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Found 3 results

  1. Trell is a shard we have seen before. Threnody does not have a shard on it, but it may have at one point. I propose that this unnamed shard wanders the cosmere destroying planets. Its metal is a spike that brings spiritual things to the physical, like spiking shades turns them into physical beings (red-eyed faceless immortals). This theoretical metal could also explain quite nicely how Kelsier got his body back. In the BoM broadsheet, the main story of (Allomancer Jak's woman friend, whatever her name was), she was fighting a guy who had a gun that charged from green to red, and then disintegrated a window. This might be weaponized threnodian technology. Using a story in a broadsheet as hints about future books has precedence (stories about encountering masked savages in the SoS broadsheet), and when Main Character Girl goes back to investigate the wreck of the skycar she is met by a "thin, white haired, young guy" who asks her some slightly mocking existential questions (Hoid?). The only way Hoid? could be included is if this story is based on actual events (the only reason to pay attention to a fictional newspaper story).
  2. All right, this isn't some hardcore theory or anything, but more something that made me chuckle. Also, apologies if this has been said before, my quick searching didn't find anything of it, and I didn't want to dig deeper since I still haven't quite finished the book. Note: I did see the thread discussing it being Khriss, but it didn't mention the broadsheet ad. So at the party in New Seran, the strange woman who approaches Wax and begins jabbering about the intricacies of the magic system really felt, to me, like Khriss or at the very least someone else related to her. Given her knowledge of conservation of momentum, and redshifting, I'm willing to bet it's Khriss. But that very special ad in the broadsheet also points to Khriss. You know, the Do Your Metal Tools Speak To You? ad, with the hammer saying "Hello!" Here's the ad's text: "Your neighbors probably don't want to hear about it, But WE do! Visit 27 Ralen Place. Ask for K or N. Bring the talking metal with you." K or N? You can't hide that easily, Khriss and Nazh! Though I have to say, I was a little sad when the address wasn't 17 Ralen Place. Though this begs the question of why they suspect some sentient metal is on Scadrial. Are they looking for Spren, Seons and Skaze, or Type IV Biochromatic Entities?
  3. Now of course, the only time that Roshar is explicitly mentioned is in the Ars Arcanum, but I think that the broadsheet has given us a pretty good clue that Rosharians have visited Scadrial. Specifically, that "VISITORS from other WORLDS" illustration looks pretty clearly like a Parshendi to me. Furthermore, the description of the encounter seemed to very explicitly describe a Shardpool (similar to the one seen in Elantris or in the Horneater peaks). Both of Scadrial's Shardpools are accounted for in this book (Wax and TenSoon pass through the Pits of Hathsin and walk right past the Well of Ascension), so it seems pretty likely to me that this new metal is due to a new Shard setting up shop, probably with some intention of deHarmonizing the good folk of Scadrial.