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Found 1 result

  1. main plot

    The Rift had been destroyed. The Red Phoenix was gone. The Dark Phoenix was calming. The Guilds were hiding. The timing was perfect. Lord Ajax waved his hands, and the ceiling opened, slowly. The flying members were into the sky within seconds. The rest waited impatiently as the floor slowly lifted up. They reached the ground, and they spilled out in a massive field of demons, people, spren, and other creatures. Dotted among the monstrosities was humans, Singers, Sleepless. They all wore uniforms, black and gold, emblazoned with a purple nightshade flowers, and the words Bureau of Villainy. But the creatures overshadowed them easily. Ranging from human sized to one the size of the Alleyzon skyscraper, they were all dangerous, destructive. And they all worked for Lord Ajax. They moved forward toward the city, some flying ahead, some sprinted, slowly lumbering. Around them, grass burnt, long tracks were carved through the dirt, massive chunks of earth and stone were turned to glass, crystal, steel. The landscape had the look of a terribly diseased man or woman. Mismatched colors, scars and pockmarks. It was all beautiful to him. The first arrived, and all the others were not far behind. Biggest, the large one, was shaped like a wheel, spiked and dark. Everything it touched was ripped to shreds by the spikes, which were actually thousands of clawed hands. It ripped apart a building as he watched. He would go soon, but he wanted to save the best for last. The Guilds could fight the monsters, barely. But him... they would be like mewling kittens as he took everything they had for himself. The Dark Phoenix was quickly not the only thing in the sky. It was surrounded by harpies, spren, dragons, and worse. But still it hovered. Fine with him. The Dark Horde was released. He cackled, mismatched eyes glowing bright.