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Found 5 results

  1. This is the final chapter for the first arc of Bravely Defiant, and finally has a fight between two Knights, as well as the exposition and background for setting the stakes. Some familiarity with Arthurian legend is assumed for this part. In the event that you are completely unfamiliar with it, I've included a helpful summary of the various knights I've based characters off of. I'm looking for all your reactions, but mostly as to how much you're interested in the larger world and plot as a result of the information in this chapter. Also, try to guess what Caius's title as a Knight is.
  2. This is the third chapter to my somewhat non-traditional but also very-traditional fantasy novel Bravely Defiant. This is the start of the inciting incident to finally get the plot moving, but it's also an excuse for some good ol' fashioned ship-to-ship combat. (Except, you know, steampunk. So not so 'ol' fashioned'.) I'm looking in feedback for everything, but here are three specific questions: Is any part of the combat too 'over the top'? Does any part of it take too long, especially considering that we're already 10,000 words in and the plot hasn't really started yet? How are the characterizations for the characters who haven't really been around a lot yet?
  3. Hi all. This is the second chapter to my somewhat non-traditional but also very-traditional fantasy novel Bravely Defiant. The setting, as some of you may have noticed (and if you didn't, you're going to), is heavily inspired by Arthurian lore. The beginning of the story is meant to be more of a slow burn, seeing as this chapter has a heavier emphasis on the setting and characterization, not to mention that there's a bit more being fleshed out to C's backstory and just how he ended up that way. Given that, what I'm looking for especially is for your impression of how the story and characters are establishing themselves, especially personality wise. And, lastly, for those of you who are more familiar with Arthurian lore, how exactly do you see this story playing out?
  4. Hi all. This is the first chapter to my somewhat non-traditional but also very-traditional fantasy novel Bravely Defiant. I submitted a prologue a while back, but it is in no way required to read this first chapter. Bravely Defiant is an attempt to be a more classical fantasy novel with a traditional knight as the protagonist, although the setting is a bit more detailed than your typical fantasy novel. (There are airships, for one thing.) Given that this is the first chapter, I'm looking for your thoughts on how the characters are introduced and developed, as well as the worldbuilding.
  5. Hope everyone had a happy holiday weekend. This is the prologue for a fantasy/steampunk novel that I've been working on called Bravely Defiant. No tags, surprisingly, given that is nothing more than about 2000 words to set the mood. I got the idea for this after reading far more David Weber in one sitting than I should have and just working from there. This is meant to be the prologue to a more classically structured fantasy story - the character recovered at the end of the prologue is going to be the MC, and the plot itself is mostly going to be a quest, given the fact that the MC is a knight. I'm interested in your reactions to the story potential, the world, and the characters that have been introduced.