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Found 6 results

  1. Lerasi walked through the streets of Elendel, careful to watch for signs someone was tailing her. Her handlers had missed the scheduled meeting to discuss what she’d learned about the People’s Republic of Elendel’s plans with the allomancers and feruchemists they were recruiting. It had been almost a year since they’d overthrown the old government and installed a military regime. Lerasi and the other Loyalists were doing everything they could to tear the regime down, which is how she’d found herself being recruited into a secret force of metalborn. She checked her pocket watch as she walked past the meeting point one more time. It was the time that her handlers were supposed to meet her several days ago. She’d finally received a message from them a few days ago. Apparently they’d almost been caught by the PRE’s hazekillers and had to abort the mission. Lerasi shuddered at the thought of having been there when it happened. Lerasi opened the door to the abandoned building and began to make her way to the meeting room. She tapped bronze to check for any signs of allomancy nearby. Thankfully, she didn’t feel anything, so she opened the door and walked in. There was no one there. Before she had time to react, a hand was around her mouth and someone threw her to the ground. A tall man walked into the center of the room from where he’d been hiding in a shadowed corner. Lerasi’s heart stopped for a moment. They’d found her, they must’ve set her up, she was going to die- “Are you alone?” The man said calmly. Lerasi looked up at him, careful to not move too much lest the people holding her down thought she was trying to escape. “As if I’d ever tell you.” She spat at him. He smiled. “That’s what I wanted to hear.” ~ The group of metalborn had been gathered altogether for the first time since they’d all been recruited. People of all ages and from all over the Elendel Basin had been gathered in Elendel to become the peacekeepers for the fledgling republic. A tall man stood in front of the group, their eyes focused intently on him. “I have gathered you all here today,” he said, his eyes scanning across the people before him, “because there are traitors amongst us.” He held up a hand to prevent the whispers that were already spreading through the group. “Lock the doors,” he said to the hazekillers at the edges of the room. “The building has been locked down. There are enough rations here to keep us all alive for the next...month or so. No one is leaving until we have rooted out the traitors amongst us.” He smiled. “I hope you enjoy your stay.” ~ Welcome to Long Game 66: A Struggle for Power! This is a spiritual successor to the game I ran last summer, LG56. This game will be run by me and my fantastic co-GM @Young Bard with @Fifth Scholar as our wonderful IM. I’ll be posting the rules down below, but I’m not sure how great the formatting is going to be when I try to put them in here. If you want to read the rules with much better formatting, you can do so here. Signups will end on Wednesday, June 3rd at 9 pm CDT. The game will start around 10 pm CDT. ~ Rules: Player List: Quick Links:
  2. Not in names, but in the little titles underneath names!
  3. Greetings, all! Quick introduction, okay - Irish fool in a small town skirmishing more prominent borders, but hey, I have access to bookshops. All that really matters, right? So some context. I had actually been looking to read Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' series when I stumbled upon beauty. I still plan on doing so, but other obligations stand in the way. I will soon, naturally, but back to the context! One day, I was in Dubray Books, in Dublin, with my friend, and I brought him over to the fantasy section (as you do) to show him the Wheel of Time books, eagerly anticipating when I would first get to open the first of the 14-book series (this was just under a year ago now). I mentioned very briefly to him how a man named Brandon Sanderson (at the time it was a very 'whoever the hell that is' kind of attitude) had written the final three books instead of just one final book, as Jordan had passed before completing the series. It was at this point, my friends, that one of the workers at the store overheard me, and came wandering. He asked, cautiously, if I had read any of Sanderson's books. I told him no, I hadn't. Why, what were they like? Similar to the Wheel of Time? His answer was very yes and no. It was at this point he told me about the Cosmere, and how almost all of his work was connected. He elaborated a little bit, though a lot less than I would now. We then shared a Doctor Who joke, naturally, and moved on. So I decided I'd check this Sanderson guy out. Couldn't hurt, right? (Disclaimer, it has only ever hurt my social life, but I really don't mind). I did some research, looked up books, premises, and decided to play it safe. I ordered Elantris; his first published work, the breeze that kicked up a hurricane, and a stand-alone (for now). First impressions, it was ridiculously sexy (UK covers, of course, apologies America). Second impressions, it was casual. And then it wasn't. It was real. And beautiful. And I loved it. I moved onto Mistborn. I read the first trilogy in just under two weeks. And like that, I was hooked. Suddenly I was willingly drowning myself in lore, research, ANYTHING I could read about and discover within the Cosmere. Never before have I been so APART of something in literature. Less than a year on, today, I have amassed an entire collection of his books and have thrown away the key to my own cage that is Sanderson's work. So I certainly hope that now, after long waiting to join, I will be able to deliver myself to the lorists of the 17th Shard. . . but largely just to be apart of the community. You know? I could rant about Sanderson for hours - and I have, especially with friends who are just as locked up as I. So here I am folks. It's an absolute pleasure.
  4. War is Coming. The Sides have been Drawn. Chaos, the Lord of Chaos, Self proclaimed Lord Ruler of the 17th Shard, Has declared War on The Courts of Newcago. Who will help him in his Onslaught? EDIT: The Lords of Chaos Won. There is no need to post in this thread any more. Here's the results of the poll:
  5. There have been a lot of discussion among the Real-World!Scientists that there ar more than the 'Normal' Five Physical Senses. (Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, and Smell.) Harvard thinks there's 11 Senses. (Internal, Time, Temperature, Kinesthetic, Pain, and Balance.) This sight beleives there could be as many as 21 senses. (They include Pressure, Itch, Body Position, Tension, Stretch, Thirst and Hunger,) So, could a WindWhiperer (Tin Ferring) store any of these Senses? Obviously (If you read the articles) storing some of the senses (Tension, Stretch, Kinesthetic) could seriously mess you up, and wouldn't have a benefit to tapping. Another question. Can you only store Human senses? Dogs and birds have another sense that humans don't. Magentoception. Magnet field Detection. If you gave feruchemy to a dog, could it store this sense? I'm willing to bet that if he did know of the 21 possible senses, he used 16 of them.
  6. Hi guys! I've done a bit of searching, and I don't think this has come up before... (I have been wrong in the past, though) I think that Odium combines elements of music and chaos to produce an intent/being that is focused on change, possibly for the sake of change. The thought that sparked this was comparing Odium to the character of Loki (specifically from the Marvel universe - the turning into a horse thing was a bit weird in the actual mythology). In the Marvel Universe, Loki is the go-to bad guy, especially in the movies, but for someone so smart, he is always thwarted by heroes, and will generally net a positive result. (Thor movie: Thor realises his destiny, becomes better person; Avengers: Avengers are formed to fight high level threats, etc) With Odium in play, I can see his purpose as to bring about change and oppose stagnation. Honor's ideals would probably lead to a civilisation where everyone acted the same, spoke the same and generally got along great. Boring, right? You wouldn't have any growth or true creativity in that world. So, Odium starts smashing toys. The actions of Odium may not be inherently evil, like the actions of Ruin. They just serve a purpose. If Honor were to turn around and start destroying things everywhere, I think Odium would oppose him by trying to bring order. Just as it would seek to make Cultivation's life difficult. When it comes to Odium shattering other Shards, this could be an extension of that opposition, or an influence by it's human host. Now, for some reason these ideas make me think of music. Over the years, you can observe trends and ideas that recur in music - boy bands will always crop up, no matter how hard we try to educate youth in how terrible they are. Country music will never die, and sometimes singers leave a huge impact, like Elvis, The Beatles, or Queen (foreshadowing my own post!) Throughout these common aspects, there is always change - dubstep, techno, and eventually inserting Christmas beetles into one's ear canal have all cropped up to produce new concepts that push the definition of music. Over time, Odium is producing new ideas regarding life and how it should be lived. Some will stick, and leave an impact, but others will fall by the wayside. This theory is why I believe that the Parshendi are of Odium, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Their WoR chapter talks about how music influences their forms and pushes them to new highs or lows, much as music will produce an emotional response. Once we get a good look at the timeline since the Oathpact, I think we'll see a sort of rhapsody - a composition that shifts style frequently, yet it's beauty can be derived from this constant flux. Each individual piece may not make sense on it's own, but as a part of the whole... One last note: the name Odium is one that I assumed was a nonsense word, but if you split it, you'd get Ode-ium ("of music?") Seeing as the last few paragraphs started with "O" I was going to go back and change them all so they'd do the same. But I think the chaos flowing into consistency helps my point. What do you all think? Have I finally come up with a solid theory? Hopefully there's some discussion points in there!