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Found 1 result

  1. Phase 3: Blood and Ink "Every Fae child knows this, but you mortals never seem to see. We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be." Squick swam happily in a forest stream, playing his squid-flute to keep the troupers entertained in these trying times. Dimly, he recalled that things had been different, once. Once, he was not a prized showpiece of the troupe, a squid which played the flute. Perhaps once, he wasn't even a real squid at all... It was hard to remember, these days. He didn't mind very much; being a squid was nice. No fires underwater, usually, unless the troupe firestarters were taking it a little bit far. No nasty Chandrian to come bother him, or any of the other fae for that matter. . . . The troupe stood around a bonfire of ash and rowan. The flames, thankfully, were the normal shade. Atop the fire was an iron pot, and within this pot was a small demon that had tried to gouge out a trouper's eyes earlier that day. "We need to find these Fae," one of the troupers said. For some reason, it was becoming hard to keep track of who was whom... "Yes, we must find the Fae," another spoke up. "But how I cannot say; they may appear in any way." "That so..." another pondered, but was interrupted by the lilting melodies of a flute player. This was not just any flute player, it was Squick the squid, one of the troupe's major attractions... And a decidedly unnatural one. How could a squid play the flute...? Unless it were really one of the Fae, of coarse... . . . Squick burbled an upbeat tune, swimming lazily along the stream, when a large crowd of troupers and pretend-troupers began to wade into his stream. Odd. They appeared aggravated. No, even more, they appeared angry at Squick. Maybe they didn't like his music? He launched into a new song, a flutist's rendition of the well-loved song Tinker, Tanner. He played his part skillfully, using all of his many arms to play the flute better than any human could. Beautiful harmonies echoed across the forest, hanging for a moment in the air. The mob seemed unimpressed. Seriously, how could they not like Tinker, Tanner? What was wrong with them? Squick attempted to shake his head, only to remember he had no neck worth speaking of. Instead, he settled for a burst of ink, staining the waters around him black and letting him make a graceful exit after his performance. The mob surged after him, some of them wielding weapons. Squick lead them on a merry chase. One of them lunged forward, only to miss Squick spectacularly and land face-first in the ink-laden waters, ruining a lovely cloak in the process. Another tried to block his path by standing in the way of the stream, but Squick simply slipped between the human's legs. Squick did his best to approximate a trill of laughter on his flute. Another staggered through the water after him, but it was too slow. He was escaping... And then some manner of weapon struck him from above. Squick let out a plaintive toot on his flute as he passed... The waters ran red and black. Blood and ink. . . . Steeldancer has been lynched! They were a Flutist! Vote Count Steeldancer (3)- Walin, Xinoehp, Rae, Cadmium Wonko (2)- Eternum, Orlok Fifth (2)- Drought, Snipexe Devotary (2)- Fifth, Wonko Snipexe (2)- Steel Eternum (1)- Alvron Arinian (1)- Arinian I think (1)- Bort Drought (1)- Bard Cast 1. Elandera as Ahnya Cyphus2. Eternum as Enerin3. Droughtbringer as Pyra Mainiak4. Aonar Faileas as Aorais Kipthorn5. Devotary of Spontaneity as Gaskana6. Walin as Nelden Dastardly7. Fifth Scholar as Marne8. Snipexe as Snip9. Alvron as Laon10. Steeldancer as Squick Flutist11. Megasif as Mega12. Xinoehp512 as Reyalp Nwoknu13. Arinian as Ray Fox14. Orlok as Locke15. I think I am here as Itiah II16. Arraenae as Alev17. Bort as Master Ash18. Wonko the Sane as Fifth Daughter Resterford19. Cadmium Compounder as Deric Watar20. Young Bard as Neris Countdown