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Found 4 results

  1. HDjsnvjdnvjsnvkcn what is that Emperor’s Soul dog meme I can’t. :lol: 

    1. R J

      R J

      It is The Truth. 

    2. AonEne


      Is that your dog, or did you just find the image? 

    3. R J

      R J

      I just found the image. My family has cats sadly 

  2. Ashen and Braize are on the Shadesmar map. This all comes from my ramblings on the Cosmere Maps thread but I'm consolidating it as a concise theory here. First: People seem to use the term Shadesmar and Cognative Realm interchangeably. So I just kept plugging along assuming that Shadesmar was the local term for the Cognative Realm on Roshar. Same thing, different places call the same things different names. Like some places it will be a water fountain, others a water cooler, others a bubbler, and others a scuttlebutt. No it is like Utah, United States of America. It is Shadesmar, Cognative Realm of the Cosmere. It is a zip code....An area code. My epiphany...which most of you knew already I assume...came because I realized that the Expanses looked like Mountain ranges growing bigger and taller in the sky. Almost reaching up to touch the Physical Realm at those 4 corners. @KidWayne map Clearly shows the Roshar System as the only known named system between the 4 Expances if we assume that we have associated them correctly. Now this is the KEY PART. Shadesmar is NOT a map of the Cognatve Realm, NOR is it a map of the planet of Roshar alone. It is a map of the entire Rosharan system. There are 2 more mountain ranges on the Shadesmar map. The Nexus of Transition and the Nexus of Imagination. Both are much closer to the 3 seas (3 dif credit to One Who Connects for languagues) 5 different language groups, and possibly different origin planets of the people of Roshar). 2 mountains not identified and 2 additional inhabited planet's in the Roshar system. The Rosharan system map shows both planets about the same distance from Roshar, but due to smaller orbits, Roshar and Ashyn should pass closer together more frequently than Roshar and Braise. Also sickness plays a key part on Ashyn. People Transition from healthy to sick and sick to healthy. I also can't think of anything more imaginary ie from the mind...than a planet full of cognitive shadow splinters. Therefore, my theory is that the Nexus of Transition is the Cognative pathway to Ashyn and the Nexus of Imagination...which just doesn't quite always touch any of the seas is the Cognative pathway to Braize. I have outlined where the 5 major language groupings occur on Roshar and transposed it to the Shadesmar map. The Vorin line up pretty well with the Sea of Lost lights and reach out towards the Nexus of Imagination. The Makabaki creep out of the Sea of Souls into the Sea of Regret. The Iri straddle the mountains of the Nexus of Transition. Dawnchant based languages survive in isolated and rigorous environments forming enclaves across the map. This could indicate that it originally was the only language and was pushed out by invaders or immigrants to the point that only the most rigorous places maintained the original language much as Spanish and English pushed out Native American languages. WOB on Reddit on language groups Questions and Flaws to be addressed: There are 3 Nexus (yes plural is same except bar on u, I looked it up) but this theory never addresses the Nexus of Truth. Recent ideas also speculate that the nexuses could be indicative of Sephardic influence affecting the CR. Why do the Iri straddle the Nexus of Transition, but not really any of the Seas? If Dawnchant was the original language, where did the other 3 people's come from? "Expanse of Storms" name is credited to @The One Who Connects
  3. So we know that the cognitive realm in Scadrial is covered in mists. We already knew that the cognitive realm in Roshar is filled with spears. From this we can assume that the cognitive realm in each shardworld appears to be covered in the manifestation of their shard's power in the physical world. So will the cognitive realm look on other shardworlds? I believe Sel's cognitive realm would be at least partially covered in Aons and other symbols for the other magic systems on the planet whilst Nalthis could be covered in colors since I'm not sure how breath would look there. As for other shardworlds I have no idea at all. Maybe the minor shardworlds' will look like like a mixture of other major worlds nearby of just one or completely different. So any ideas or thoughts?
  4. So in WoK, there are those two ardents in the the eighth interlude (Geranid). The one is studying Spren and discovers that if you measure a spren, and record your measurements, it locks it somehow. Size, shape, luminosity. I assume this had to do with the cognitive realm and I'm sure there's already somewhere on these forums about how recording it sets a law in Shadesmar or something. BUT! This isn't about that so much as it's about the similarity to the real-life scientific phenomenon called the Quantum Zeno Effect - or Turing's Paradox - where if you measure or observe an unstable particle enough times, it will stop decaying like it should. You can lock an unstable particle of Uranium by measuring it or watching it. Thought it was an interesting similarity and I didn't see it pointed out anywhere else here. Btw this is my first post here so yeah... Just thought it was worth mentioning. Don't know if it means anything...