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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post in the forum. I read the Mistborn-Series and loved it, but there is this one thing that I just can’t grasp and that bothers me - so I hope you can help me. The whole magic system and it’s use are fantastically well thought-through! So when I felt like finding an ‘error’ I assumed that I must have misread something. But I just can’t figure it out. So instead of saying ‘I found a mistake’, I’m gonna ask: What do I not understand here? In Hero of Ages, Vin is imprisoned in chapter 44 (also 45, 48, 50) in the cavern underneath Fadrex city. The metal plate in the door has been removed. Yet still I ask myself: Why was she not able to break out on her own? I understand that she cannot simply push against the door and have it open, since the metal inside has been taken out. She tries that at the end of chapter 44. However, she notes that ‘with duralumin-enhanced pewter’ she should have been able to push even that open’ - but she can’t get any footing. So I assume that she has duralumin. She also has a coin pouch. Since she’s shooting them around later, she also must have steel. So immediately I asked myself: Why can she not simply place one or multiple coins against the door and steel-push, duralumin-enhanced, against the door? Of course she would have to push in the opposite direction as well, just as it is described when she opens the previous cavern. Opposite to her should be the steel plate she reads later - and even if it’s not exactly opposite of her, she could place coins there as well! Should this not be enough to open the door again right away? Friends of mine have suggested that it is different if you push only against a small coin to open a large door as opposed to the huge metal plates that were inside the door. If that is so, can someone explain to me, why? My understanding of steel-pushing is that every person has a different strength, that does not relate to the size of the pushed object. If at all, it relates to the person’s weight, but that seems to be somewhat misleading. However, weight should not be important in my question… i hope someone can explain why it would not be possible for Vin to simply break out like this - and restore my feeling of logic in all of this. Thank you! :-)
  2. The Mistborn Coin kickstarter just went live today! Their goal is only $10,000, so I think this will be more easily funded than the Kaladin Kickstarter, I hope.
  3. From early on in the FinalEmpire, the first time Kelsier brings Vin out in the mist to learn to use her abilities. I have discovered the Mistborn books late this year, and they have been a huge inspirations. This was the first drawings I made of them, and I have clearly got the mistcloaks wrong! It doesn't help that I have actually read the whole trilogy thinking they looked this way because I didn't let myself look at amy art for fear of spoilers. Worth it! I'm currently re-reading the first trilogy with the aim of illustrating much more of the salient scenes (and the get the clothes and descriptions of the characters right this time!).