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Found 6 results

  1. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I am relistening to Oathbringer in preparation for RoW, and I noticed when Shallan sees Mraize while he is undercover with Sadeas' troops that Mraize has a green chicken with a wicked looking beak. Could this be an aviar from First of the Sun?
  2. So in Words of Radiance chapter 45: Middlefest, Shallan meets a merchant who has a parrot that can talk. His name is none other than Jeksonofnone. This is supposed to be a callback to Jek from the Prime right? even before i ever read any of the Prime, i had heard that Szeth was called Jek and i was like “this has to be a reference to szeth” Jek + son-of-none sounds like szeth to me
  3. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    Shin chicken after 4000 years of evolution on Roshar would look.... not a whole lot different, if it's like Earth chicken evolution. I thought about going nuts and make it featherless and reverting back to a mini raptor, but I kind of didn't want to paint an ugly uncooked Thanksgiving dinner... So in the end it's back to being a good o' fashion chick'in - lightning color! There, so new, so shin XD
  4. Just a little something I put together for an upcoming game set loosely within the Cosmere.
  5. I imagine this as a page from a child's alphabet book :-)
  6. So...I was thinking...does the name of the Returned effect the Intent of the Divine Breath, or is it, perhaps, the other way around? What comes first: the chicken or the egg? the Return's name or the Intent? The above are really just rhetoric questions. Splinters can have their own Intent independent of the Shard, but in the case of a Return, this Intent is governed by a human rather than being the result of chosen Intent (Nightblood) or a more "random" Intent like spren (or Intent based on truths/ideals...some of these being harder to grasp than others and thus resulting in bigger splinters, like Honor, cryptics, godspren, or Destroy Evil). But, one of the things I've wondered about for awhile is, when a Returned is given a name, is it due to who they already are/were, or who they will become (based on the needs of the people or the possible future Endowment showed them)? How much do the names actually matter? If the names are influence the Intent, is it because the Returned decided to follow what their name met (aka Warbreaker and Blushweaver) or because they were given it by others? When we consider Blushweaver or Vasher, two Returned who have changed their names or, in Vasher's case, had different names given to him at different times, one might conclude that whatever influence their names have is somewhat flexible. Blushweaver seems to be a goddess of beauty (and sexuality), but she is at times honest as well, reflecting in the long run, her original name as nature. While Vasher has been known as Strifelover, Kalad the Usurper and finally, Peacegiver; in the long run (or by the time of novels and by the end of the Manywar) he fits the ideal hinted at in his given name... It seems little uncanny (and is mentioned by Vasher at the end of Warbreaker) but perhaps reflects the nature of larger Splinters. The ideals/truths that they represent are bigger, and thus, can't be pinned down as easily. On Roshar, a conscious spren forms due to the large amount of Investiture with its large Intent trying to "fit in" and intepret that truth/ideal; like Nightblood, but not forced. When a person Returns, however, the name is an unspecific descriptor that foreshadows the base Intent/reason that person Returned. A Returned's name operates in a similar fashion to the name of a spren or, probably more correctly, Nightblood's least in the long run. However, it shows that a "person" bonded to a Splinter (of this size) has more flexibility, but perhaps not as much as a regular person. My final questions for you guys: 1. Do you think that the Splinter and the name that the Cult of the Returned give the them have some restraining effects on the individual's will due to the level of Investiture (because that Investiture is trying to act according to its "named" Intent)? 2. Does this result in a type of "civil war" between the named Intent and the human conscious bonded to the Splinter? 3. Are names of Returned a Command given by Endowment (in a matter of speaking) that the Returned try to 'live up to'? (etc. I'm going to sleep now)...