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Found 40 results

  1. Just finished, a good read with plenty of juicy tidbits but I was a little disappointed with the ending to be honest. Anyone else care to share their thoughts?
  2. Really liked it. It almost felt weird enjoying it so much when it's a YA series and I'm 31. I've seen the complaints about the rushed ending, and felt it a bit too. But it didn't ruin the series for me. Prof was such a great character. I really liked that his weakness was fear of failure when he's putting everything on the line. So many people fear failure and will self sabotage so they have the fall back answer. That was cool to me. I expected David's transformation to take place sooner. I thought once he survived the tower with Megan it would be a rapid descent into figuring out how to use Steelheart's power set leading to a battle to bring back Prof.
  3. I don't see a typos thread yet, so here goes. Ebook page 78. Chapter 12, second page Looks like there is a stray comma after But...
  4. In a darkened world, an apocalyptic TLT… Featuring @Shard of Thought: Thought and AJ @beantheboy12: AJ @xinoehp512: Tom Joebob & Fantastic @Jaywalk: Jay and his bunny Bozo
  5. So, I'm doing a Sanderson's marathon for the first time, and the next saga I'm going to read is The Reckoners. But before I do, I would like to be ready for the "bad", "disappointing", or even "terrible" ending of this saga according to some people. So if the ending is bad to you, could you tell me exactly why the ending is bad without giving any details about the plot at all? Just tell me if it's consider bad because it's an open ending, because it's rushed, because it's a bad and sad ending... Why exactly? Thanks.
  6. I admit I have only comepleted books 1 and 2 . Perhaps book 3 will provide something that will change my theory . But , it seems to me that it would be simple to add this trilogy to Cosmere. In my opinion Calamity is similar to a shard. The gifted abilities are like investiture granted by shard. All we would need is for him to write era 2 reckoners , create a perpindicularity , and have Hoid visit for some Unkown reason and Tada , Reckoners is part of Cosmere . Why do we need this . For a long time I avoided this series’s because it wasn’t cosmere. Big mistake as it is very good and feels the same . What do u guys think. Would you like to see the reckoners join the cosmere
  7. The weaknesses were inherently tied to Calamity's corruption(/presence), because when an Epic faces their fear, they also drive back the darkness, which we know was because of Calamity and his contempt for humanity (and fear/startlement of the physical world). Now that Calamity is gone (or in the case of the otherverse already left a long time ago) does that also imply that the Epics no longer have weaknesses? Does that mean Megan literally can't die and David is literally invincible to all physical damage? Is this why Obliteration is still wreaking havoc in the otherverse even though they have an actual Superman expy helping them out, because he can't be killed since he just teleports forever?
  8. Is anyone else getting the feeling that Fortnite is about to be hit by Calamity with the new skin teasings? Especially if they are bad and we have to save the world. I wouldn't mind a pair of tensors to turn my enemies structures to dust.
  9. I can be a bit short and cranky at times can we all I suppose...but now I have a great excuse ( that no one I know will understand but it will be funny to see their reaction) I will say I just used my superpowers and that makes me cranky!!!
  10. During Calamity, we learn the titular antagonist has "gifted" Epic powers to people instead of "investing" (non-Cosmere, but still works.) them with abilities. I believe this distinction was the preventive factor in the children of Epics NOT inheriting power; considering Motivators work on genetic mimicry and offspring would share similar DNA strands to parents. This limitation has likely been removed when Calamity went the way of Evocation. Which bares the question: How will Epic powers be inherited? Will the kid get the same power as their powered parent with a personal touch like Tavi? Will children of 2 Epics (David and Megan) get both powersets, or will there be "Interference" like with Epics and certain Motivators? Or will a child's non-powered heritage cause "Interference" granting a very different ability from their Epic parent?
  11. Hey guys! I'm currently working on a Fan comic for The Reckoners. It's an aftermath story for Calamity. It's called Absolution and I hope you guys take a chance to read it,and enjoy it. If you like it, please tell me your thoughts, Plot: Tavi Phaedrus has become very uneasy since the fight with Obliteration. For months, She's not eating much, she's become restless, and becomes extremely jumpy. She remembers clearly on what happened during the battle. She was brought into David's world to fight Limelight, a version of her father, and nearly died because of it. She now worries that he will find a way to finish the fight she was dragged into . Prof also has a hard time living with himself. After all the horrible things he's done, he finds it hard to accept it all. He does everything he can to avoid his powers. He doesn't want to hurt his closest friends more than he already did. In doing so, he slowly grows more distant. After an alliance is made between the two dimensions, the two meet. Again. Can the two Epics learn to work together. Can they do that whilst two Epic plan a way to destroy New Cago?
  12. Hello everyone. This is my first post, so please correct me on beginner's mistakes. Also, please notify me if this topic has already been done. Anyway, lets get onto the topic. After reading Calamity (multiple times), I've started to wonder what Calamity is. It has the qualities of a Shard, but it isn't in the Shardworld system. So what is it? That's the topic of this discussion.
  13. Now I Know What You're All Thinking Yet another new face to the 17th Shard, trying to make his way in the world by shoving foolhardy ideas out into it. And you would be right, for there is no better way to start than to have an idea shut down. How else would the next one come to fruition, after all? So bear with me, please, as I am naive and somewhat already addicted to this site (*pointedly avoids looking at the time*) So no matter what I'm told, no matter what Sanderson says, I am convinced that there is some connection between The Reckoners world/universe and that of the Cosmere. Don't worry, I am not stating that I believe it is WITHIN the Cosmere, but that there is some sort of connection. I mean, this is Sanderson we're talking about, and he is nothing if not one surprise after another. So First & Foremost, Some Foundations Okay, allow me to echo back to the conclusion to Calamity, in which we actually meet the title himself. Not Larcener the High Epic, but Calamity the God of sorts (we'll get to that). Trace back a number of steps to the dialogue between Calamity and David Charleston, our protagonist. Calamity hinted that there were many others like him, but did not elaborate on that whatsoever - did he mean each were sent to a different version of reality, or each were sent to a different world with sentient lifeforms? This does not initially seem something Calamity should be so afraid of revealing, until he nearly lets slip a very important detail. That is, each of these Calamity-figures were all sent by someone. It seems like he was referring to just one person at the time, before he cut himself off, so not much more was given here. We must also trace back to the very idea of other realities, and how heavily they weighed on the world and story. Other realities do exist. If infinite, it is not unlikely that the Cosmere is nestled in there. But I digress. Let's move on. Idea #1 - Reckoner-Earth Is In The Cosmere I should probably mention here and now that I don't believe this one is the truth of it. Maybe a bit of me hopes, but I don't really believe it. That would be too simple, too. . . not Sanderson. Look at the investiture of the confirmed Cosmere worlds - they are inherent to the world itself, to its peoples to its Gods for Gods' sake (don't excuse the pun, I'm proud of that one). The powers bestowed upon Epics are exactly that; bestowed. Given with a singular purpose by a singular figure (with a mysterious, and unfinished background). This figure, Calamity, was not a God of any sort. He simply does not fit in with the image of the Shards. Yes, we could think on the "others like him" as Shards, assuming he himself was one, but he also said they were each given a purpose, so to speak. Think again on Odium in the Cosmere - I doubt his purpose, if given by whoever (Adonalisium?) would be to splinter the other Shards. There is plenty of foundation to use this as a plausible theory, but I don't full accredit it. Let me know your thoughts! Ideas #2 - Reckoner-Earth Is In The Cosmere 2.0 Now, I had never even considered this before reading an entry on on part with the announcement of the Apocalypse Guard (Entry by Chris Lough - ). Naturally I don't want to take full credit for this kind of idea, but let's step back a little and try see its potential. Essentially more or less all of the points from Idea #1 will be applied here, but instead of being within a Cosmere it is within a universe of its own - for sake of argument, we'll put it Cosmere 2.0. Again, who sent Calamity? WHAT IS Calamity? Will the Apocalypse Guild, with it being "parallel to Earth" be within this second Cosmere? All are questions we can't answer yet. But let's face it - we haven't seen the end of Calamity. His end was far too much of a loose end, and if we know anything, it's that Prof isn't a big fan of those. Megan is convinced Calamity will return. Mysteries upon mysteries left up in the remains of that glass ISS. We haven't seen the end of Calamity or, at least, the world in which the Reckoners take place regardless of whether or not there is a Cosmere 2.0. Ideas #3 - There Is A Cosmere 1.0, 2.0 & Maybe 3.0? Now, assume that there is a Cosmere (which there, uhm, is) but also a Cosmere 2.0, in which the Reckoners are, potentially the Apocalypse Guard and whatever else comes along (I am still uncertain as to whether or not is other non-Cosmere works would work here). But there is never a simple quid pro quo with Sanderson. So I will leave the idea of a third universe / Cosmere 3.0. A sort of leeway, almost like the three planes in Cosmere 1.0 (this is getting confusing). I mean, at this point this kind of thing can't be ruled out - after all, all Sanderson told us was that the likes of the Reckoners are not in the Cosmere as we know it (Mistborn, Stormlight and so on). He never speculated on a second Cosmere, let alone a third. What would be the purpose to a third, you ask? Well, look at the Cosmere. It has this ultimate storyline going on behind the scenes with Adonalisium, the Shards and Hoid. If there was a Cosmere 2.0, presumably it, too, would have its own storyline. Of course, if there were these two, there would have to be a point to it. A point to these two HUGE stories. So how else to connect them, if not through a third party? A Cosmere 3.0, if you will ealise there isn't a tremendous amount of supporting evidence here, but alas, until more books come out I cannot say. After all, one can't read Elantris and assume to know all there is about the Cosmere. That wouldn't make much sense. So let me know below your thoughts, where you think everything lies within Sanderson's head. I adore the idea that, on some level, ALL of his work is connected, even if it never touches. So give me your thoughts, whether to add onto mine or crush them down, whatever helps me keep up with my conspiracies That's all for now folks, until the next annoyance
  14. Could we not wait for the next stormlight book for another year??? And how could you ruin the reckoners series with calamity, the book and the character... he was supposed to be a badass... ugh!
  15. MR12: Turf War Calamity has risen and Epics have begun to appear throughout the world. Luckily, Portland hasn’t been touched by much yet, though you know it can’t last long. Three gangs have begun fighting over territory in the city as the government begins to collapse. But the government isn’t giving up yet. Government Agents have infiltrated each gang and are trying to bring them down and establish a cohesive government again. The Blood Tyrants are a violent group, one that’s been around for some time, since before Calamity arose. The members of the gang are harsh and unforgiving, almost bloodthirsty. Their headquarters are in an Abandoned Warehouse. The Pearl District Neighborhood Watch is a group that formed to keep their neighborhood safe. They are very protective and loyal, always watching out for each other. Lately, they’ve begun to try to keep the entire city in order. They are based in the City Hall. The Evanescents were your stereotypical high school nerds. But when the government grew weak, they used their knowledge and began studying Epics and producing weapons and technology. They are based in an Underground Laboratory. The Government Agents are here in Portland, trying to take down the gangs so that they can establish a single, strong government over the town so the Epics can be dealt with and punished by the law. They have spread out and infiltrated the gangs in Portland. They are hiding in each one, trying to take them down from the inside. Win Conditions Condition 1: To win, each gang must eliminate the Government Agents within their own group. Condition 2: Blood Tyrants Win when all of the PDs Neighborhood Watch’s Epics die. Pearl District Neighborhood Watch wins when all of The Evanescents’ Epics die. The Evanescents win when all of Blood Tyrants’ Epics die. (This is not a secondary win condition. Both conditions must be met.) Government Agents win when everyone else is dead. General Rules: Hellscythe and I will be co-GMing this game. Standard Elimination Rules and Etiquette apply. 48 hour cycles (24 hour day and 24 hour night) Please include both of the GMs in all PMs. Sign ups will last a week, but due to scheduling, will end on either Friday, March 11th or Saturday March 12th at 4:00 pm MST. You will be informed 12 hours before, which time signups will end. Rollover will be at 4:00 pm MST. (5 minutes after this was posted) A new player list and countdown clock will be included at the start of the turns. If a player doesn't post in the thread for three turns, they will be MIA and they will be assumed dead. At that point, they will go straight to the dead doc, without entering Limbo. Because of the Tough Guy and Harmsway, there will be a one-turn period after death where players will be in Limbo. They will not be able to influence the game or access the dead doc in that time. After 24 hours, their role, gang, and alignment will be revealed and they will enter the dead doc if they do not come back. Roles - Banker - Cannot gain their own Points. Can only use points from the Bank to gain actions. Gang Investigator - Learn random person in your own gang or learn target player’s gang membership. Thugs - Each night, Thugs may protect one player from death. (Does protect from the Hit Man) Drunks - Can’t remember their role, alignment, or gang at the beginning of the game. They will sober up at some point in the game. Snitch - Give the gang membership, alignment, or role(randomly chosen each time) of one target player to another target player. (Night Action) Hit Man - The Hit Man can poison one player every night. Because the poison takes time to come into effect, the kill will come into effect as soon as the first vote of the next day is placed. Until the vote is placed, it will not be known if anyone has been targeted by the Hit Man. The Hit Man can be protected from. Sneaky Messenger - The Messenger can dodge one kill attempt on them per game. They can also make a PM with another player every cycle, aside from their free one. Regular - You’re a Regular with no abilities. However you have a higher probability of becoming an Epic. Angry Gang Member - Win condition is to be lynched. If lynched, the Angry Member can choose one player that voted for them and kill them at the end of the next cycle. Gambler - Choose one person during Night Cycle. If that person has an even number of votes by the end of the next cycle it adds one vote. If that person has an odd number of votes it subtracts one vote. Tough Guy - The Tough Guy is able to fight off the pain of death any number of times. But because of the effort this takes, they end up a different person than they started. When the Tough Guy fights off death, he switches gang membership. There is a one-turn time where he is struggling to survive. During that time, the Tough Guy is essentially dead to all the players in the game. If the Tough Guy is killed by either the lynch or a member of the team with the win condition to kill the Tough Guy’s current gang, he does not fight off death, but gives in and dies. He can still be brought back by the Reviver. If a Tough Guy is attacked by the Government Agents, he will die permanently. (Ex: Wilson is an Evanescent Tough Gal. She is attacked by a Blood Tyrant. She goes into Limbo for a turn, where she cannot interact with the game. After that turn, she will come back into the game as part of either the Blood Tyrants or the Neighborhood Watch. She maintains her position in the command structure. Ex 2: Wilson is an Evanescent Tough Gal. She is attacked by a member of the Neighborhood Watch. She dies permanently.) Harmsway - One of the first pieces of Epic tech that has been created. A player with a Harmsway may target another player that is still in Limbo and bring them back from the brink of death once per game. Epics - Epics will appear throughout the game. Any player who becomes an Epic will still keep their original abilities along with any new ones they receive, but only be able to use one ability per turn, unless otherwise stated. Bodyguard - Protect one player from death each night. You may not target the same player two nights in a row. Angry Guard - May protect one player from death each night. When their target is attacked, the Angry Guard will attack the attacker, killing them unless there is other protection, the first time this happens. The second time the Angry Guard protects from a kill attempt, he dies along with the attacker. Watchful Tail: The Tail follows around one player every night turn and watches for Snitches. If a Snitch tries to Snitch on the player being Tailed, the Tail will replace the note with a blank one. Some roles may not be in the game. You gain points(Except for the Banker, who does not earn their own points): 0.5 pt: First post each cycle 1 pt: RP-first time per cycle. 0.25 pt: Subsequent RP in a cycle. 0.5 pt: You have a vote placed at the end of the cycle. 0.5 pt: Using an action. 0.5 pt: Switching location(Getting placed on the Streets doesn’t count) 2 pts: killing or taking part in the lynching of an enemy Epic.(Only the gang linked to your win condition) 3 pts: killing or taking part in the lynching of a Government Agent in your own gang -2 pt: Not posting in the thread for a turn. -2 pts: Killing/Lynching a loyal member of your gang Every turn, players must tell the GMs if they would like to keep their points or donate them to their gang’s Banker. Each gang’s Banker is guaranteed to be a loyal member of that gang. If a player does not inform the GMs, the points will be kept to the player. The Banker is not informed who donated points or how many each donated. The Government Agents do not have their own Bank. The Banker may use the Gang Bank points to: 3 points: Give target player a random role/gang when snitched on for two cycles 4 Points: Learn a random player’s gang membership(not alignment). 5 Points: Create a PM that lasts two cycles. 7 Points: Kill or protect target player (Cannot self-target) 9 points: Scan to see if target is Government Agent Only one point-based ability may be used each Night or Day turn(if used during the day your vote will not count) except for the Banker’s PM ability, which may be used twice in a turn. Any Gang Member can use their points to: 5 points: Learn a random person in your gang 5 points: Create a PM that lasts one cycle. 10 points: Gain protection from one kill attempt that cycle. Every third cycle a heavy rain comes and flushes out the banks. Any points left in the Gangs’ Banks will be destroyed. Player-held points will be kept. Every even numbered cycle, each player will be allowed to create and keep 1 PM with a player of their choice. Locations: Each day turn, players must tell the GMs where in the city they would like to move to for the night. Anyone who does not inform the GMs will end up on the streets and be targetable by anyone(except those on the ferry). You will move at the end of every day. Players may only use their actions on players who are in the same location as them or on the streets. You will only know the people who are in your location. Players on the streets will be revealed in the thread at the start of each cycle. The Pub, Government Building, and Warehouse are on one side of the Williamette River and the Lab, City Hall, and Pool are on the other. Spending a turn on the Ferry is the only way to get to the other side of the River. Certain locations may have special bonuses and drawbacks for Epics. Pub Government Building Abandoned Warehouse ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ferry~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Underground Laboratory Portland City Hall Pool Streets Here is a Map if you would like a visual version. Room Point-Based Actions Can be done during the day or night, but your vote will not count if during the day, and no other action may be taken at night. You can only do these once per full cycle. Warehouse: In the Warehouse, you may sell on the black market. There is a chance of not selling(20%) and chance of selling for 3(50%) or 4 pts(10%) or losing 3 pts(20%) City Hall: In City Hall, you can attempt to steal any number of points from another target gang bank. There is an X% chance you’re caught and put in jail where X is based on the number of points attempting to be stolen. (Actions for the next cycle will not go through if you are jailed.) People voting during the lynch residing inside the City Hall will count twice. Laboratory: In the Lab, you can create a new science experiment and immediately hand it to your supervisor. It has a 65% chance to explode on impact, immediately kicking you out of the Laboratory and losing you 2 points, 35% chance to become pure gold, making it sellable, earning you 3 points. Government Building: In the Government Building, you can apply for a government job. You will get 2 points without fail. Command Structure The gangs all have their own command structures, but due to the secrecy in the gangs, each member only knows the people who directly report to them. Captains know their Regulars and Commanders know their Captains. The Government Agents do not have this. Example Command Structure: dsCommander Captain sfasdfsdfaCaptain Reg Reg Reg sfsfasdf Reg Reg Reg Write ups:
  16. So, I was traversing my local bookstore today and came across a copy of Calamity that had some special things in it. Anyone else found one of these yet?
  17. I think I am not the only one that still has questions open after the end of Calamity. Some of them are obvious ones created by the ending like "what kind of didgerido was Calamity actually" "How did obliteration get rid of his darkness, when his mentality is a perfect example for Calamity's twisted view on humanity" or "How exactly have things worked out in parallel universes" and some worldbuilding that's following the tip of the iceberg principle ala "What's the deal with the other Coven members and Night's Sorrow." However, I also am left with some questions that are more subtle and maybe anyone of you can help me find answers. Who actually killed Prof's class? Coming to the old theory that the Epic that killed his class was he himself. Apart from it just being something I'm curious about the answer to this question also would have worked wonderfully into Prof's struggle with failure. What happened in the first year after Calamity showed up? Not only have the effects of Dawnslight powers appeared effectively around the same time as Calamity in Steelheart Prof also claimed he has been an Epic "since Calamity" not since the beginning or anything like that but since Calamity, which would have been a year before Epics are supposed to show up. The first got ignored and the second arguably retocned. Why did Calamity interact with Regalia? Not only is it a break of his no involvement rule, for which he already has the Larcener persona, but he also effectively came at her beg and call to upgrade and create Epics for her, which goes entirely against his motives as displaed in Calamity. I also have a hard time buying him not knowing about Regalia's plan, so the question becomes what his endgame was for that. How are the Epics powers actually determined? We know that Calamity can alter them after he gave the Epics powers, so they can't be set in stone, so did Calamity just sit down for every Epic and decide to give them some random package of powers or is there some kind of guideline he has to follow? How inert are weaknesses actually to the powers? The way they are explained and Conflux reporting of them growing weaker seems like they come purely from Calamity, yet Tavi and Megan post claiming her powers still have weaknesses. Are they internal to the powers but Calamity just ramped them up somehow? Are they connected to fear by nature or are they random and it's Calamity's fault that all of them ended up being connecting to fears?
  18. A song I wrote in the throes of post-Calamity mind break syndrome. Major spoilers abound. A parody of the Gorillaz song "Clint Eastwood," because rapping is Calamity's secret vice. (Original music contains explicit lyrics.) I ain't happy, but feeling glad I've got limelight in my hands I've fought this for oh so long This curse just keeps going on I ain't happy, but feeling glad I've got limelight in my hands I've fought this for oh so long This curse just keeps going on And going on And going on And going on... Yes... Finally, someone let you out of your cage Unchained to bring destruction and to shout out your rage I just freed from within All your natural sins How they've clattered in din But they're always what wins Regrettable Perhaps you didn't see so I command you to From my point of view I'm just making your wills tangible. Live and learn Hope and spurn As you raze and burn Toss and turn 'Cause these lessons had to be this stern. Now you lie and claim that hope's for what you yearn As if you could discern You think I'm corrupting you? Nudging you? Maybe. Cyclical The power that's bestowed on you just proves that you're all crazy Mindless You squawk and fuss and gawk at every sunrise Sightless 'Cause it's clear no truth could push into your eyes You like this? You're just beasts that think they're righteous But you're all just spineless Removed from all brightness I ain't happy, but feeling glad I've got limelight in my hands I've fought this for oh so long This curse just keeps going on I ain't happy, but feeling glad I've got limelight in my hands I've fought this for oh so long This curse just keeps going on And going on And going on And going on... The essence of justice Relies on some substance You lack in your numbness Children in your roughness Epics You think they're far removed, that's a fallacy You're in them! Every steel city Every flooded sea Every murder spree I see them with my eyes! All this destruction and demise! Corruption undisguised! While you claim that some are wise And you hit me with your lies Claim that if I'd just left you be some heroes would arise. But fear won't depart. "Calamity's" the name you give for what's in your heart And it tears you apart. That's you, not me So I'll just stick around and be the watcher Throw out some gifts to drown out what you think is solace I brought all this To show you can't survive when you're so far from flawless Meantime all your nightmares might just hightlight your dread Till doomsday just remember that they came from your head. I ain't happy, but feeling glad I've got limelight in my hands I've fought this for oh so long This curse just keeps going on I ain't happy, but feeling glad I've got limelight in my hands I've fought this for oh so long My curse just keeps going on And going on And going on And going on And going on My curse just keeps going on And going on And going on And going on And going on My curse just keeps going on And going on And going on And going on And going on My curse just keeps going on And going on And going on My curse just keeps going on And going on And going on My curse just keeps going on And going on And going on My curse just...
  19. Could Megans abilities be utilized to explore a multiverse that possibly includes the cosmere? Is there a limit to how far Megans abilities can go? I'm just spitballing here. thoughts?
  20. Preface/Opening Rant: Calamity's Epic Downfall Part I: Transfersion and Impedance I got the term "transfersion" from the "Great Transfersion", the event where Steelheart turned almost every non-living thing in Chicago into steel, thus creating Newcago. I define transfersion as any Epic effect that transmutes the nature of things. Each transfersion ability has an attribute. In the case of Steelheart's "Steel Transfersion", the attribute is steel. Early on in the series, Megan and David described a quirk of Steel Transfersion: One might prefer to believe that this quirk has no implication beyond Steelheart. If that's what you think, that's perfectly okay, but you might want to stop reading this post. Anyway, I theorize that this insulation effect applies to other Transfersion-type powers, and is therefore a general rule for Transfersion: Likeness Limit Rule: Things that are similar in nature to a Transfersion's attribute resist transfersion, and things that fully match the attribute block transfersion completely. The Likeness Limit Rule explains why Gifters can't Gift to other Epics. Gifters are Power Transfersers, and the Likeness Limit hinders them from Transfersing powers to people who already have powers. The Likeness Limit Rule also explains why Megan could only pull shadows of alternate worlds when she wasn't at her full capacity. Just as Steelheart found it more difficult to Transferse steel onto non-steel metal, Megan requires more effort to Transferse a core possibility onto her current core possibility, especially if the two core possibilities are close to each other. Ephemeral Possibility Transfersion (a weaker form of the power that only pulls shadows of possibilities) is much easier, so she relied on that for most of the series. Part II: Transfersion and Weakness Suppose Gifter Bob had the power of enhanced strength, and his weakness is the sound of a chihuahua barking. Bob Gifted his super strength to average Joe, and then Bob went off to terrorize some people in another country. Joe, excited about his new power, decided to impress some girls by lifting a 500 kilogram barbell with just one hand. Suddenly, a woman approached, her pet chihuahua barking madly in her bag. According to David's Large Dispersal Rule ("An Epic's weakness has less and less influence on their powers the farther you get from the Epic's presence"), Bob is too far away for his super strength to be affected by that particular chihuahua who's barking at Joe. But what of Joe? Will the power Gifted to him remain? Will it fade away? Will Joe have a sudden urge to kill the dog with the barbell? Does Bob's weakness have any effect on Joe at all? Now let us look at an example from the books. Calamity's weakness can be triggered by someone who conquered their fear in order to save others. A person that Calamity has Gifted experiences this weird compulsive urge to lose all empathy, be utterly selfish, and be absolutely terrified of Epic Downfall every time they use their Gifted power, and this feeling vanishes once they start freeing themselves from their Gifter. Despite Larcener's sneering and self-rationalization, there has to be a connection there. Does this mean that the darkness is part of Gifting in general? Obviously not, otherwise the Reckoners would have felt it when they used Prof's powers. Rather, the darkness was part of Calamity's Gifting. Somehow, the power being Gifted knows its owner's weakness, and fears that weakness. Downfall Avoidance Rule: When a sentient being is Transfersed by an Epic, the power becomes aware of the concept of ownership and will defer to a "true owner" by actively avoiding his weakness. So in the above example, Joe would definitely be affected by the chihuahua. Once I came to that conclusion, it was surprisingly easy to find evidence in support of it, not just from Gifters but also from other Transfersers of humans as well. For example, sneezing allowed David to grow back from being shrunk by Loophole. The shrinking transfersion fled him the moment he manifested Loophole's weakness. Note that Loophole's Downfall is supposed to be triggered by her own sneezing, not anyone else's, but somehow the power was still repulsed by sneezing even when it was from the target of transfersion (i.e. David). In the first book, there were two instances where David unexpectedly couldn't use the tensor powers properly. In both cases, he experienced a moment of failure before using the powers. In the first scene, David must have felt like a failure many times over: In his mind, he failed to bring Megan to safety, failed to hide from Enforcement, and failed to keep intact his only means of escape. Even though he really was capable of using the powers without the gloves, his feeling of failure triggered the Downfall Avoidance Rule, so the powers fled him. In the second scene, his failure to hit the enemy led to Cody being hurt, and then he failed to take down the enemy with his second shot, but this at least distracted the enemy from finishing Cody off. David was able to use the tensor, but there was resistance. The power was close to leaving him. There are still some open questions. I don't know if the Downfall Avoidance Rule had anything to do with the Diggers going crazy, because we don't know what Digzone's weakness was. I also don't know why the rule no longer applied to Megan after she started "owning" her power (perhaps because the power has accepted her as its true owner?). (Update: The open questions above have mostly been answered by a deeper analysis of power ownership, as I discussed here.) Part III: Transfersion and Death When Steelheart died in the first book, we saw that part of his corpse turned to steel: We've only seen a few other "odd" deaths in the series, but all of those had been of Transfersers. This made me think that Prof was onto something, and that this was another general rule that governed all Transfersers: Death Trigger Rule: A Transfersion effect happens at some point after a Transferser's death, unhindered by the Transferser's weakness. The obvious example of this aside from Steelheart is Megan. Her power of Possibility Transfersion pulls the possibility of a living Megan every time she dies, in accordance to the Death Trigger Rule. "Death Trigger" might remind you of Deathpoint, who was a Transferser who could turn people's flesh into ashes. When Deathpoint died, he didn't turn to ash, so that ironically looks like a violation of the Death Trigger Rule at first glance. But remember that Deathpoint had a second ability, the one that he was about to use on Steelheart before Blain Charleston shot him. Perhaps this second ability is the one that manifested when he died. I'm speculating that this ability's attribute is death itself (instead of ash, as in his first ability); think Avada Kedavra from the Harry Potter series. I'm not sure if such a power could have killed Steelheart, but it would mean that Deathpoint's corpse was lethal to touch. Good thing his corpse was Transfersed into harmless steel moments later. How about Gifters? Well, fortunately we've already seen a Gifter die (well, "close enough"). Calamity is the ultimate Gifter, the one who Gifted all of the Epics on David's core possibility. Soon after our heroes returned from defeating Calamity, they learned that Mizzy has become an Epic. How interesting! But I don't think it's likely that Calamity chose to Gift someone just as he was facing opponents (I mean, priorities...). I think Mizzy became an Epic after Calamity was defeated, that Calamity's Gifting power was Death Triggered. And since the Death Trigger effect is immune to the Epic Downfall (since the Epic already...fell), it must also be immune to Downfall Avoidance. This means that anyone Gifted by Calamity's Death Trigger would not have felt the darkness, and would not have experienced the Rending. This is consistent with the ending scene. When Knighthawk informed Megan about Mizzy turning Epic, there was never any indication that Mizzy went on a homicidal rampage, something that Knighthawk wouldn't have forgotten to mention. They didn't seem worried at all about the news. It stands to reason that Mizzy fully owned her powers the moment they were Gifted to her. Edit: Removed weak speculation about Prof and motivators. Reworded some things for clarity.
  21. I just finished Calamity Chapter 35. Was Abraham trying to explain something? I mean was he and Powder a thing pre-Calamity? Or just best friends? What do you think? Just RAFO? I have yet to finish the book today.
  22. Reading the scene in Calamity where David et al showed down with Calamity makes me wonder if Brandon is hinting at how Adonalsium was shattered. Especially this line by Calamity: "I contain the very powers of the universe. Do you understand that? They are all mine. I am what you call a High Epic a thousand times over." I know the shattering will be different from the calamity showdown, and Earth is not part of Cosmere. I just think that there may be many settings in common: The shatterers and later shards of Adonalsium were very highly invested before becoming shards. They may have been invested in different ways and thus had Connections to different facets of Adonalsium's power and was later able to pick up specific Shards. The shattering was mostly because Adonalsium was doing strange things to the highly invested and powerful magic users, or even magic systems themselves. Adonalsium was sent from outside of Cosmere. All the major and minor shardworlds are with stars closely clustered within a dwarf galaxy. It's hard to imagine that only this part of the whole universe has such a magical being as Adonalsium. The God Beyond may not be from the Beyond after all, but from beyond the Cosmere astronomically And I have some further, wilder guesses: The Realms are divided at the shattering. There was only 1 Realm before the shattering, and that's how humans found and slayed Adonalsium. If Adonalsium was in the Spiritual Realm, I don't think people can even be there without shardic powers. Yolen was hidden somewhere outside the Physical Realm, and maybe even within the Spiritual Realm. And that's why someone as cosmere aware and well traveled as Khriss could not find the planet.
  23. I don't know if people have already heard about this but during the Calamity signing Brandon mentioned that there is going to be another series in the Reckonerverse that is currently being called “Apocalypse Guard” and it will take place in the alternate reality that Megan see's in Calamity. Its going to be about a team that travels to parallel universes to prevent world-ending events. The release of the first book is currently planned for between Stormlight​ 3 and 4. I'm super ex​cited for this series!
  24. So I heard that Calamity is being released on February 16th, but I don't know what time. I want to go to the party, but I might not be able to, depending on the time. I think Brandon Sanderson said it would me in the day, instead of midnight, but I don't know specifics. Anyone know?
  25. I have 2 theories about the weakness. 1. His fear is a world completely destroyed by epics. If this is true, to stop Prof the epics have to completely destroy everything. 2. His fear is Tia dying and/or becoming an epic. I have lots of evidence for this. a. In Firefight he only changes the frequency/password to Tia's and his own mobile, because he is "paranoid". b. His friends all became epics. He might be scared that Tia will as well (or has she already?) c. They were dating, people. 'Nuff said. d. He gives Tia the job of staying back and not getting into danger. If this theory is true, Tia has to die or become an epic for the Reckoners to bring back/kill Prof. For more info, check out my Tia theory on the introduce yourself! forum.