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Found 15 results

  1. Seekers normally can only sense active use of investiture, but this WoB says that if enough investiture is gathered together, then you can sense it Does this mean that a Seeker would be more likely to become a worldhopper, since they might be able to locate perpendicularities, similar to how Vin was able to sense the Well of Ascension Would they be able to traverse the cognitive realm more easily, since they might be able to sense the direction of a shardworld via the pulses that come from it?
  2. The ettmetal primer cube buzzes when charged with Allomancy. Do we know what frequency it buzzes at or if it changes based on the metal being burned? It occured to me that it probably buzzes to the same pulse pattern that Seekers detect, or at least to pattern or frequency unique to each metal. If it does, then you have a mechanical method of detecting what allomancy the ettmetal is currently burning. Any engineers or programmers see a way to use something like this that has 16 buzzing states specifically tied to the metal being burned? Thoughts?
  3. Which is better for detecting investiture? A Seeker burning bronze, or an Awakener holding Breaths?
  4. This WoB says that Allomantic bronze could sense sources of investiture that are harder to detect normally, but that it would require a minor “tweak” of some kind Holding Bio-Chromatic Breaths allows one to sense nearby sources of investiture, including those that aren’t active. If an Allomantic Seeker could get ahold of some Breaths, could the interaction between the two sources of investiture allow their bronze sense to detect these sources of inactive investiture as well?
  5. Just noticed, in Oathbringer, the Reachers appeared to be using veins of copper (or bronze) running across the ship to communicate with each other without speaking.
  6. Okay, this may be a stupid question... But, theoretically, could a bronze misting (or mistborn) become a bronze savant? Like the bronze equivalent of what happened to spook in HoA? If so, what would happen? Would they potentially be able to sense through copperclouds, like vin with hemalurgy? Or would they just be able to sense the pulses more clearly?
  7. Okay, I spend WAY too much time on Coppermind, but I was scrolling through and I saw a nice little tidbit that Allomancers burning bronze can detect feruchemists to some extent, but have trouble as they detect more physical uses of Investure. This immediately reminded me of the Screamers in Oathbringer, who could detect people using surges, except for light weaving. So are the Screamer Spern using bronze (Clarification, I am not saying they're burning metal, am saying are they using the same power) and could a Mistborn like Hoid put up a coppercloud to hide himself and others? Can a Mistborn using bronze detect what kind of surge someone is using?
  8. I've been having some thoughts on Allomantic copper over the months, so I thought it an appropriate time to share my findings. First, most of the relevant evidence that is out there. Evidence: Deductions: The takeaway here is that Brandon has managed to accidentally confirm that Smokers block out all types of Investiture. The fact that Seekers can detect other magics, tied in with the fact that they can't detect anything when Smoked, nails this down despite the RAFO. EDIT: Actually, it's not quite 100%, now that Claincy mentions it I think about it. Technically, a Seeker could be uniquely affected by being Smoked, which affect is unique and separate from the reason why he can't sense other Allomancers who are themselves in Copperclouds. I find that a somewhat arbitrary and inconsistent way for copperclouds to work, but it is a possibility. It also tells us that "life sense" works on the same level as other magic. Other magic which is "the power of creation". This ties the "Spirituality" of life sense to that of Investiture: if we can decide one, that gives us a firm clue as to the other. Copper's universality also narrows down the range of ways that it can work: Now it has to not only block out Allomancy's ripples, but those of all Investiture. It can no longer be posited that Copper somehow uniquely interacts with Allomancers to disrupt Seeking. I also think this lends some additional credence to a rather off-the-cuff theory on this that I've been espousing for a bit now. Main theory: (pirated from another post of mine) Note: This is mostly speculative, though I think it highly plausible. If you want, just ignore this and go about your day happy with the knowledge that Allomantic copper blocks out at least the ripples of all Investiture. Copper is weird. In fact, based on its weirdness, I hereby posit that talk of "clouds" is, in fact, highly misleading for how copper actually works. Given that we know that copper can absorb/negate the Investiture of Rioters/Soothers aiming at the Smoker, as well potentially shield the emotions of others, what if copper actually actively absorbs Investiture, rather than masking it? So the Investiture aimed at a Smoker is absorbed because it's right in the middle of the cloud and/or he automatically defends himself with his absorption-powers, while the "ripples" that Seekers detect are actually comprised of energy themselves, energy which the Smoker can take in and counteract with his own copper-fueled energy, to an extent. So a skilled Smoker would be able to consciously extend the scope of his absorption to include Rioting/Soothing directed at others. This seems to solve a bit of weirdness, since Copper is supposed to be both internal and pulling, yet doesn't seem to do either when you think of a Smoker as actually establishing some miasma of negation, rather than the Smoker's range simply being a measure of how far out he's reaching to absorb stuff. This is backed up, to some extent, to how burning Copper "feels" to Vin: "Vin [burned copper]. The only change was a was a slight feeling of vibration within her" (Final Empire). The Copper, then, seems to change Vin's nature such that she acts against the pulses in the fabric of the universe around her, the same pulses that Bronze detects. This counter-action is not perfect, though, as ripples seem to remain, and her own Copper-burning creates its own ripple that cloud-piercers can detect. "Piercing" a coppercloud, it seems, is thus simply a matter of reading whatever left-overs the Smoker isn't strong enough to eliminate. Pulses that Vin detects through clouds are described in the book as "muffled", and so this would explain that.
  9. Could a Seeker sense someone who was holding and benefiting from a large number of Breaths, or would the person actually have to be actively Awakening something for that to happen? (My best guess is the latter, but the wiki wasn't particularly clear on it)
  10. I electroplated my bronze alomantic pendant with bronze. I did this in my kitchen and it was chaos.
  11. mistborn

    So, can Lurchers Pull objects hidden in buildings. For example, I'm standing on a street and there's a huge chunk of metal inside a building. Can I Pull on it? I finished the first three Mistborn books, but I forgot about this.
  12. This is one of the metals that I created with Adobe Photoshop. I took a bunch of .png files and put them into Photoshop, then used a lot of different techniques, blurs, noise, and such to create these. I hope you all like them. I am not sure if I need a disclaimer, but I don't own anything.
  13. Has anyone else ever noticed that The symbol for Kaladin with the crescent and the spears looks like a horizontally transposed Allomantic Bronze symbol? Do you think he's going to snap soon? I mean he's been thru SOME bad stuff but I think he's due for a little more punishment. (Note this is totally facetious and I'm kidding) I've thought this since the first time I read the book so I'm a little surprised it's never come up here before.
  14. Over at the Mistborn forum we're discussing Copper and Bronze, but a few things are starting to get more Cosmeric, so I thought I'd move that portion of the discussion here. If you want to discuss allomantic implications of copper or bronze, or discuss why people on Scadrial wouldn't be aware of the uses, I would recommend you see what's been written over there. I intend this thread to be a place for discussion of applications of the metals across the wider cosmere. First, let me say that everything I say is rampant speculation. I know I have not one shred of evidence to support that it's true, I just think I can make a case that it is plausible, that it fits the tenor of the cosmere. A very quick primer on how I think bronze/copper works (if you disagree or want to discuss it farther, I will one again direct you to the Mistborn thread). When you burn iron, all that happens is you see blue lines. People rapidly learned that there are ways to interact with these lines, and ironpulls became a thing. In short, I think that Seekers are able to interact with bronzepulses, it just isn't as obvious as Iron's "focus on the glowy lines", hence why no one knows how to do it. I also think that when you burn copper, you send out an interference signal. The default setting is one broadband field, which is useful for some things but not specific enough to be strong; many other signals just cut right through it. I believe if a Smoker knew what he were doing, he'd be able to send out copperpulses, not just one enormous coppercloud, and calibrate them to counter specific investiture. In fact, I believe that's where the pairing comes in. I think if a Mistborn with bronze were able to sense, for example, a Nahel bond, and hear the exact pulses it puts out, he'd then be able to use copper to send out a signal to counter that exact frequency. It would throw up some interference, and it would be like that time when Syl had to fly very far from Kaladin; they both lost a little bit of what they get out of the Bond, but once the interference was over they were back to normal. As for Bronze itself, one of the greatest advantages of crossing the cosmere is finding a world where no one knows how your magic works. Vin was kept in a prison specifically designed to hold a mistborn; no allomantic metal parts. If she were thrown into jail on Sel, she could just scrape some iron or steel off something metal and bob's your uncle. Imagine crossing the cosmere, and knowing the person you're fighting is Invested, and perhaps using Bronze so well, you even get at least some idea of what that person does. An Awakener visits Roshar and no one thinks to take away his shirt, which happens to have a thousand Breaths in it, but a Seeker might be able to tell, hey wait, that shirt is major Invested. Throw him in jail without it. Anyway, that's my basic idea.
  15. Disclaimers: This thread is a spin-off of the thread "Why are Bronze burners able to hear The Well of Ascension?" I am relatively sure this idea haven't been expressed in this way before (in OP), but I may be wrong. If so, please direct me to correct thread. Theory: I consider the Allomantic effects of Bronze and Copper. Despite the discrepancy of Pushing/Pulling, I think they are similar to the way Tin and Pewter work, but for different Realms. Tin and Pewter are Physical, and affect (primarily) Physical realm. Bronze and copper are Mental, so it would make sense that they affect primarily Cognitive realm. Now, Bronze and Tin similarity is obvious. Both enhance senses, though Bronze enhances the sense that is too weak for normal humans to notice - the sense of "ripples in the fabric of reality". A person can sense it without Bronze, if his sensitivity is high enough. (This leads me to theorize that you could steal those "Mental" senses by some metal, and, in theory, become a permanent seeker through Hemalurgy). It is also quite probable, that those senses are limited to Cognitive pathways, which will become important later. As all realms interact, it is possible that the change in spiritual, for example, would leak onto Cognitive and be detected, though. Now when we compare Pewter and Copper, the similarity is not obvious. Pewter makes you stronger and more agile, makes you heal faster and makes you body denser. Copper does not seem to affect one much. One can say, though, that Copper makes your Cognitive aspect stronger, no longer as affected by Emotional Allomacy (you can still be affected if the allomancer is strong enough). That does not explain copperclouds, until one considers what exactly is "Cognitive aspect." Here, however, I should refer to the curious aspect of time bubbles - namely, that it is affected by the perception of "object" and perception of "closeness", both Cognitive. If we consider one's cognitive aspect to be also part of intertwined cognitive aspects of things that perceive it and are perceived, in some way, by it, and assume that "ripples" heard by Bronze seeker propagate in cognitive realm along those connections, then increased strength and decreased "elasticity" of Smoker's cognitive aspect would dampen those pulses that happen to share the same connection. The results would be as follows: mental effects not affecting Smoker as much or at all. Things that direct power through non-Cognitive channels will not be affected. A Seeker inside coppercloud would be "deaf". Mental Allomancy affecting a person inside coppercloud (not Smoker himself) over a direct mental connection will be somewhat weaker, but not as much, possibly not significantly. And also, Coppercloud has an edge similar to time bubble. Thoughts?