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Found 4 results

  1. I'm taking a coding class right now, going over the basics of the Python programming language- and I made a thing! The Sanderson Theory Generator. The idea for making this I think originated from something I saw on Scratch that did something similar. I'm not really sure, that was a long time ago. So I didn't come up with the concept of this, but I did write the code. To be honest, I don't know if it will open I have Python downloaded on my computer, so it just opens the file and runs the program, but for all of you guys who (probably) don't I'm not sure if it will even work. Hopefully it does If not, (or if so) I'd like to know. Here it is: Sanderson Theory
  2. Hello all! I am new to the forums, but an avid user of the Coppermind. I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong place or if this has already been discussed. I tried searching for this and did not see anything. As I prepared for RoW / read Dawnshard, I realized how difficult it is to avoid spoilers once the Coppermind is updated. The site does a nice job of highlighting when a page contains spoilers, but if you still need info, it is tough to avoid specific "spoilery" sentences without looking at the bibliography/notes mentally blocking out those lines. THE IDEA: In your profile on the Coppermind, you select the books you've read. As you navigate the pages, any sentences attributed to books you haven't read are "blacked out", allowing you to reveal them by clicking. I've built websites before and know this is possible. Not sure what the tech stack is for the Coppermind, but I could see this feature being useful in other Wikis/ fandoms.
  3. This is a topic about my signature, and because said signature is not so artsy, but still a creation, I put the topic in this forum A couple of users expressed curiosity about my signature and asked about how it works etc. So, to avoid repeating myself I decided to explain everything in one place and also tell you what else I'm planing to do with it. So, what's do special about this signature? As you may have noticed, my signature changes depending on the topic you're viewing it in. It contains the title of said topic and page number. It also contains a more or less accurate approximation of where the user seeing it physically is. In the future it may contain even more fun stuff. As a result, every user sees a different text in my signature. How is that possible? Images are frequently included in signatures here on 17th Shard. Most of them are just static files, available at some address on the Internet. They are stored on some server and sent to everyone wishing to display them. The Polandball in my description is like that, it's just a small PNG file on a server. The part of my signature that has text in it is different. It too is an image, because that's the only way our forum allows me to include something that I control in the signature. However, this image is not stored anywhere. It is created from scratch every time you wish to see it. Your browser asks my server about a file called "sig.png" and instead of just sending a file from it's disk, my server creates it using information it gathers while your browser waits for response. How does it know what topic you're viewing? When your browser asks my server about the image it tell's it on what webpage this image will be displayed. Having the address of the topic you're viewing, my server takes a peek on that page and looks for the title and page number. Then it quickly writes what it found out on the returned picture. How does it know where you live? It doesn't know where you live When you ask my server about a picture, you establish a connection. For a connection to work, both sides have to know the address of the other side. This means IP address. This part get's a bit complicated, so I'll spare you technical details, but what you need to know is that in most cases you are hidden by your internet service provider. My server receives some IP address, that is frequently shared by a lot of other clients of your ISP. That's why location provided by my signature is often incorrect. How does IP address translate to physical location? That's simple, there are free, open databases that provide such information. I use GeoLite2. Those free databases aren't too accurate and because your ISP can have a huge inner network, the location can be wrong. Often, location is not even available and I have only a country. You can also hide your location using VPN. Remember! Just because I can't pinpoint your location, doesn't mean that FBI can't Can I track your movements on 17S? Currently my software can distinguish two different 17S users asking for my signature, but it doesn't know who is who. I plan to change it however, and code a way for it to learn your usernames. Lets say that I can identify who is asking for the signature. Then it would be possible to log information about part of your movements on the Shard. HOWEVER! This would only include pages of threads that I've posted in. If you view a page where my signature is not present I have no idea about it. I believe that you can disable my signature to prevent any communication with my server. Also, I'm not interested in spying on you. What else do I plan to do? Well, I want to do two things next. First, I'll try to teach my software to recognize users using information from this page. That will allow me to address you by usernames in my signature Second, I'm gonna create something that everyone can use I will make a picture displaying what I've listened recently, based on what's visible on my profile. I'll make it so everyone else will be able to display data from their profiles too Sooo, any questions? Comments?
  4. So I've been taking a coding course recently and when I get code that I don't understand what's wrong with it, I naturally turned to the awesome people on the 17S Discord server. From there I was advised to start a thread on here. So after looking around, I didn't see a thread that was related to helping out with programming help. So I figured I would start this, and if people either need help or are willing to give it, they could (hopefully) come here. So that's pretty general, but hopefully it works out. Recently I've been trying to figure out jQuery, and to test it I have a bunch of checkboxes and radiobuttons. I'm trying to get it so that one is selected, the background turns a different color. I have the html and the css all set up, so I think it's a problem with the code. $('.left, .computers input').click(function(){$(this).parent('.input').toggleClass("formfocus");}); The code isn't inside a (document).ready, but it is inside a <script> element at the end of the <body>. So I was hoping some of you guys who are more experienced with jQuery could tell me what I did wrong. Debuggers haven't been able to help and the tags are all proper, so I'm pretty stuck right now.