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Found 8 results

  1. I'm not entirely sure how brass feruchemy works. Does it store internal heat, or external heat? If a brass ferring were to walk into a raging fire, could they simply store all the heat that the fire provides and avoid burning themselves?
  2. Does anybody know what would happen if Brass was compounded? Soothing and Heat don't seem to go together.
  3. Decided to get my first fandom tattoo (all of my other previous ink has been related to my family and family history). Went for allomantic brass because I am very similar in temperment to Breeze (and also Sebarial, but that's a tattoo for down the road, maybe). I went for the Era 1 version of the symbol, since 1: That is when Breeze lived and 2: I miss the dot in the Era 2 version. Seriously, how come Brass is the only metal to lose the dot? So unfair.
  4. At some point in the books, it says that allomantic snapping can be caused by intense emotion, but it doesn't need to be a bad one, like someone could snap from joy. Why not get emotional allomancers to snap people, easily and painlessly.
  5. I suspect that Sigzil might be a Allomancer. In WoR ch.71, Teft along with Sigzil was doing nightwatch and waiting for Kaladin to make a comeback from chasms. And Teft kept talking about Envisagers and his past. But it's... kinda strange. Quote two paragraphs here: Sigzil seems to let Teft tell a lot unknowingly... is it just my overthinking, or he's actually burning Brass to let Teft speak? He was asking Teft something in the beginning of the chapter, so he does have a motivation---but that's not the topic here. We all know his mentor was Hoid. What if Hoid, accidentally or deliberately, made him become a Allomancer? Extra: We also recognized Nahel Bond. But have anyone thought about Who the hell Nahel is? What do you think?
  6. mistborn

    So, can Lurchers Pull objects hidden in buildings. For example, I'm standing on a street and there's a huge chunk of metal inside a building. Can I Pull on it? I finished the first three Mistborn books, but I forgot about this.
  7. Assuming that it was not just an impressive mess-up in my version, it seems that Brass has been given new symbol, though I have no idea why this is. Brass now seems to be the only symbol to not have a dot in it. At first I wondered if it was some sort of misprint, but the line is clear and steady, not blurred at all, and it's not like there was some OTHER symbol that they accidentally inserted, as might happen with a typo. New art has to be specifically made, and we know that an artist created at least one other new Metallurgic symbol for that last chapter heading. So, any theories as to why Brass has changed?
  8. The books give us very little in the way of information on Allomantic Savants, but ever since first reading the second book years ago, i've been fascinated by the implications. Does anyone know if Sanderson has given any hints about Savants other than tineyes? Could a misting reach duralumin boosted levels with their allomancy? Could an Atium misting with a mountain of atium theoretically gain true future sight from atium as Elend did via duralumin There's so much unexplored territory with the savants.