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Found 6 results

  1. MR52L Cycle 1: the Cards are dealt The players sat around the table, as the guard captain began to deal the cards. "Remember. No cheating. If you get caught you'll forfeit your bets." In the middle of the table lies a pile of spheres, mostly smaller gems glowing with the faint light of stormlight. And now... the cards are dealt, and let the games begin. As this is the first round, I must announce that Kasmir is the Guard Captain! Player list: If you have not received a PM please let us know! A reminder that PMs between players are closed for this game. The cycle will end on August 3rd at 9 am PST
  2. Hey everyone! I ran with brilliant ideas from @Graulas and @parchmentEngineer and had this game printed a few days ago! It's from the beginning of Oathbringer Here are some pictures of it:
  3. What type of card games could be modified or invented to have a cosmere theme? (I was thinking a magic the gathering type game)
  4. I think we should get membership cards from the 17th Shard .
  5. So, I'm obsessed with Magic: The Gathering. It's a fantastic card game created in 1993. I'm also obsessed with the Cosmere. And then I realized something: I could totally geek out by making Cosmere-based Magic cards! The site I used was, and it was pretty fantastic.
  6. So, if you play magic, you should read this article If you're too lazy to do so, here's a summary. Blocks were three sets, and followed by a core set. that was a year's worth of magic products. Blocks rotated out every two years. Starting with "Blood" (the block after Khans), Blocks will be a large set and small set, and two blocks will be released as a year's worth of magic. Blocks will rotate out after 18 months, so there will be three blocks in standard at a time. There will be a 2016 core set, and Khans and "Dewey" will rotate out when "Tears", the block after "Blood" comes out. "Louie" and the core set will stay in for another six months. Thoughts?