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Found 2 results

  1. Journal of Thankful Dolittle Geology Graduate at Miskatonic University Forest Expedition Day 44 (((writeup to be added later))) Illwei has been killed! They were an Expeditioner with Iron Will! They had a Hidden Transcript Jondesu has gone insane! Matrim's Dice has gone insane! Player List This turn will end Wednesday, May 5 at 5 p.m. PDT.
  2. Illwei stood defiantly against the rain, tattooed face wet with the tears from above. She was standing over a cliffside, knowing exactly who was coming. There was little point in resisting, not when she had nothing to hide. Illwei regretted dying so soon, and for reasons so small. Her skills as a result devoted to her Canton were wasted. But she stood, expression never faulting, knowing that this was what The Lord Ruler must have wanted for her. At the very least, her death would provide insight on who truly were the violent Inquisitors. She heard the other approach behind her. She said nothing at their jeers, their call of 'Inquisitor!', but stood firm in her firmness. Finally, Illwei felt a knife point from behind slide in her back. she didn't even wince at the pain. As her last act, she flung off her hood, turned, and showed herself for what she really was. An Obligator. The others behind stirred. And Illwei jumped, taking the knife- still in her back- with her. Off the cliffside. A final choice, plummeting her to the rocks below. * * * Reading stepped purposefully down the narrow streets, staying away from the shadowed areas darkened by the shadows of the buildings. It already was dim because of the setting sun- a fact Reading already found annoying, the last thing he wanted was to be caught alone in the dark- and he hurried towards his home. Feeling especially paranoid, he opened a flap on his backpack and let out a hornet, specially trained for reconnaissance. It was to fly around the area and warn him of anyone hiding where he himself could not see them. It was one of the only ways to improve his chance of survival- not that he expected to be attacked, but it never hurt to be careful, especially now. As the sun set further into the horizon, the sky only got darker, and Reading only grew more frightened. He felt his life hanging in the balance. Every skittering rat stopped him still. He adjusted his sunglasses. Where was the hornet? As an extra precaution, Reading scattered lego pieces in front of him as he walked. He soon ran out, and was forced to carry on alone. Soon, he would reach his apartment. Then he would be safe. Not soon enough. The hornet zipped back, significantly faster than Reading had ever seen it fly before, heading right for Reading’s chest. He jumped back in surprise, but the hornet wasn’t aiming to strike Reading. Out of the gloom, a single coin shot directly at Reading’s chest. He hardly had time to let out a scream. He closed his eyes. But felt no pain, nor loss of consciousness. He cracked an eye open just soon enough to see a cloaked figure leaping away into the night. Glancing down at the ground before him, he saw his hornet, bug guts sprayed against the pavement, a single coin implanted in its side. The hornet had saved his life, deflecting and intercepting the coin just enough. Before sprinting away, Reading scooped up the coin and wiped it clean on his coat. After tonight, it was his best luck charm. He spared a single glance at his loyal insect friend, then finally let out a breath. He had survived. He had survived. Illwei has been lynched! She was an Obligator of the Canton of Orthodoxy. Shard of Reading was attacked, but survived! Vote count: Illwei (2): TJ Shade, eltruT, Bearer of all agonies Amanuensis (2): Ventyl, Whysper Bearer of all agonies (1): Somebody from Sel Vapor (1): Illwei Cycle Two has begun! It will end in 48 hours, on Tuesday November 17th (RoW!!!) at 1 pm PST I have a new appreciation for GMs. PM's are open. Group PM's are not allowed. Include myself, Lotus, and Devotary in any PM's made. The lynch has a 1 vote minimum. Tied lynches will be randomly decided. The Happy Obligator has informed me they have to step out. I don't have a pinch hitter for them, but I will soon. The Lord Ruler has aligned with a faction. Let the Games Begin! Player List: