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Found 88 results

  1. When Raoden had a flashback to when he was young, he broke his leg and got an infection then went to Elantris to be healed. It as said he was dying at the time. He also seemed to see the Dor for what it was, looking past the Aon that healed him and see the storm of polarized Investiture that was trying to leak out through the Aon itself. Did Raoden, while young and near-death, briefly peer into the Cognitive Realm and see a glimpse of the Dor as it is? I say this because we have some proof that when you die or are nearly dead, you can see into the CR. There's a Death Rattle that may not actually be a Death Rattle that's about someone seeing a Cryptic in the Cognitive Realm as they were killed.
  2. I know that there are mountains in the Cognitive Realm, though they're smaller than they would normally be. My question is are there caves in the Cognitive Realm? I ask this because Ruin's perpendicularity was, supposedly, at the bottom of the Pits of Hathsin, so would it also be in a cave in the Cognitive Realm or would it just be on the surface?
  3. The Cognitive Realm of Scadrial is, like it's physical counterpart during nighttime, absolutely covered in Mists, which shapes itself to reflect the Physical Realm. My question is, are the MIsts in the Cognitive Realm the same as the ones from the Physical Realm? Are they the gaseous form of Preservation's Investiture or is this just a quirk of the Cognitive Realm?
  4. So in the cognitive realm, 3d spaces are mapped onto a more 2d kind of map. So a planet may be round, but in the cognitive realm its manifestation is more flat. And you can travel directly from one planet to another because of this, like from Nalthis to Roshar. The vast expanse of outerspace doesn't really matter in the cognitive, because it doesn't have any minds in it so that space maps to essentially null in the cognitive. But the cognitive realm is, of course, still 3 dimensional. Terrain isn't completely flat, you can go up and down. So what happens if you go up in the cognitive... and keep going? In the physical realm, you'd reach outerspace, but that's not the case in the cognitive i wouldn't think. There is something up there though; there's the weird inverse sun. So yeah, the question is, What's Up?
  5. On Roshar, we can see some of the characters speak to inanimate objects, and even reason with them (i.e. Shallan Soulcasting the ship in Words of Radiance). In Mistborn Secret History, we see Kelsier interact with inanimate objects, but they don’t really talk to him, even though they have a small amount of a cognitive presence. Does Roshar have more awareness to its inanimate objects due to the presence of Cultivation, and the relatively high concentration of investiture?
  6. As I was re-reading Hoid's Wandersail story, I had the thought that perhaps Derethil knew the Voidbringers were coming through the Cognitive Realm. Therefore, it might be possible that upon meeting the highstorm, Derethil and his sailors passed into the Cognitive Realm, the Uvara civilization is located in the Cognitive Realm, and the "Great Abyss" is perhaps a perpendicularity (Honor's?). This also perhaps lines up with the need for Derethil to seek out the highstorm in particular -- Derethil wasn't looking for a specific location, but rather the entrance to the Cognitive Realm. This brings up some more interesting questions if true (please let me know if there is evidence ruling this theory out): 1. Who are the Uvara? Are they from Roshar at all? The phrasing in the story suggests that the Uvara aren't really Rosharan at all, and look strange. 2. Who is the king of the Uvara? Is their king actually dead? Anyways, curious to hear any thoughts.
  7. From the album Shadesmar

    My basic illustration of the Rosharan cognitive realm. Part of my series on the cognitive realm. I want to to them as "land/sea" scapes. Enjoy!
  8. All people have a Cognitive Aspect which is formed of Investiture (as technically everything is). Upon death this Aspect begins to dissipate, just as the body begins to decay. An infusion of Investiture to the body will heal it and an infusion of Investiture to the Cognitive Aspect will maintain it. Living people are effected by other people’s perceptions. The effect is simply minimized for unknown reasons. In contrast, the Cognitive Aspects of objects and non-sapient creatures do not have whatever safe guard minimizes this effect on living sapients and are strongly effected by perceptions. Shadows seem to fall into an in between area. They’re less effected by perception than non-sapients, but they’re more effected than living sapients. Whatever safeguards living sapients appears to be damaged, though a strong enough infusion of Investiture or exposure to the Spiritual Realm may help. What’s even more interesting is that there’s some indication that the whole problem is tied to memory and the limits of human capacity for it. It’s possible memory is the safeguard. There are some indications that an ordinary living sapient who lives too long will begin to have the same issue as a Shadow. And others that indicate natural immortals may avoid the issue. It’s also worth noting that Vessels seem to have a similar problem and some take advantage by trying to shape perceptions of themselves in particular manners. (Note that most Vessels are alive.) To me this indicates that the problem is less of perception and more a matter of Spiritual Connection. If the body is the physical function, and the Cognitive is the consciousness, it seems like the Spiritual is the totality of our lives experiences: the web of memories and connections we form throughout our lives that define who we are. It seems to me that as the Cognitive Aspect reaches its natural threshold for recall, it begins to lose its ability to access portions of that web, almost like a magical version of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s as though the Connection between Consciousness and Experience begins to fray, leading to the weakening of the Self. I’m going to call this the recall threshold: the point past where a Cognitive Aspect can access the sum totality of its Spirit Web. If something happens to expand the Cognitive Aspect’s ability to ‘recall’ or if something stimulates this, the Cognitive Aspect will ‘remember’ itself. In the absence of a whole link to the Spiritweb, I think perception takes its place. That’s a type of Connection too, but it’s one formed by the collective experiences and memories of other people. If you don’t know who you are, then you have to take it from other people. Imagine someone with amnesia, being told ‘You are X. You work as a Y. This is your family.’ etc. and determining who you are based on that. Except on a much broader and unconscious scale. In this hypothesis, as the ties from the Cognitive Aspect to the Spiritweb fray, the collective Consciousness, the perceptions and Connections of and with other people, act to shore up the fraying supports. Over time, as the ties between Realms continue to weaken, this collective consciousness becomes a pseudo-Spiritweb shaping the way the Cognitive Aspect defines itself while still allowing that self to maintain some definition. This has little to do with whether it’s the original person, or soul, or not. It’s not a problem of perception - indeed, perception would actually be acting as a symptom reducer - but a problem of Connection between Realms. The problem that Shadows face would simply be a result of those ties being damaged by having died. Just as a person loses their Connection to the Physical, they also lose their Connection to the Spiritual upon death. When a Shadow has their Cognitive Aspect stabilized, it stops the severing process and may even reverse some of the damage. But it seems reasonable that these Connections between Realms are no longer whole. The Connection to the Physical, for example, needs to be intentionally restored. If the tie to the Spiritual remains damaged, then it would be more vulnerable to breakdown than that of a living sapient. So while both living and Shadow will experience the recall threshold problem, a Shadow will experience the effects much sooner. This effect would apply to all Shadows over time. In fact, it would apply to all non-natural immortals. Even natural immortals could, in theory, eventually hit their (presumably much higher) recall threshold and experience the effects of the loss of Spiritual Connection. In conclusion, whether or not a Shadow is the original person’s consciousness/soul is immaterial and remains a philosophical problem (as per WoB). The problem is one of Realmatic Connection that would ultimately effect all sapients, with the closest Physical Realm equivalent being something like Alzheimer’s or other disorders of memory. The fact that increasing the recall threshold or decreasing the distance between Realms can heal this damage would be indicative of this problem not being tied to original personhood of a Shadow, but to a greater Realmatic effect to which Shadows are simply more susceptible due to their weakened ties to the Realms.
  9. When you are in the cognitive realm, can you use emotional Allomancy on people in the physical realm? Are there other things that can be done in the cognitive realm with emotional Allomancy, such a "physically" manipulating someone else currently existing there too?
  10. There is philosophical dilema, paradox from the field of metaphysics of identity, Is called "Ship of Theseus" paradox. So, there is Ship of Theseus. It stays in harbour of Athens. In time, rotet and decayed planks of ship are replaced with new ones, to the point the whole Ship is fully replaced. Still has the same owner, or his offspring. Is this ship still the same ship? And later, someone rebuilds ship from the old planks. Is puttung together piece by piece, untill has the whole ship made from original planks. So is this original ship? Has all original parts. But not have original history. Witch one is original Ship? And, more important for us, how would look like the spren of Ship? And witch one would be Original? And how they would look like compare to each other? would they be twin-spren? Would they have the same memories of Theseus's Jurney? Witch one would be consider as Original Spren?
  11. So in the CR: Physical realm bodies of water are land, and physical realm land masses are not traversable by foot in the CR. (Mistborn secret history, oathbringer, ROW) Vertical distance is compressed or non-existent (sja-anat interlude ROW, climbing down from Urithiru in ROW in Shadesmar) And distance between planets is compressed in Shadesmar. I'm assuming these things happen for the same reason. I see two main possibilities for why these things happen one of them has slightly more support I think from WOBs. The more supported one is that travel between planets is faster in CR because no one lives there, there are no minds there in the physical realm. I didn't go looking for the WOBs but I believe this has been said a few times. And this phenomon also causes water to become land, etc However, I've always wondered how much perception has to do with it instead of just *no minds exist in space*. Humans see a body of water as a single entity and cannot be traversed. So it manifests as a solid area in the CR because of the perception of the obstacle from the physical realm. The physical realm land isn't solid in the CR because people in the physical realm move through it. It's more plastic in the CR because it's more accessible in the cognitive realm. -mist on Scadrial and beads on roshar. I believe people have asked and gotten RFAO'd about how if people start living in space then would the distances in Shadesmar expand. Before interplanetary travel entered the picture i had wondered if a civilization got really used to boat travel, would that affect the land in the CR because the perception of the water as this solid intractable entity changes. If this is the case, then the advent of space travel could make interplanetary travel in Shadesmar more difficult without people even living in space. The ability to traverse space in the physical realm could change the perception of space, affecting CR distances. In all of this when I say perception I kind of mean the like societal understanding that could affect somethings cognitive aspect.
  12. Brief spoiler for Rhythm of War. Shallan suggests I think in part 2 that she could get herself physically into Shadesmar without using a perpendicularity like Jasnah did in WoR, but she couldn't get back without one, while elsecallers could get back with enough stormlight, or actually a variable amount of stormlight depending on where you are in Shadesmar. I had assumed that getting physically into Shadesmar involved the surge of transportation, and that lightweavers were only particularly good at seeing into Shadesmar to soulcast, though through Kaladin we've seen that other orders can see into Shadesmar. Is Shallan right that other orders, at least lightweavers, could get into Shadesmar physically? If so, does that mean transportation is not involved in getting into Shadesmar, but only in getting out? I think we need to see a little more what that surge does.
  13. So as Im reading RoW, a thought came to my mind. What would the process of a Human/Singer bonding a spren look like in the Cognitive Realm? Is it even possible? Also, could a person "encounter" a spren in Shadesmar and bond it, while still there? Or do they both need to be in the Physical Realm? Would the Bond be initiated differently? Related to that would be the question of a KR swearing a higher ideal while in Shadesmar, which What are your thoughts?
  14. I tried to search WOBS but couldn't find this: does Aluminum Glow in the Scadrial Cognitive Realm Like Other Metals? If you etched a message in aluminum foil, could Harmony, or a being in the cognitive realm read it?
  15. So... this came up during an RP... What would happen if a Sleepless had some hordelings in an area or with an object that was transported to the Cognitive Realm, but the main body of hordelings was still in the Physical Realm? Would nothing happen, and the Sleepless would just experience both realms at once? Or would they like get ripped into either realm, or messed up in some other way?
  16. So, I was going through the Mistborn series again, and something about the feruchemists' healing powers caught my attention. Now, healing by stormlight in (say it with me) the Stormlight Archives is pretty well explained. Using stormlight, a radiant can restore a physical object to its cognitive perception. That is, a person or thing that has been recently wounded or broken can be healed or fixed with the power of stormlight. We see this many times: Szeth healing minor wounds, Kaladin healing minor wounds, Shallan healing a crossbow bolt to the face, Dalinar healing a sword through the chest, Dalinar fusing a broken stone back together, Shallan using stormlight to recover from drunkenness, Shallan healing minor wounds, Lopen regrowing his arm, Lift healing Gawx's slit throat, and Renaren healing a lot of people including himself when he gets crushed by a thunderclast. We also see injuries that can't be healed, like Rysn's legs. I can't remember who talks about it, probably Jasnah or Wyndle, but whoever it was said that this has to do with perception in the cognitive realm. If an injury is recent, stormlight will heal it because the person doesn't see themselves as injured. That's why Rysn's legs couldn't heal. She thought of herself as a cripple, so no amount of stormlight would heal her. On the other hand, (you'll see why that's funny in a second) Lopen could grow back his arm because despite his jokes, he thought of himself as a whole person with two arms, which is surprising since he'd been missing it for so long. (on a sidenote, does this mean that Shallan was only able to dispel her drunkenness because she doesn't see herself as a drunk? What implications does this have for Teft's firemoss addiction?) So, that brings us to feruchemy. A bloodmaker ferring (or a full feruchemist) can store health in a goldmind, drawing upon it later to heal wounds and other ailments including disease, headaches, etc. The question is, does this healing of the body work just the same as stormlight healing on Roshar, by restoring the body to the way it is perceived in the cognitive realm? Or is it a different kind of healing that just enhances the body's natural auto-repair functions? Perhaps neither. On a related note, what if someone with both of these powers tried to use them at the same time, like some meta-compounding? Imagine storing health while consuming stormlight to take up the slack. Now that I think about it, stormlight could be used to fill a couple different metalminds. For example, at one point Shallan feels guilty about using valuable stormlight to keep herself warm in Urithiru, and Sazed, while standing in the snow preparing to defend Luthadel, taps a brassmind for the same purpose. Imagine using the surge of graviation (to fly like Kaladin does) while filling an ironmind. Using stormlight and filling a pewtermind at the same time. I also want to see someone fill a steelmind but inside one of those bendalloy bubbles Wayne can make. And on a less related note, what would it mean to compound copper? We're told that compounding a metal "increases the power tenfold" but how do you increase a memory? Anyway, that's all I have for now. I'm not necessarily looking for answers, I'm just giving you all something to think about and discuss. Feruchemy do be fascinating.
  17. Alright, there are like a hundred WoB out there telling you about atium compounding. Essentially, The Lord Ruler’s body was young but his soul was old. When he lost his metalminds his soul said “Time to kill myself and become 1000 years old in the next few minutes”. What if a soulcaster, whether a fabrial or a Radiant, came to Scadrial and changed his soul. Would it be possible to soulcast someone’s soul into believing that it is younger than it actually is?
  18. We have seen manifestations in the the Cognitive Realm in seven scenarios. Shallan manifested a lot. She uses Stormlight. Ico manifested ice. He used Stormlight. Manifested stuff is sold on a market. Strictly speaking we have no clue how they made it. Riino used a manifested signal fire. Method unknown. Nazh and Khriss were using a manifested camp fire. Unknown how they made it. The Ire had manifested a whole fortress. The were feeding it Investiture, presumably piped in from the Dor. Kelsier manifested stuff. He apparently did not use Investiture. How was that possible? Was that because it was inside Scadrial's CR? Because Kelsier is a Shadow? Because Kelsier had taken a bath in a shard pool?
  19. Where is the bead for air? We see air being soulcasted many times, however how is air represented by beads? Are there many smaller beads spread out? Or is there a more subtle explanation? I am just confused because there is no interaction shown with a bead of air. Also, if there are many beads of air, how much air does each bead represent?
  20. I was taking a gander at all of the posts on the Arcanum about Nightblood, and I couldn't find anything which exactly answers this question. Here's the information/assumptions I started with: Nightblood is powerful™: perhaps the strongest non-Shardic object in the history of the Cosmere, maybe ever (though that's still basically nothing compared to an actual Shard) The Dor is effectively the power of two Shards all trapped within the Cognitive Realm around Sel, a bit like a 40k Warp Storm but with fewer Daemons (hopefully). Nightblood really likes eating Investiture.[Citation needed] The Dor would not pull back from Nightblood in the way that the mists would, as they seem to be very pressure-driven and totally mindless, rather than being connected to a living Shard. Here's my proposal: Get Nightblood to Sel with an Elsecaller who really doesn't have much to live for. This is a trivial step and left as an exercise to the reader. Transfer Nightblood to the Cognitive Realm using said suicidal Elsecaller, while the sword is unsheathed. This should actually be pretty straightforward, from what I understand about Elsecalling. I'd rather not go via a Perpendicularity here, because Brandon's suggested that they might just collapse. That's not a very reliable way of accessing the Dor. Doing this rather than as per my initial phrasing of the question would mean that Nightblood appears in "the middle" of the Dor, rather than on the edges where any effects might not be so great. Wait a couple months. My hypothesis is that Nightblood would happily devour all of the nearby Dominion and Devotion Investiture; the result of this slow cooking at 70°C would be Nightblood becoming significantly more powerful and tender, perhaps even to the point of being Shard-threateningly powerful. Among the Shards, Odium is torn because on the one hand, Passion, but on the other hand, dying, while peaceable folk like Autonomy just wet themselves in fear and made another dozen Avatars to try to relax, and Endowment is consumed with equal parts laughter and terror. In other news, Vasher goes back to Nalthis and kills Shashara again just on principle. The other options are far more terrifying in my opinion: either Nightblood overloads from destroying so much evil and explodes, killing anyone nearby and losing us Sword-nimi as a character, or Nightblood Ascends and takes on the Shards of Dominion and Devotion in some capacity. Brandon hasn't committed to whether Nightblood could Ascend, but assuming it could I'd be interested to hear what you guys think its Intent would be as a combined Dominion/Devotion. Crusade; being Dominion over "evil" and Devotion to the sword's Command?
  21. From the album Shadesmar

    Landscape of Shadesmar featuring some souls of fish
  22. I always thought the Cognitive Realm was cool. The use of the Platonic idea of the Ideal Realm (separated into two Realms: the Cognitive realm of the mind and the Spiritual realm of the ideal/perfect objects & beings) in fantasy was awesome! I was also very sad that we won't get to see something like a character's own personal pocket dimension. The Cognitive Realm seemed like the perfect candidate for hosting pocket realities: it is the realm of the mind, space is malleable here being shaped by collective belief & perception. I thought that the fortress of the Ire would be as close as it gets Then I realized we have seen this: 1) Stormfather's imagined place, where he took Dalinar, which he was very defensive about explaining saying that "it is no place!" before explaining that he imagined it and explaining the nature of the Cognitive Realm and the objects in it 2) the visions sent by Honor, I didn't realize it was a real (ish?) place, simply imagining it taking place within Dalinar's mind. Then I remembered that: A ) Dalinar shared these "visions" with other people B ) Odium broke into one I imagine it's very Investiture-intensive to create a pocket world, given the characters who've shown the ability to do so. I wonder if any Investiture system we've seen can be used to do this
  23. Wouldn't the Everstorm have an appearance/reflection in the Cognitive Realm? (Or in fact be partially in Shadesmar?) If so, why didn't we see it in Part 4 of Oathbringer when Shallan, Pattern, Kaladin, Syl, Azure/Vivenna, Adolin, and Maya journeyed through Shadesmar/Roshar's CR? Is this an error or is there something obvious I missed? What might its appearance look like in Shadesmar?
  24. So I have always wondered what exactly happens to your body when you travel to the CR. After all how do you bring a physical body into the realm of the mind. Luckily for me there is a WOB on this very question. So from this I gather that you body is transformed into Investiture on your way in and transformed back into physical matter on your way out. This got me wondering since you are Investiture while you are in the CR and you technically have no physical body, would a blind person be able to see. After all the reason they can't see is because there is a physical ailment going on with their eyes. Since their eyes are now pure Investiture and they are in the realm of the mind they should be able to see in the CR if they were to change their perception enough.