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Found 2 results

  1. For a long time now, I've been very confused about the correct placement of the Chasm line in the Aons. The main reason for this is due to my attempt to ratify this WoB with the text (and the map) from the 10th Anniversary edition of Elantris. After spending some time going over the relevant scene, and actually tracing Aon Rao over the map, I've come to the conclusion that the WoB has to be wrong. The text states: This clearly shows that the line is being drawn in a north-westerly direction, ending at the road leading southwards, just south of the southern gate. This is completely different from the WoB which appears to show it running north-easterly to the corner of Elantris' city wall. It does, however, match that which is depicted on the map. Since I've been unable to find a correct depiction of the chasm line anywhere on the internet, I've taken the liberty of creating my own for both the base Aon Aon, and Aon Rao: Note: in creating these I used @WeiryWriter's depiction of Aon Aon from the Coppermind since I found the dimensions were pretty much perfect. I didn't use his Aon Rao though since I found that the dimensions were a little off.
  2. I just finished rereading Elantris and found myself craving some "new" Aons (that is, Aons with the chasm line included.) As far as I can tell, no one's ever drawn them. (Aside from these--which look awesome, but don't fit with the "correct" placement of the chasm line, as seen in Brandon's drawing here.) So I'm going to fix that. It'll take a while (so far I have half of them sketched but only seven cleaned up and ready to post. I'm going to go ahead and assume that the chasm line goes with only the "prime" Aon--upright, not flipped, and (if there are more than one in the right orientation) most central. This seems to fit with the text, e.g. when Raoden first releases the Dor with Aon Ehe. Aon Ehe has 10 iterations of the three basic lines, but evidently only one chasm line. (Which is kind of a shame, because it looks cool with a bunch of extra lines...) I'll be posting side-by-side comparisons and Aons with multiple chasm lines on my Tumblr, but I'll keep it to just the new standard Aons here for now. Aan: Aha: Ala: Aon: Are: Ashe: Ata: More coming soon.