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Found 6 results

  1. Recently I finished Warbreaker, and I loved the magic system, but was disappointed to find there was no visual Ars Arcana like we've gotten for most of the other magic systems. So, I made my own. I'm planning to make another one for the other aspects of awakening, but the there was so much info on the heightenings that it grew into its own page. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. Using a combination of the Hemalurgy chart in the Hero of Ages Ars Arcanum and the Ars Arcanum from Bands of Mourning, I've complied a chart of what the remaining seven metals do as spikes. NOTE: These are educated guesses, based off of patterns and similarities that I've seen NOTE 2: Where it says "Steals Human ___", that means I don't know what it is, but it steals a human attribute like Senses, Strength, Mental Fortitude, etc. HEMALURGIC POWER Iron: Steals Human Strength Steel: Steals Allomantic Physical Powers Tin: Steals Human Senses Pewter: Steals Feruchemical Physical Powers Zinc: Steals Human Emotional Fortitude Brass: Steals Feruchemical Mental Powers Copper: Steals Human Mental Fortitude Bronze: Steals Allomantic Mental Powers Cadmium: Steals Allomantic Temporal Powers Bendalloy: Steals Human ___ Gold: Steals Feruchemical Temporal Powers Electrum: Steals Human ___ Chromium: Steals Feruchemical Enhancement Powers Nicrosil: Steals Human ___ Aluminum: Steals Allomantic Enhancement Powers Duralumin: Steals Human ___ The way I came up with these is that I figured out that the Physical Pushing metals steal Allomantic and Feruchemical powers, in the order of Allomatic, then Feruchemical. The Mental Pushing metals do the same, in the order of Feruchemical, then Allomatic. Going off of what Aluminum did, I guessed that the Temporal Pulling metals work in the order of Allomantic, and then Feruchemical, and finally, the Enhancement Pulling metals work in order of Feruchemical, and then Allomantic. Or, Physical: Pushing A-F Mental: Pushing F-A Temporal: Pulling A-F Enhancement: Pulling F-A The final thing: I have no idea what Human ___s would be, especially related to Temporal and Enhancement effects. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. A metal alphabet chart for the feruchemists among us. The glyphs are each free to use for your profile icon or any other use you want to appropriate them for. The links for each individual metal can be found HERE
  4. A collection of allomancy glyphs I threw together. You are free to download them and use them however you'd like. The link for each individual glyph can be found HERE
  5. So I've always been struck by how "cheerful" the "voidbinding" chart is. It's always seemed that the "surgebinding" chart is much darker and ominous. I'm starting this as a new thread because I didn't want to necro Bloodfalcon's Theory on "Voidbinding" Chart. WoB says there are 30 different magic systems at work on Roshar, or 10 with 3 different ways to access each. It's pretty easy to see the connection between the Heralds around the Surgebinding chart and Honor. I'm pretty sure that I've seen a quote about Honor "creating" the Heralds. With the Lift Interlude we know Cultivation = Nightwatcher. I believe the stained glass "Voidbinding" chart on the back endpage is really the Cultivation/Nightwatcher chart. The Surges are the same/similar and achieved/accessed via Cultivation rather than Honor. Both charts would show KR orders, and the double eye of the Almighty. Does anyone know of the confirmation via WoB that it was the voidbinding chart? or did we just assume it because we thought of Voidbinding vs. Surgebinding? edited for grammar (and an incomplete sentence).
  6. Still in early stages of thought on this, but it has been mentioned on a couple threads recently that the symbols on what people have been referring to as the "Voidbinding chart" look like creatures. I started thinking that maybe instead of creatures, they were actually symbolic of various spren forms. This might be the reason that the flag on the cover of WoK is a creature that looks similar to the 4th order symbol on the chart - perhaps that is the spren that the Parshendi bond with to produce their war form? I'm not sure, but if it was an anger spren, which we know is red, it does line up in a way. Also, the lifespren is green, and that is the 5th order on the chart which sits between what is thought to be Light and Growth on Surge chart. It just seems to line up well in my mind. I haven't looked over all of the descriptions and tried to line them up, but we also don't know of all the spren out there, so I'm not sure there could be a definite thumbs up on this even if we tried our best. Give it a look! EDIT: Now I have an even worse theory that goes along with this We had an entire interlude dedicated to showing us that spren qualities can be manipulated, done by writing it down in the interlude. What if the spren characteristics are actually what is denoted on that chart. It is a chart that someone made that says "the creatures that are a combination of these two natural forces look like THIS" and they drew a picture. It's a long shot but it really is fun to think about. EDIT 2: UHHHHH maybe that is the reason that there is a large gem shown with two of the symbols in it? That could represent spren stored in "orbs" OR show how stormlight is stored. I think there might actually be a connection here, whether or not any of this is correct. EDIT 3: UHHHHH also why there are 2 Larkin seemingly eating one of the orders and storing the others inside of them or something something something. EDIT 4: Dang that theory just connected the interlude, both charts, Gavilar's Orb, the Parshendi, and Larkin. EDIT 5: I'm going to keep going, because why not? The two charts are creations of Honor and Cultivation meant to lock down how the powers work on Roshar. Honor's establishes who the owners of each ability/Order are, while the border of Cultivation's chart gives ownership of all the spren to herself/Nightwatcher. That is why the Heralds call Honor Almighty and seem to ignore Cultivation in their concerns, and the spren call Cultivation "Mother" or whatever Wyndel does (Great, now this needs to be moved to Steelhunt). We noticed that the figure has a "safe hand" sort of look going, and I bet that entire tradition comes from this single picture. It may not have even been important to Cultivation, but was picked up in a religious sect (Vorinism) and they just ran with it. Whatever stained glass window Brandon was talking about was not the origin of the chart, it was another representation. That thing is not made from stained glass. It was picked up by the Vorin "church" and represented in holy sites. The stained glass thing was a pseudo red herring. A half truth if you will.