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Found 1 result

  1. So, I searched through six pages of "Shashara" and couldn't find this exact topic so I thought I would post it here, and see what discussion we get. I just wrote up this fanfic of my take on the whole Twilight Falls fiasco, and thinking up the story and writing it has really increased my interest in Vasher and Shashara's relationship. I am curious to know what other people think about it. Here's two of the most pertinent WoBs I think: So we know "they were in love" but that Shashara obviously had different ambitions than Vasher. We also know that their marriage was relatively short, but we don't really know how long their romance was. What I am picturing is a kind of rushed and passionate romance between two collaborators on an exciting project. It's also my opinion that Vasher wasn't aware of everything Shashara was up to or all of her motives, so I also get this image of Vasher being kind of infatuated with the mystery of Shashara, and her encouraging that, but that Vasher does not know her as well as he thinks and that is what leads to their conflict. We were joking on Discord the other day about how apparently Brandon loves writing in spouse killings into character's histories, but I think the Vasher/Shashara conflict is one of the most interesting to me because of the juicy heartbreak and emotional confusion Vasher must feel in the wake of destroying someone who obviously cared a great deal for, but who may not have cared much for him. I know Brandon states in the annotations that "they were in love" but I also think that can mean different things to different people, and that it may have meant something different to Shashara than to Vasher.