which I won't quote here) throughout the books that shows that the illumination of the blue lines is indeed correlated with proximity. I have no problem with this observation by the author of the Ars Arcanum or the other characters in the book. However, I believe that interpreting thickness as "size" is incorrect. All the evidence in the book shows that proximity and illumination vary while the thickness of the blue lines never varies when an person is burning iron or steel and looking at their blue lines. At least, there is never a description of the thickness changing. This, to me, is because the mass of an object is fixed. Yes, size matters too, but it's more than that. It's quite common for size to be misinterpreted when commonly talking about mass. Here's how Wikipedia defines mass with regards to physics: Does this sound familiar? I think so. It sounds a lot like how the iron and steelsight actually works. When Vin is first testing out her steel push with Kelsier on the top of the Luthadel wall, she notices that there is a limit to how how high she can push. Her steel-line fades in color, but she never comments upon the thickness. This is because the mass of the coin doesn't change. It's fixed because of the metal the coin is made out of. But what would happen if she uses a coin with a higher mass? The "size" is the same, but the mass increases...would the thickness of the steel-line increase and thus allow Vin to push herself even higher? I'd argue yes. Let's think about this slightly differently. As we move down the periodic table of elements, each element has a higher atomic mass. Thus, the same number of atoms for gold, for example, will have a higher mass than the same number of atoms for iron. Now let's compare the same size unit for these metals: a cubic foot of iron weights 491 pounds while a cubic foot of gold weighs 1206 pounds. All because the mass of the atoms of the two elements is different. Would we really expect equal steel push strength on both of this slabs of metal? I'd argue no, because I think steel pushing specifically relates to the mass of the object you're pushing against. Thus size is irrelevant. But mass is important. Let's pretend Vin uses a gold coin instead of an iron coin to push herself. I'd argue that since the mass is different but the size is the same, she'd observe a thicker blue line AND be able to push her self higher. What implications does this have on the whole for Scadrial? Well, a weaker coinshot could artificially inflate their powers by using coins with a higher mass relative to a stronger coinshot using simple iron coins. Thus they'd appear to be stronger than they actually are, because everyone thinks steel pushing is all about size of the metal source instead of mass. This reminds me of arbitrage in finance. If someone were to discover this, they could take advantage of this information. Which brings us back to Oudeis' insight on Ranette's ability to determine which metals are what simply by using her ironsight. Is she identifying metals because of each metals unique mass as seen through the blue lines of her ironsight? Yes, if you ask me.
  8. It is the advent of industry on Scadrial. With developments in machinery and mass production, connecting the farthest reaches of the Elendel Basin is becoming easier than ever. To promote this era of revolution, House Gardre has developed and produced a new steam train, dubbed The Steelway Express. This locomotive is capable of pulling hundreds of passengers, as well as valuable supplies, to a choice destination. Of course, these “valuable supplies”, including several crates of gold and aluminum, are also the target of a group of bandits, who are not afraid to kill in order to have their way. Not only that, but they are unnaturally good with disguises… Not to worry! You and your fellow passengers happen to be rather adept in the art of inquisition. All you need to do is figure out which of the passengers in the car are the bandits, and kill ‘em off. Simple, right? The Game You are a passenger aboard The Steelway Express, being held hostage by the vicious group of bandits known as the Coinshot Clan. While reports of their Allomantic powers are suspect, they have a number of firearms, making them a force to be reckoned with. There are no special roles in this game; all players are either regular Passengers or Coinshot Clan members. The goal for the Passengers is to find the members of the Coinshot Clan amongst them and lynch them, while the goal for the Coinshot Clan is to outnumber the Passengers and take control of the train and its cargo. Cycles in this game are referred to as a “Stations” for RP purposes, and are 24 hours long. During each cycle, the passengers will discuss who they think is suspicious, and vote to lynch them upon reaching the next Station. Tied lynch votes will result in one of the highest-voted players being killed, randomly. One of the Coinshot Clan members will be selected each cycle to kill a target (with the kill action rotating in a repeating pattern). The Coinshot Clan does not get a google doc to communicate in, but can send 1 PM to the player making the kill each cycle (however, neither player can reply to this PM). Other PMs set up directly between players are not allowed in this game, but separate PM groups will be set up by the GM each cycle for every train car. Coins & Payment Actions Everyone will begin with a certain number of coins (which will vary from player to player). Every cycle that a player posts something (relevant to discussion), he/she receives one coin. One additional coin will be earned if that player has a vote placed on someone at the end of the cycle (regardless if their vote becomes nullified). Players may not give coins to one another (everyone’s too greedy to be charitable), and all coins are given to the conductor upon death (i.e. removed from the game). The universal usefulness of currency can come in handy. Each cycle, you may choose to spend coins to perform one of the following actions. The player making the Coinshot Kill may still perform a Payment Action. (Note that these actions occur before coin payouts each cycle.) Postal Service [1 Coin]: Hires a messenger, allowing you to send a message to the GM, to be anonymously delivered to the player of your choice after the cycle is over. Medical Service [3 Coins]: Targets another player, giving them emergency medical services in case they are wounded. If the target player was attacked, their death will be prolonged by one cycle, and the use of this ability will be shown in the write-up. If the player was not attacked, you still pay the 3 coins. A player cannot have their life prolonged for more than 1 cycle in a row. Assassination [? Coins]: Every few cycles (randomly determined), you will be informed that there is an Assassin that can be hired. Each player may bid a certain number of coins to have the Assassin kill a target player (you cannot choose to make the Assassin target no one). The player who bid the most coins has their kill go through, while all others who bid will have their coins returned to them. If it is a tie, and both players choose different Assassination targets, the Assassin will become conflicted and will make no kill. (Both players will be reimbursed if this occurs.) The Assassin kill takes place simultaneously with the Coinshot Clan kill. Seating Arrangements [2 Coins]: Allows you to choose which car you will be placed in for the following cycle, rather than being seated randomly. Choosing to be seated in the Vault Car costs 6 coins, rather than 2. Train Cars Each cycle, all players will be evenly split up into a number of different train cars. The car that a player will be placed in will be randomized, unless they use the “Seating Arrangements” action. Each train car will have its own separate PM group in which to speak, and all players in each train car will be able to participate in a certain activity, exclusive to that car (see below). Buffet Car: The Buffet Car is where players may bake foods, which some may consider a delicacy. In here, you may choose to bake a hearty meal for any other passenger in the Buffet Car (via PM to the GM), causing that passenger to unwillingly pay you 1 coin for your delightful culinary skills, unless they have no coins to give. All baked good transactions between players occur simultaneously at the end of the cycle. You will be informed of who baked food for you once the cycle is over. Passenger Car: The Passenger Car is supposed to be a place for passengers to relax, but during these shenanigans, tensions are rather high. Luckily, the conductor has come around with a gambling game that might cheer you up. (Then again, it might not.) Each player can choose to pay x number of coins, in the hopes of getting rewarded 2x coins at the end of the cycle. However, there’s a catch: the payout for everyone in the car will only go through if the total number of coins paid in the car is less than y coins (y varies from cycle to cycle). If the combined number of coins bet by everyone in the car is at least y coins, not only does nobody receive the payout, but the conductor takes all of the coins bet! Caboose: Here at the rear end of the train is a little car in which the people have big aspirations. All players in the Caboose may vote for any player in the Caboose PM. The player with the most of these votes is kicked off of the train, effectively role-blocking any actions and votes that they took this cycle (however, they can still be affected normally by other actions taken against them). In the case of a tie in votes, one of the top-voted players is randomly selected to be kicked off of the train. The player who was kicked off will not be revealed in the write-up. Vault Car: While it might not have the most scenic view, the Vault Car allows passengers to travel in relative comfort and security. Players inside of this car are immune to all actions taken by players outside of the Vault Car (excluding the lynch vote). Players inside may still use actions on players outside of the car. Unlike the other cars, players are not randomly placed into this car. Instead, they must pay 6 coins in order to take a turn in the Vault Car. Action Sequence Caboose role-block→Payment Actions (except Assassination)→Coin Payouts (including Buffet & Passenger Cars)→Lynch→Kill Actions So, welcome to QF 8! I'm sure you're all surprised to see a Mistborn game without any Allomancy; I felt like changing things up a bit. Signups for the game will conclude on Saturday, June 20th. If you have any questions/clarifications about game rules, please don't hesitate to ask! Also, if you cannot join the game for whatever reason, but wish to watch, PM me if you would like to join the Spec doc. As this is a QF, there won't be any need for pinch-hitters in this game. Player List Write ups:
  9. I'm proud of the mists in this one. It's pretty straightforward.
  10. My attempt at a coinshot. The image on the coin is meant to be Kredik Shaw. It's not that great and I'm not usually one for drawing but I felt like doing this.
  11. So I just have a quick question that I haven't found an answer to yet. Maybe I've just over looked it. But I'm listening to the Alloy fo Law audio book and I'm at the fight on the top of the train and at one point, Wax Pushes off the tracks a couple times. My question is this: To what part of the metal do the blue lines of Steel/Iron point if the metal is extremely long? My initial instinct was to say the middle but then I though about super long beams of metal like the tracks and it made me reconsider. Something I hadn't thought of till I was typing this was maybe it just reads each different section of the bars on the tracks as a separate piece of metal, but that's still pretty long. And then you look at cars or huge girders or very long poles. For instance the spires of Kredik Shaw. Vin pulled herself up to the tips of these a few times if I remember right. So do the lines move? What do you think?
  12. Hypothetical scenario time! Wax, Wayne and Marasi are standing in a room. Wax Pushes a coin outwards, and then, simultaneously, Marasi creates a cadmium-bubble the size of the room and Wayne creates a bendalloy-bubble around the three of them, leaving them standing in regular time while the rest of the room, including the coin, which is now moving quite slowly, is in slow-time. Wax then moves around a little and Pushes on the coin from a different angle. How does the Push affect the coin? Okay, I just realized I made this sound like a textbook question, but I genuinely want to know if we know, if that makes sense. Does the Push 'slow down', and act like it normally would, but in slow-mo. Or would it work differently?