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Found 2 results

  1. Night 4 The court room was silent for a long time, whispers barely audible as the merchants gathered stared each other down. There was tension hanging in the air, nearly visible. Lenkai's attempted murder had everybody in the city on edge. He sat in the audience, nursing his wounds as he whispered along with the rest. Little was accomplished during that day, not until very near dusk. Faleast was the first to throw an accusation. "It is beyond reason that Tara Night would have known that Lafay was a Fjorden Sympathiser! They want our trust, so they betrayed their ally to get in our good graces! That cannot be allowed to happen!" Tara Night looked at Faleast, unphased by the accusation. Her response was clear and audible to the whole room. "I would bet my ledgers that Oreo is the imposter we are searching for. The rest of us have all given me reason to trust them, and small as they may be, they are reasons nonetheless." The members of court searched the room for Oreo, but they were nowhere to be found, and couldn't give any defense. The court began to split in two, and the battle formed definitive sides. Two warring parties formed for the debate, some backing Faleast in their accusation of Tara, others suspicious of Oreo and their absence. The courtroom was split, and there was no definitive winner of this battle. There is no particular reason Tara was hanged over Oreo, at least not a visible one. Perhaps there were some invisible forces that were warring alongside the members of this fledgeling court. Or perhaps this was fate and simply meant to be. Perhaps chance was simply not on Taras side. Whatever the reason, the carpenter who built the gallows was proud that his work was still holding true. Mist was lynched! They were a Loyal Merchant and the Executive Secretary. Vote Count: Mist (3): Ashbringer, Elkanah, Matrim's Dice Kings_Way (3): Mist, Lotus, Vapor The night cycle will end in ~24 hours, on Wednesday the 7th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item Market: Contract Market: Player List:
  2. So.... Who else wants to engage in a thousand page discussion/review?