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Found 1 result

  1. Rhazien woke strapped to a table, unable to see. He knew he wasn't blind, but he could see due to the level of darkness in the room. The room he lay in was silent. Only the sound of his breathing reached his ears. He struggled against the cords that bound him but to no avail. "Atha! I need you," he hissed. There was no answer from his spren. Though a voice did speak. "You spren is gone, she has left to see the Taker of Secrets." The voice said. Rhazien couldn't make out where the person was but he could make out a general location. He voice had sounded near his feet. He struggled some more at the thought of losing his spren and his ability to surgebind. "It is time to begin." The voice said. A candle was lit and a hood pulled back. Rhazien stared in horror at the creature before him. The man seemed to be a fusion of Dakhor monk and inquisitor. Two large spikes replaced the eyes and Rhazien could see the spike in the mans chest where the robe didn't hide the metal. People were filed in all tied together by a string around their necks. The man began to chant and Rhazien screamed, emitting a very guttural painful noise. Before he blacked out he stored his first memory. *** The wind blew gently through the grass, making the individual blades of grass seem as if they were dancing. Rhazien stood overlooking the Alleyvillage, upon a grassy cliffside. He returned his gaze to his three companions; Akrasia, Mac, and Lopen. He approached them three honorblades stuck hilt up the ground before each. Looked at each of them before speaking. "As soon as you swear the Oath you are entitled to these baldes before you. Be warned, should you break the oath, I and whoever should be with me in the Ghostbloods upon the breaking of your Oath will seek to wipe every trace of your essence from the face of all three realms." He told them, stonefaced. "I now as you each to swear the Oath of Loyalty." "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely support and defend the Ghostbloods and its decrees against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; to forsake all other guilds and clans within the Alleyverse. That I will bear arms on behalf of the Ghostbloods when required by the Council; that I will gather all information, intelligence, and recruitment (when necessary) when required by the Council; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the Council; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me Adonalsium." Each said in unison. "Let the Alleyverse tremble at this day, for we shall rule them." Rhazien said, overlooking the alleyverse, with hand streched forth. "There will be a day where we have ultamate power over this place and it's people. It will be glorious." *** When Rhazien awoke he felt stronger, faster, more powerful. He noticed that he was no longer on a table but a comfortable mattress. He stood dressing in a Dakhor rode that was provided for him. Upon exiting his abode, he came face to face with the inquisitor monk. "walk with me." He commanded. "Who are you?" Rhazien asked. "My name is Vatheson." He replied. "what does Wyrn require of me?" Another question. "that you complete your collection." Came the answer. "What exactly did you do to me?" "we gave you the ability of enhanced strength and speed as well as negate and resist Aons. It required the death of fifty innocents." "I see." "this was the price you had to pay to acquire this power." "I know." Rhazien said. "I must return to the Alleyverse." "Of course you must but not now. The othe selish abilities you seek are here." Vatheson informed him. "I tell you two things. The first it that we Dakhor monks will fight with you when the time comes. You have earned our respect. The second is that you will face a old friend who you pass through these doors." Rhazien paused. He stood in front of a large double oaken door. He pushed it open to confront whoever waited inside. *** If you have questions or are just reading this for the first time wondering what is going on then click here to read Phase 1