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Found 3 results

  1. Ok, so I was thinking about Soulcasting, and how insanely OP it can get, and the upper limit is only defined by what you can actually Soulcast things into. You would think the limiting factor would be how much Stormlight you have, and your ability to convince an object to change, and those limitations can be fixed easily with Honor’s Perpendicularity. Now, let’s start small, but still somewhat broken: Soulcast air into Osmium, the densest Element on the Periodic Table, perhaps an alloy of Osmium that is denser, if one can be made, or Osmium where all of the atoms have the maximum number of neutrons that are stable, or both. This will cause a large amount of air to be sucked towards it, potentially sucking in foes. Then, you Soulcast the incredibly dense material into Hydrogen, the least dense element on the Periodic Table, causing an extreme amount of pressure, and an explosion, which will probably kill anyone who got sucked in. However, this is pretty tame, compared to what is coming. You could Soulcast some air into pure fluorine, which is the most reactive, corrosive element on the Periodic Table, which would cause pretty much anything to catch fire, and would react to form all kinds of terrible, poisonous chemicals. You would probably want to wear Shardplate, and seal the visor. But why stop there? If possible, you could soulcast an object into oxygen, but instead of O2, you could Soulcast it into single atoms, which should then immediately combine into O2, causeing it to heat to thousands of degrees as it does so. Have fun! Let’s move on to something much more broken, but still kind of tame compared to what’s to come: if you could Soulcast Osmium, because it’s a metal, why not Soulcast air into a large enough quantity of a Radioactive metal,(such as Plutonium) into existence, creating an instant Nuclear explosion. (If you are doing this, I recommend you Elsecall out of there immediately.) However, broken as that is, Soulcasting can still get even more broken. Because there are elements on the Periodic Table that are incredibly unstable, and will decay radioactively within a few minutes, causing a nuclear explosion. However, the highest numbered elements will decay into elements that also decay, which would mean that the leftover elements would continue to explode. (See the Periodic Wall of Elements from What If?) But why limit ourselves to elements on the Periodic Table? We could, instead of creating element 118, create element, say, 800, which would be so much worse for everyone nearby, as it would create a much larger and longer lasting explosion. Did you think we were done? Soulcasting can still get even more broken, but I’m not entirely sure that this would work. In theory, you might be able to Soulcast the entire atmosphere into Neutron Star material, which, if taken out of the crushing gravity of a Neutron Star, would expand into superhot normal matter, releasing more energy than any nuclear weapon, killing anyone that might have survived the removal of the atmosphere. Again, you might want to relocate to the Cognitive Realm as quickly as possible. Even more terrifying, it might also be able to Soulcast the atmosphere into a black hole. (Never mind, the event horizon would be so small that it wouldn’t really do all that much, except for suffocating everyone to make it in the first place) I don’t think even the Breaking Talent could make this more broken. I’m not sure if the Fused have access to Soulcasting, but if they do, I think this means that Odium doesn’t want to make Roshar uninhabitable, like Ashlyn-or worse, depending on which of these he decided to use.
  2. We know that to become a Knight Radiant, you have to be broken. But Adolin is such a happy, cheerful person. What if his 'breaking' happens when he finds out the truth about how Evi really died? The omission of Adolin's feelings on his mother's death was glaringly obvious....
  3. Soooooooo while i was re-re-reading SA i remembered something about the radiants all being "broken" as people , meaning that if someone has had hardships in their past and kept on living they are more suitable to become radiants,(propably because the first three ideals mean so much more to them) BUT we've all been lied to , they took us for fools I SAY !!! (too dramatic? ... yeah propably ) well as i was reading this masterpiece something dawned on me , no they are not ! most of our characters have lived adequetly good lives up until the spren showed up Lets take them one at a time starting with the easier one :Shallan Davar , now u might say , hey she hasd the whorst life imaginable her mother tried to kill her dying by shallan's hand in the process her father covered it up to protect her but it ende up turning him into a violent monster that treated her brothers horribly, and you would be right if it wasn't for the little fact that it was patern's apearance the trigger that started this domino effect if he hadn't come her mother wouldn't have a reason to kill her and the whole crisis would have been averted . She even blames him directly for her life at the end of book two ... umm spoilers i guess? next we heve stormblessed him self :Kaladin he describes being great with the spear from the first time he picked up one ,which would predate tien's death. apart from that he lived a happy life . Yes he didnt have any friends apart from Laral who became a stuck up b...bad person and got bulied by the citylord for two years it is exteemly mild as far as disasters go Renarin Kholin we dont know much about his life the only tragic thing that we know is the death of his mother and maaaaybe not being able to live up to his father's (initial)expectations due to his blood weakness . but those dont seem good enough reasons to break a person considering that he is a prince and... well he is a prince! plus his father loves him and his brother adores him , it seems to me like a relatively good life as for Jasnah Kholin from her hatred of the thiefs and killers that she soulcasted we can assume the same thing that Shalan observed that something was done to her but apart from that she had her spren before her father's assasination and she is a very stoic person to think that she would let any tragedy scar her as much but at least i can see it as possible Same goes for Dalinar he forgot his wife so ... no scaring from there and he is a warrior , he has definately lost many allies to think that even his brother's death would fase him so i am not mentioning lift cause she definately had some crazy bad things happen to her , for her to be the way she is so what if the spren are not looking broken people only resilient ones and the breake them either as a test of strength or to fit the requirements of being broken(which might sound like the same thing but it isn't . since it means that spren aren't all that "good " but would ruin lifes to form people into soldiers against odium . where you could say that this is ultimately good since they strive for the survival of roshar , but that would make them kinda like Taravangian and that would make a boring class of ideologies ) i dont mean to undermine their traumas i am just saying that if you are serching for tragedies in roshar , Teft and Wikim Davar seem like far better cadidates any way my head is muddled and my eyes droppy so i rest my case , what do you think ? NOTE: in the case that this has been discussed before (which it most definately has ) plz send me the link cause i couldnt find anything