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Found 6 results

  1. From the album stormlight archive art

    Painting of Jasnah <3. Find it here: deviantart: Jasnah Kholin Tumblr:
  2. Iadon’s rule over Arelon is still new and unstable. The chaos of the new government is fanning the rumours of discontent in the newly goddless nation. The King’s paranoia grows with each pasing hour. Trusted friends, loyal servitors and skilled agents are all suspect in his diseased mind. He has taksed his son, Raoden, the crown prince, with the duty of investigating the ones he believes to be capable of overthrowing him. No one truly believes there is opposition to the Merchant-King, but all must bow to his mad whims. LG rules are in effect. All actions happen simultaneously. There is a 5 turn inactivity Filter.The Citizenry win when all the Eliminators are dead. PM's are Day only. Known Roles: Legionnaire - Chooses a player to Interrogate and Roleblock/protect next night. ChayShan Practioner - Can attack one player per Night. Retired Pirate - Can survive one attack or lynch per game. Bodyguard - Can protect one player from an attack per night. Merchant - Can cancel a vote. Duke - Can add a secret vote to the lynch. Dula - Can investigate a player and learn if they are an eliminator. Beggar - Can choose a known role from the dead players to become. Noble - All other citizens are nobles. They have a collective extra vote. More complicated Rules. These are the same rules, just in a lot more detail. Game Starts:
  3. Hello everyone, it's Feather, and this time not with a Splintercast episode. Shocking, I know. Anyway, I'm here to bring you another update on Around the Cosmere, and this time I'd like to highlight a place that's very near and dear to my heart. As many of you have probably guessed, 17th Shard is not the only major gathering place of Cosmere fans, and I'd like to introduce you guys to a community of fans with whom I'm very involved: the Tumblr Cosmere fandom! For those who are unaware of what Tumblr is, it's a microblogging platform that lets users share pictures, text, video, and all kinds of different posts. In practice, I usually like to describe it as somewhat akin to Pinterest, but for fiction. Tumblr thrives on fandoms of all kinds: books, tv shows, movies, video games, webcomics, and more! And the Cosmere fandom is no exception! It's kind of a crazy jumble of creative energy, fanworks, jokes, memes, shipping, theories, roleplay, and just about everything you could consider. So, you want to find the fandom on Tumblr. The first thing you might notice is that there are a lot of Cosmere posts tagged #CFSBF. This lovely little acronym is short for "Cosmere Fandom is Still the Best Fandom." Because, heck yeah. Basically, it was something that I used to use on my personal blog that then spread out to the fandom as a whole, and has kind of become a catchphrase. But don't take my word for it. Hear it from an expert here! Now, let's talk about some fun blogs. We've got a few aggregators around the fandom, which are blogs dedicated to reblogging works by other people so that they're all in one place. I'm the moderator of a fairly large one called Adonalsium, that collects fanworks of all kinds, from all of Brandon's books, both Cosmere and Non-Cosmere. The wonderful Botanica Xu (who is also an incredible fanartist) also runs the "imaginary" blogs, Imaginary Scadrial, Imaginary Sel andImaginary Roshar, collect works for Mistborn, Elantris/Emperor's Soul, and Stormlight Archive, respectively. There are some other great projects going on too, such as Incorrect Mistborn Quotes, which is a terribly fun blog, taking quotations from other works and attributing them to Mistborn characters.Incorrect Stormlight Quotes does the same thing with the Stormlight characters! And then the lovely I Am A Stick blog has a single purpose: to make sure that everyone remembers that the stick is, in fact, a stick. Maybe you're looking for something a little bit more involved, though. You want to stretch your creative muscles, show off your stuff, make some friends and be a part of something cool. Or maybe you just want to see some awesome content made by other people. Well, you've got a few cool options, depending on what kind of content you're looking for: First and foremost is the Cosmere Challenge. The CC is a prompt blog that does rotating ideas and challenges, usually about one a month. Sometimes these are pairings, sometimes they're situations, sometimes they're AUs or crossovers. They're good for a quick burst of inspiration, or if you want to contribute something to an event. By far, the challenge that gets the most submissions is the now annual event: Cosmere Fandom is Still the Worst Fandom, in which everyone tries to write/draw/create the most tragic, heart-wrenching, horrifying stories and ideas to inflict them on everyone else. Because the only thing better than suffering is making other people suffer, right? Now is the time to start thinking of ideas, as the CFSWF challenge usually happens in the summer! If you want something more for the long-haul, you could consider checking out the Cosmere RP, a college-AU taking place in Kharbranth University. Characters from all over the cosmere are welcome and they're all at the same university and all have blogs on tumblr. It's a wild ride. Marsh moved in with Edgli? Kelsier got into a fight with Adolin? And who exactly is dating who between Kaladin, Adolin, Shallan, and Renarin? Stay tuned for more. If you want to get in on the action, there's a list of characters the RP is still looking for! So, that's your crash course to what's going on with the tumblr side of the fandom. If there's any questions about the blogs here or how tumblr works or anything, feel free to ask me things. I'm more than happy to help answer queries. Have fun, Sharders!
  4. So this is a fun idea that the lovely Silver (also found here) came up with a little while ago, and I'm going to go ahead and cross post it here. Mostly because I need to be more active over here and it's a super fun thing. Basically, the idea of Cosmere Challenge is a fun prompt with a deadline that people can respond to. The idea is to give you a little bit of a creative kick and to get the fandom inspired to create some fun things. Art, fanfic, graphics, animations, poetry, whatever. So long as it's on topic, have at it! Please note, Cosmere Challenges are not contests. There's no prize for having the best entry or anything like that. It's just a fun way to come together, make fun things, and see fun things that other people have made! This week's prompt (crossposted from here): Sound like fun? Let's go!
  5. So, I'm in an RP group with some members of the tumblr cosmere fandom over skype, and sometimes in our off-topic chat gets very interesting. I snatched this gem to share on tumblr and figured I ought to share over here too. Lunarubato: Windrunners are the best at dodgeball FeatherWriter: "GET OFF THE CEILING THAT'S CHEATING" FeatherWriter: That's how the Szeth/Kaladin showdown will go. Windrunner dodgeball. Abalidoth: If you can dodge a Shardblade you can dodge a ball! FeatherWriter: *ugly laughter in Starbucks* Emmalyn: oh god XD Lunarubato: Gets down to one Windrunner, uses reverse lashing to block all the oncoming balls, gets entire team back in play FeatherWriter: Bridge 4 is def Kal's team FeatherWriter: And Renarin FeatherWriter: Renarin doesn't want to play, but Kaladin and Adolin say it will "toughen him up" Lunarubato: Bridge 4 gets in trouble for their "improvisational dodging" which mostly involves hiding behind the bleachers FeatherWriter: They want to know why they can't have shields. Lunarubato: "Turn the bleachers sideways," they cry as they rip pieces of metal from the wall As you can see, we are a very mature group of adults. So mature.
  6. Recently, one of our tumblr members, tinandpewterstrength, finished Way of Kings and issued an open call for anyone with ships (aka, those of us who see good potential for relationships between characters) to try to convince her which characters she should be shipping. Pretty much, she's looking at me - the captain of the Shallarin (Shallan/Renarin) camp, and Kogiopsis - the leader of the Kalarin (Kaladin/Renarin) camp. What started as a simple pair of opposing arguments has blossomed into some incredibly rich character and motivation analysis about all three of these characters involved. While I know that most of the theorizing here tends to be Realmatic, I figured perhaps there are some literary analysts like myself who might enjoy reading some theories that have to do with character development and narrative arcs instead! Or you know, those just curious what the other side of the fandom devotes their time and energy to. Kogiopsis recently created a wonderful guide to this back and forth of analyses, so I'm going to use her post to adapt. Pretty much of the credit for this organization and posting of this goes to her! It's a lot to read, but it's good stuff! The analyses at the beginning are mostly just about shipping, but as the discussion goes on, it becomes more and more pure character analysis (which is super awesome). Cosmere fandom is still the best fandom. Megan, the original prompter of all this essay writing, eventually responds to the posting of this guide, here: Now, that's a lot of writing for anyone to sift through, so good luck and congrats to anyone who looks through it! However, I know there were some who were interested in stuff like this and didn't realize that our fandom had a side like this. So, I wanted to at least make people aware that things like this are being written out there! For the more literary types like me, this is the kind of thing I love, and if it were happening elsewhere, I know I'd want to know! I hope you all enjoy this look at what the tumblr fandon's been up to!