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Found 23 results

  1. Why does burning Chromium not effect Ettmetal that much? Is it just a special product of how Ettmetal works that it interacts with Leeching in a different way, or does the Leeching burn through the Ettmetal faster than other metals?
  2. Brandon's gone back and forth on whether Aluminum and presumably Chromium burn away Allomantic metals or leave the metals while cutting their Spiritual Connection making them unusable for Allomancy. The WoB is in the spoiler. This is somewhat a separate question but the existing information seemed relevant. What happens if a Leecher burns Chromium and touches an Allomantically viable metal that is just sitting on a table? Does it do nothing or does the Leeching still have an effect? Basically, since we don't know the answer to which happens but either seems useful to be able to do at a touch. The Ghastly Gondola piece makes it look like you can Leech Invested objects that are separate from a person. Thoughts?
  3. I've been wondering about what a A-Chromium savant could do and have a few ideas. It'd probably make sense for a Leecher to be able to use Chromium as a defensive technique if someone was trying to force investiture into them, such as Lashing, Soulcasting or blocking Lightwoven lasers. That might come up when we get to space age and have laser fabrials. Crackpot idea for A-Chromium, we know it seems to only work on kinetic Investiture (though maybe a Savant could do something with passive/static), but it looks like Chromium allows a redirection/release of power, probably into the SR. I think it would be cool if a savant could actually redirect Investiture, instead of just burning it off. Like... Hoid somehow modifying Shallan's storytelling Lightweaving. Tweaking a Soulcasting to change whatever product the Radiant was hoping to make, changing the intended vector of a Lashing, or adjusting the Commands of an Awakened object such as a doll. Thoughts?
  4. If a twinborn of chromium burns the metal with fortune stored in it (I think it's called compounding), how much far in the future it's possible to see using this technique?
  5. From what we know about accessing Fortune, it gives you impressions on what you need to do, where you need to be, and when. It doesn't seem to tell you why though. Could it be that accessing Feruchemical chromium would be like spiderman's spidey sense to some degree? You'd get a strong gut feeling that you needed to do something or get out of the way of danger, or place a punch on your opponent in just the right way?
  6. Which is better of these two powers? Allomantic electrum or Feruchemical Chromium?
  7. Since chromium Allomancers leech away a person’s investiture, why don’t they accidentally (or purposefully) leech away a person’s innate investiture, or, more importantly, their spark of life? Does Allomantic chromium not affect investiture within the spiritual realm? Does it just not affect investiture that has an Identity?
  8. So, I was thinking about A Spinner, and how would I use the ability to make money, how I would I fill my Metalmind, I’ll sit at home for a week or so, fill 10-15% (as much as I dare without crashing a meteor on my house) only when I’m awake, sitting on a couch, reading a book, I will not do it while eating, sleeping, etc. let's say I’ll store 80 hours of 10% luck. How would I use it to make money? Option one: Tap the entire storage while filling one lottery box, which will take about 10-15 seconds, I can assume that that much luck in a burst, will guaranty a jackpot or at least second prize. Option two: 80 hours of 10%, will give me 20% for 40 hours, 40% for 20 hours, 80% for 10 hours, etc. I can tap it all for two hours at the craps table in the casino, if I have 80 hours of 10%, and will use all of it for two hours, that should guaranty me not “seven out” for the entire time. anyone who knows the game of craps can understand how much money you can make if you can keep throwing the dice for 2 hours streight without a Seven. Ten of thousands for sure. Thoughts?
  9. I know this has been posted before but I didn't get a clear answer on how it worked in the thread that I read. Chromium feruchemy is luck feruchemy. You store luck when you fill and gain luck when tapping Question: How in the world does it work! Is it cosmic luck that effects other people? For example you want to dodge a punch and the person accidentally steps on a stone and trips when trying to? Or is it more personal luck, like you have an instinctive gut feeling as for where to move to get out of the punch's way. Personally I'm leaning towards the second given that hoid uses it to instinctively know where to go (but not why he's there), but id like to know what everyone else thinks!
  10. I was just wondering, what would happen if a Leecher (or Mistborn) burned chromium and touched a Fused? Draining all or even some of the Voidlight in a Fused's gemheart has been shown to be lethal, and draining Investiture is exactly what chromium does. If a Leecher or Mistborn got onto Roshar, I think that this would mean that Fused can now die permanently with a mere touch. Even if that's not the case, the worst-case scenario is that the Fused runs out of usable Voidlight and has to go recharge, which still is a decent result.
  11. Can you Duralumin burst aluminium? I mean it would be difficult as the aluminium would probably be looking to metabolize the duralumin anyway but can you even duralumin burst aluminium in the first place? What about Nicroburst touching an Allomancer, Mistborn or Misting, burning aluminum? Can you use chromium to leech someone's aluminium?
  12. After reading a series of Wob's on Enhancement Metals, I was curious about their role at Feruchemy. Here: zas678 If you burn nicrosil, will it deplete Feruchemial storages? Or just Allomantic? Brandon Sanderson Just Allomantic. /r/Fantasy_Bookclub Alloy of Law Q&A (Jan. 17, 2012) - Kaymyth I asked the question about chromium vs a Compounder with both Invested and un-Invested metals in both their stomach and piercings. Brandon Sanderson What it boils down to is this: 1) Yes, the piercings will get burned off. 2) The non-Invested metals go before the Invested ones. He said that because Invested metals are harder to affect, it takes a little extra time and effort to get them to burn off. So a Leecher trying to clean out a Compounder would have to get a good grip and hang on for a few seconds. 3) Chromium burns about as quickly as duralumin, so if you're trying to burn off a lot of metals, it is possible to run out of chromium before your target is clean. This would probably only be an issue when dealing with larger pieces (like jewelry) rather than your standard metal-flakes-in-the-stomach deal. ConQuest 46 (May 22, 2015) - Questioner Could a Leecher take away stores in a metalmind? Brandon Sanderson You’ll have to find out. That’s a RAFO. Calamity Seattle signing (Feb. 17, 2016) - Questioner What happens if you burn duralumin while Compounding? Brandon Sanderson Duralumin while Compounding. So, what duralumin does is it burns out of all of your metal in one burst. So it doesn't necessarily gain you power, it makes it all happen at the same time. The same thing would happen. Questioner Could you turn into a baby? Brandon Sanderson Oh, you could totally turn into a baby. That is within the power of using that, doing <health wrong>, yeah you could totally... You'd be really dangerous. Questioner But it wouldn't really do much? Brandon Sanderson Oh it would have explosive... it does things really fast. That's what it does. Yes you could achieve very powerful sudden effects through that. It'd be scary. Controlling it can be dangerous, regardless of which metal you use. Arcanum Unbounded Seattle signing (Dec. 1, 2016) - In the first question he answers that Nicrosil does not affect metalminds, which may indicate that the same is true for other metals. But in the second he replies that with Compouding the uninvested metals go before the Invested ones in the case of Chromium, in the third he presents a RAFO, and in the fourth he talks about the effect of Duralumin in the Compouding process. I first wondered if he changed his mind, but then I started a theory. I believe that normal metalminds are not affected by these metals, not even Aluminum, because Feruchemists do not burn metals after all. But, if you are a Double Twinborn (or somehow have the power to burn the same type of metal as the invested metals that is in your body), it becomes possible to affect even metalminds. Basically forcing your body (or someone else's body to do the Compouding process). Then Aluminum would have all of its metalminds burned, Duralumin would use them in a single burst, and its external equivalents would allow it to mess with someone else's Compouding process. What do you think, guys?
  13. It's a pretty simple question. Does a leacher remove a Radiant's stormlight? I could argue for both. The only thing I can provide pertaining to this topic though is that radiants have stormlight which is investiture while metal isn't.
  14. What do you think about an Infinite Improbability Drive that works on Feruchemical chromium? It would have a large chromium "tank" that you would tap with something improbable in mind while travelling in space.
  15. Let's come up with some good uses for Compounding Chromium (basically, infinite luck)! Here is the list so far: Close your eyes, reach down, and pick up a conveniently located Lerasium nugget. - Me The windshield wipers and/or turn signal happens to be in time with the music. - Snoopy You don't run into trees, a la Intacto. - ThirdGen Keep my eyes and ears closed all day and just rely on random whims to guide me, then see where I wind up. - Observer Compound all night to get lucky. - Frosted Flakes In a fist fight, tap to have your opponent miss all punches. Tap more to possibly make them miss and knock themself out. Close your eyes, tap and pick stocks. Skydiving parachute malfunction. Tap and keep trying the cord. High speed car chase. Tap to survive without any crashes, while every police car following does crash. Bank robbery. Tap and guess at the safe combination. - kaladamSB When people post, I'll add their ideas to my list.
  16. Okay, so I'm working on this fanfic-ish thingy (I hesitate to call it a fanfic, no major characters are directly involved) set in the roughs, and the protagonist is a lawman/reformed petty criminal. He's also a chromium compounder, which is awesome, but also leaves me with a problem: how do I challenge him without pulling out all of the stops and making him fight a storming shard? Sure, I plan on having him lose his chromiumminds, but how would I even manage to do that realistically? He's a rusting god of good luck! I know for a fact that it's possible, nothing is impossible, but it's probably going to be very hard... Any ideas?
  17. I have a few theories on this front, but the floor is open. The problem with any theories made, of course, is that we know so little about Spinning. First, and least interesting, is simply somehow managing to get them in a situation with no variables, allowing them to be killed. This of course assumes that they would not be lucky enough to avoid the situation. Second, somehow manage to use a combination of a Leecher and a Lurcher (sounds like a bad children's book) to remove their metal and metalminds. Once again though, we fall into the trap of them simply being lucky enough to avoid this scenario in the first place. Third, highly speculative, is to do with aluminium. As far as I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong), an Aluminium Gnat, far from having no effect whatsoever as is said in-universe, has the ability to completely negate all Investiture in the Misting's body. If this extends as far as Feruchemy, a Purger, as I would call them if I was right, would be able to walk straight up to the Spinner, completely ignoring their luck, and kill them. Perhaps, like copper, it might create a cloud with lessened effects on other people, but I'm just speculating now. Anywho, what think?
  18. Aluminum is internal pulling, and removes the user's metal reserves. Duralumin is the internal pushing, and burns the user's metal reserves in a single, super powerful flare. Chromium is the external pushing, and removes the touched target's metal reserves, and Nicrosil is the external pulling and burn's the touched target's metal reserves in a single, super powerful flare. Why are the internal/external pairs so similar? None of the other quadrants are that similar. The internal physical metals enhance strength and senses, but the external physical metals don't enhance other's strength/senses. Copper and bronze are wildly different from zinc and brass. Gold shows you your past or alternate self (personally I think shows a change in Identity, but that's a theory for later); it's not like cadmium shows you another person's past... that's what malatium does... huh. Is there a reason for this? I know Harmony and Preservation changed around Allomancy, is this an artifact for that, or just a weird coincidence?
  19. Short and simple premise today. I found a WoB and didn't know what to do with it. Chromium(Leecher) can drain Metalminds. Nicrosil(Nicroburst) cannot. (which was news to me, who just thought it was unknown) Question 1: Why? Question 2: Do Aluminum/Duralumin follow this pattern? Question 3: Opinions on what this means for the magic/the future?
  20. So, what if you were to burn duralumin and then aluminum? Could it potentially wipe your very ability to use Allomancy? What about duralumin and chromium? Instead of wiping someone's metal reserves, you destroy their Allomantic ability completely. Not sure if it would even work that way, (and who would be stupid enough to try duralumin and aluminum anyway) but... thoughts?
  21. This is one of the metals that I created with Adobe Photoshop. I took a bunch of .png files and put them into Photoshop, then used a lot of different techniques, blurs, noise, and such to create these. I hope you all like them. I am not sure if I need a disclaimer, but I don't own anything.
  22. This is one of the metals that I created with Adobe Photoshop. I took a bunch of .png files and put them into Photoshop, then used a lot of different techniques, blurs, noise, and such to create these. I hope you all like them. I am not sure if I need a disclaimer, but I don't own anything.
  23. This is one of the metals that I created with Adobe Photoshop. I took a bunch of .png files and put them into Photoshop, then used a lot of different techniques, blurs, noise, and such to create these. I hope you all like them. I am not sure if I need a disclaimer, but I don't own anything.