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Found 3 results

  1. So I wondered why we didn't have one already. I'll start the first piece, and we can have multiple going at once. I think this should be familiar 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
  2. Ho there traveler! (or whatever you are.) This is where you swear an Oath and join the ranks of Chortlism! What is "Chortlism?" Why it has to do with chortles OBVIOUSLY. The Oath is as follows, "I insert name, hereby swear to honor and respect the divine art of Chortling, and to chortle with power and dignity! And I acknowledge Boomerang Guy as divine leader of Chortlism." Any questions or concerns must go through me for I am leader and master of chortles. Oh and You cant just say "I swear." You have to physically type out the whole oath. You have to say the whole thing as written! I'll make an EP for members soon at a later date. Until than, refrain from chortling until you've sworn the Oath.
  3. So the rules are pretty simple, the post before you will have a story or a continuation of a story, and will have 3 to 4 choices for what action to take. When you reply, you choose whichever action appeals to you, and then continue the story up to a point where a similar decision crux is reached and list 3 to 4 choices for the next poster to choose from as the starting point to continue the story. Grisly deaths are most definitely allowed, and if after a grisly death you want to start a brand new story, go for it. Or if you want to roll the story back to a previous point, just quote the post of the story where you want to choose a different decision and then keep it going. Also, visual aids (like little drawings to illustrate your portion of the story, or really whatever) are allowed and encouraged. Also, to keep references to different posts straight, it might be helpful to start out your post with a page number (just the last page number +1) Ok, to start things off we will be telling the tale of: The Minoan Murder Mystery PAGE 1: You're on a yacht off an island in Greece, reclining on a chaise lounge and gazing at the flat turquoise plain of the tranquil Mediterranean. Your associate, a rather rotund gentleman with round rimmed spectacles sits next to you, smoking a clove cigarette and reciting "She Walks in Beauty" in a nasaly but not unpleasant tenor. You only arranged this expedition because it was a chance to examine the newly discovered subterranean structure connected to the Palace at Knossos, but the rather affected Professor Duchamp is beginning to get on your nerves. As the foremost expert on Linear B writing, the necessity for his presence precludes you from throwing him overboard as you badly want to do, but still, the sun and sea can only soothe so much weariness. Looking at the crystal clear water, you think of how you combed through petabytes of Infra-red satellite imagery of the environs surrounding the Knossos palace complex, sure that you would find the tell tale signature of the fabled buried labyrinth. And sure enough, your hard work paid off, and with a grant from your University you organized this archaeological expedition to explore the newly unearthed site. Crossing the forecastle with a tray of apricot bellinis, the captain of the 82' schooner that you hired smiles affably at you and rolls her eyes at the professor's recitation. As you lean forward to take a proffered flute of champagne with a single turkish apricot sinking and riding up the internal column of bubbles, you notice a strange symbol on the captain's wrist. Her eyes follow your gaze and for a moment she seems somewhat shaken, but quickly regains her composure, and with a drawling accent she says "Gia sou", and grabs a flute of champagne herself and tips it back heartily. There you sit, with the champagne flute in your hand and a vague apprehension hanging over you, something about that symbol tickles a vague memory, a half remembered bit of obscure lore that you read about in your undergraduate days. Do you: Drink the champagne, and ask Captain Chloros what part of Greece she hails from. Ask Captain Chloros about the strange symbol tattooed on her inner wrist. Return the toast saying "Gia sou", and then hold onto your drink with the intention of dumping it after the captain has left. Dump the champagne overboard, and retire to your below deck cabin with the excuse of a headache, to look through your research materials for a clue about that symbol.