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Found 7 results

  1. © Johanna Rupprecht (Lyraina)

  2. No one seems to know how tall or buff Kaladin is, since his exact height is never mentioned and "fingers" is a completely arbitrary unit of measurement. There have been lots of questions asked about how Kaladin is so muscly if he lives off a slave diet. There have been lots of questions asked about how much Rosharan gravity and stormlight induced good health affects average height. In this picture, I drew Shallan as 5'6"/168cm and Kaladin as 6'5"/196cm and he is slouching slightly. To anyone who ships Shalladin, how would this ship even work, logistically. She is eye level to his armpits and we all know Kaladin is lucky to bathe once a week... Some other artwork to aid in your scientific research: Kaladin at the Gym Fanservice for Adolin
  3. Mistborn spoiler tags are no longer necessary, I believe. But amidst all of the discussion about the Parshmen and their severed Spirit Webs and subsequent Slaveform situation, I have a few Random and possibly horribly off base thoughts. We already know that the Koloss are a Hemalugic Construct. Their: Size, Strength, Rage and Battle Prowess were a direct result of TLR's knowledge and insight. Effectively a Race bred for the sole purpose of being enslaved. Through Human, specifically, we can see the Sentience trying to push itself to the front of his consciousness. There is some evidence that the Parshmen (Slaveform) are a direct result of knowledge surmised, even if incorrectly, after the last Desolation. I am rather a proponent of the 'Great Magic unleashed Here' = 'The Recreance'= 'the Severing of the majority of the Parsh* population from their Rhythms' theory. Someone felt they had a valid justification. It happened. At this point, we are still waiting to find out what that Justification was. In the case of Sadeas, specifically, Bridgemen were an expendable resource. Pay them just enough to drink themselves to sleep and send them out tomorrow. Of the 3 forms of Slavery, I think that this is the worst. This was done in full knowledge of the Humanity of the people in question. They were either Destitute and hoping for a chance to improve themselves, Victims of the Elite Societies scheming, or just plain unlucky. It can be argued easily that the Parshmen were utilized as Slaves because they were completely incapable of acting independently with incomplete Spiritwebs or direct instruction. The Alethi preserved the vast majority of the Parsh** population. Perhaps their methods weren't ideal, but here we see groups of scattered Parshmen capable of thought, insight, reasoning and ALIVE . And as a result terribly bitter. The Skaa were another Enslaved race, but Harmony and the Industrial Revolution on Scadrial has helped progress that situation well past Rosharian Social Justice. I guess my biggest point is that we can't equate the Cosmere to Our Universe. The correlations fall flat as soon as they are made. Pre-Industrial Scadrial is the beat Correlate we have, and that is at best 200 years behind Earthly Human History.
  4. I think I've discovered a potentially new Worldhopper on Roshar that has never been hypothesized before: Drehy. And I think he's a Terrisman! (Yes, somebody once before theorized that Sigzil was a Terrisman Worldhopper, but we know from WoB that's not possible.) There are plenty of quotes throughout both Way of Kings and Words of Radiance that describe his appearance as tall, long-limbed, and lanky. He even has a faint accent. But first, let me provide book citations for what a Terrisman looks like, anything bolded is done for emphasis: Alendi on Rashek's appearance in his journal: I know what you're thinking, height isn't enough to say Drehy is Terris, because not every tall person is going to be Terris. But would every tall person also be described as lanky and long-limbed too? Probably not. So lets find descriptions of Terrismen that show them as lanky and long-limbed. Vin on Sazed when he taps pewter, The Final Empire, Chapter 37: Sazed's own description of his self when he's digging a grave, The Well of Ascension, Chapter 4: Sazed is tall, lanky, and long-limbed. He also has a shaved head. All of these characteristics are used to describe Drehy at one point or another in Way of Kings or Words of Radiance: Way of Kings, Chapter 49: "To Care" First, I'm not sure if Terrisman can be blonde and second we do not know what his skin color is. However, many western Rosharians do have darker complexions such as the Emulis, Makabaki, and Azish. Additionally, he has an accent, and I'd assume that many off-worlders would have an accent...unless they have an ear for language, which, for example, Demoux does not but Blunt/Baon does. Anyway, let's look at more descriptions of Drehy from other character's perspectives: Kaladin observing the Bridge Four members as Rock shaves them, Words of Radiance, Chapter 2: "Bridge Four" Usually, when we see his hair mentioned it is blond and balding, but here we see Rock shaving his head. Not his chin. His head. The members of Bridge Four seem to regularly shave themselves to feel like their old selves. Or in Drehy's case, his Terris-self. This interpretation is obviously a stretch, but he is getting his head shaved here. Adolin observing Drehy after being told about additional scratched glyphs after a Highstorm, Words of Radiance, Chapter 50: "Uncut Gems" While we don't get his name directly in this scene, it's obviously Drehy, because nobody else has such a description on Bridge Four. Shallan interacting with Drehy as they approach the central plateau of Stormseat, Words of Radiance, Chapter 80: "To Fight The Rain" Again, we don't get his name, but this has to be Drehy. No other member of Bridge Four has this description, and we know that on the march out to the Parshendi plateau that Drehy is guarding Adolin. So I assume Adolin sent him in this scene to get Shallan. Okay, given all of the evidence from the books, I think it's highly likely that Drehy is a Terrisman Worldhopper. What do you all think?
  5. I was originally planning on adding a chull, but it looked horrible so I'm uploading this instead. The chull, when I make it, will probably be on a Jah Keved road or something.
  6. Hello board, First off Moderators if this is in the wrong place I'm sorry but this seemed the most appropriate place to ask. So I'm working through making a bridgeman costume and was having some trouble with the leather vests. At first I figured they might lace or tie down the front, but two references from WOK have thrown that out. 1. Before going to the honor chasm Kaladin is mentioned lifting the vest over his head ( maybe this just seems weird to me, but a vest implies that the open seam is at the front, and lifting off a garment that way is rather awkward, is it maybe that the seems are down the sides more like armor?) 2. Later he mentions oiling not only the leather but also the buckles... (again it strikes me as strange that bridgeman have buckles, seems a little over classed for them) I guess what I'm trying to say is, anyone have a better idea of what these vests may have looked like/ how they are closed because I am having a time wrapping my head around it. Thanks again
  7. Hi, I've been lurking these forums for a while, and thought I might post what I think the bridges look like. Obviously I'm basing it off of the descriptions in the book, namely these ones: This is the front and top view of the bridge: The bridge is roughly 10.3 meters (34 feet) long and 3.4 meters (11 feet) wide, which is slightly larger than specified in the book. The bridge is roughly 4.6 m3, which if the density of the wood is 600kg/m3 (but it's probably less) then the bridge has a mass of 2760kg, that's about 70kg per bridgeman, if there's 40 of them. If I remember correctly Brandon did state that Roshar has only 7/10 of the gravity of Earth, which would make 70kg on Roshar have the weight of 48kg on Earth. Here's a version with some crude dummy bridgemen: I'm not too sure that I got the design right. There are quite a few things that confuse me, such as it being stated that the bridge curves down at the ends. If there's anything I've missed (which I undoubtedly have) don't hesitate to tell me.