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Found 8 results

  1. Round up, round up! Come one, come all to the amazing Two-Armed Brits Chouta stand! This time, we'll be going through the lovely menu of chouta flavours that we were provided from the Way of Kings Leatherbound Kickstarter exclusive drinks coaster. We decided we could definitely give making these a go. Let us know how you think we did! Leave a comment down below on what you'd do differently!
  2. In celebration of the soon coming Koloss Head Munching day on December 19 (I am pretty sure that's correct), I have decided that I am going to attempt to produce perhaps the weirdest dish I have ever seen in a book: chouta! Assuming that I don't want any cremling claws in my chouta, this seems to be fairly straightforward (I will ignore the fact that I am a horrid cook). I am planning on using either shredded chicken or ground beef for the meat, and then either beans or some other grain for the lavis. I was also thinking about getting a thick tortilla (or some other thick bread that I can fry in oil and then wrap around a bunch of meat and possibly beans). And finally, what I think is the hardest part, the gravy. For this, I was thinking about normal brown gravy, but I don't think that will fulfill the "flavorful, but not spicy" category. Please give your suggestions and opinions on the ingredients (especially the gravy and bread), methods of preparation, or really anything else. I am excited to see what comes from this, though it will probably end up like a lump of oily meat, beans, gravy, and tortilla. Chouta Coppermind page:
  3. You guys!!! I made the tenth pancake!!! They are fluffy chocolate pancakes doused in more chocolate worthy of no mortal! (Except me, of course, but I am no ordinary mortal) I also made chouta, but it tasted... well... probably how Kaladin imagined it. I mean, it's not deep fried, it's just meatballs, gravy, and naan bread... I had high hopes, but this one has disappointed me. At least It looks nice... I guess...
  4. Are you one of those people, like me, who when reading SA, really wants some chouta, because it would be totally awesome? If only chouta existed. Here is what the Coppermind says about chouta: "Chouta is a Herdazian street food. It consists of a thick, fried flatbread wrapped around fried meat and a dark gravy. It is wrapped tightly enough that it can be carried in one hand and eaten while doing other things.[1] The standard meat is flangria, which is mixed with ground lavis, formed into small balls, battered and fried. The chouta stands in Dalinar's warcamp also sell a variety that is stuffed with cremling claws.[2] " That's good to know, Coppermind. But what is flangria? Or lavis? And how on earth will we get cremling claws? Flangria, also from the Coppermind: "Flangria is produced via Soulcasting, which makes it far cheaper than other kinds of meat, although some disdain flangria due to its origin.[1] It is often used to cheaply feed large quantities of people, such as bridgemen. It is fried and used in the meatballs for chouta, an inexpensive Herdazian food. " So... we can't Soulcast, so how do we get it? Lavis, also from the Coppermind: "Lavis is species of plant from the rockbud family.[1] It is an important and ancient cereal crop on Roshar.[2][3] Lavis is grown on hillsides across Roshar. Lavis fields are typically planted in the seasons following the Weeping, when the highstorms are weaker.[2] A mixture of lavis seeds and stumpweight sap is spread across the hillsides. As the dark brown polyps begin to grow, they have to be wormed. Farmers must carefully go over each polyp searching for worm burrows. The worms like sugar, so they can be removed by inserting a reed tipped with sugar into the burrow and pulling it out when the worm latches on. Once the worm is removed, the polyp can be patched with crem. Each field can take weeks to check and it is important to check repeatedly for worms since any worm that is missed results in the loss of the entire polyp. The crop can be fertilized during the worming process.[4] Lavis is a staple food source and is prepared in many ways.[4] A common version of chouta is stuffed with flangria that has been mixed with ground lavis, formed into small balls, and then battered and fried.[6] It can also be fermented into lavis ale or distilled into honu, a hard liquor.[7][8]" Well, yet another ingredient that we cannot find on Earth. So how will we poor humans ever taste heavenly chouta? It seems like we will simply have to work with real-life substitutes. Culinary experts out there, what do you think is the best substitute meat for flangria, and the best substitute for lavis?
  5. From the album Funny Cosmere Stuff

    Oh Lopen
  6. I personally think that the food that lopen had (chouta) sounds good, or maybe the spicy chicken Dalinar had at the feast. Idk what food would you love to try? Horn eater stew????
  7. If SA was an animated tv show, this would be a filler episode, because C-H-O-U-T-A. Who cares what it's made of, because it's filled with fried crunchy bits and covered in gravy! Knowing that the gravy pot hasn't ever been washed since the cook first bought it gives the food character. Why is Kaladin such a grumpyhead? Full picture - CLICK TO OPEN!!! Process:
  8. Whats your favorite food in the cosmere I love lopens chouta he gets from a street bender.