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Found 1 result

  1. Inspiration for the RP~ Feel free to join The Knights Next Prequel, an ongoing prequel plot! We have a Discord server, come join us! It includes one-off side RPs! If both sets of orders are filled and you still want to join, don't worry! You can also roleplay with a character who isn't a Knight Radiant. We'd love to write with you. (Depending on how many roleplayers join us next season, a third set of Radiants may be opened up.) FIRST SET OF ORDERS: Full! Windrunner ~ Aragorn Skybreaker ~ Ark1002 Dustbringer ~ Sorana Edgedancer ~ Sherlock Holmes Truthwatcher ~ Lunamor Lightweaver ~ ShadowLord_Lith Elsecaller ~ Unodus Willshaper ~ AonEne Stoneward ~ I think I am here. Bondsmith ~ Dr. Dapper SECOND SET OF ORDERS: Truthwatcher, Lightweaver, Skybreaker, Edgedancer and Stoneward are free! Windrunner ~ xinoehp512 Skybreaker ~ Dustbringer ~ Reserved for Po Edgedancer ~ Truthwatcher ~ Lightweaver ~ Elsecaller ~ BookishOcelot Willshaper ~ Eluvianii Stoneward ~ Bondsmith ~ Wyndlerunner Non-Radiant Characters: xinoehp512; Sha-thoexis, Unmade Dr. Dapper; Jamie, Twinborn xinoehp512; Thade, Enlightened Hope Spren; Evelyn, Elantrian Blessing of Potency; Ashlyn, unInvested human Tesh; Ayalin, Mistborn From here on out, OOC conversation or discussion goes in quotes. I'll add rules and setting as needed. Setting/Worldbuilding: Give your character a name from Earth! This still gives you plenty of freedom, but try not to be obviously weird. If the name would make people look at your character funny after they introduce themselves, think of a new one. Out characters will be living in normal houses and attending a normal school. No boarding schools or homeschooling, though those circumstances can apply to their pasts. We all go to the same school. We live in Seattle; it’s March 18th, 2019. The public will find out about Investiture at the end of The Knights Next Door. We will then have a timeskip of 20 years into the future to when our kids, should our characters choose to have any, are teenagers for the sequel (which will be called The Knights Next Gen or The Knights Next Generation). Immediately after this timeskip, some of us will write stuff about specific new technology that we think is reasonable and that may or may not impact us or the plot in any way. All unInvested people will now see (insert other senses here) Invested objects and people differently from how they actually are, filling in anything that can’t be explained with something that makes more sense to them. They will be able to be confused or suspicious about these things. This is because of a sentient but not sapient Unmade called Sha-thoexis. Sha-thoexis: An Unmade that stops people from realizing what we do; smaller strange issues get glossed over, but if you really force someone to see what we are doing, then they will understand that something is off; this knowledge can fade over time again, if no additional reminder is set Sha-thoexis is able to lure a Radiant into breaking their oaths and can injure and kill an Invested person in their dreams Bondsmiths are able to partially influence dreams induced by Sha-thoexis by moving Invested beings around, therefore offering the chance to fight back together Violet crystals: These crystals can power Voidbringers, make them stronger; they have the ability to influence mortals in a way that is beneficial for the Voidbringers They are like seeds, extending roots into the ground It is possible to destroy them, if several Radiants work together (stop them from growing more roots, shatter them) What happens if such a seed has the time to blossom is unknown/undecided Our house: Backyard: large pool, enough space to spar outside, a special huge tree with branches reaching one of the windows in the first floor, the overlook - a stone terrace with chairs positioned to look out over a good view of the city, a firepit, and a small minifridge Basement: huge training room/armory, storage, Doc's inventing room Ground floor: kitchen, dining room, living room, a few other smaller rooms with couches, TVs, et cetera First floor: several bathrooms, rooms for each inhabitant of the house (the room in the corner that can be reached by climbing up the tree has been claimed by Shana) Garage: several cars and motorcycles Voidbringers: Voidbringers are humans who bond Voidspren (not singers) The first sign of their corruption is red eyes, further signs of corruption have to be decided upon Investiture: Investiture is spread out around the planet Our characters currently know only about AonDor, Allomancy, Feruchemy and of course Surgebinding Radiants generate a small of amount of Stormlight naturally, which is saved in crystals AonDor originated in Russia Forgery originated in China, Bloodsealing in Japan ChayShan originated in India The Metallic Arts originated in Europe, then spread to North America Egypt/Saudi Arabia and the surrounding countries have Awakening and Returned Aviar (specifically, the parasites, and any other Drominad magic should it be discovered) are in the Polynesian islands Australia has Ashynite disease magic; Australia also has the Silverlight Academy (located in Perth) The Sahara and Gobi deserts have sand mastery Surgebinding is native to the American continents Yolish Lightweaving is in Southern Africa Aethers come from Brazil in South America Make sure to be nice and have fun!