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Found 2 results

  1. This morning, Weller Book Works will have signed and numbered copies of Rhythm of War for sale tomorrow, September 24 at 10am MDT (9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern) on its Rhythm of War page (link goes active at that time). This bookstore is Brandon's common partner for sending out signed and numbered copies for releases. They say there will only be 1200 copies available, and restricted to just one book per customer. Weller's tries to get books shipped to you so you get them on the release date of November 17th. Weller's IS doing personalizations, but that will require a donation to the charity Worldbuilders. The deadline for personalized copies will be at October 10th at noon Mountain time. People who buy Rhythm of War through here will have an access code to the virtual book launch on November 17th. This won't be the only place where you can said access code for the release party, and we'll update you when we hear of more places. Updates to Brandon's Store Brandon's store had some maintenance today, and it looks they are on a new system now. Plus, they have some new and returning items! First up is the Rhythm of War Release Party Swag Pack. It contains a nifty purple t-shirt, a silicone glow-in-the-dark bracelet, a lanyard, and a release badge. That's fine, but the add-ons are the cool part, with a Willshaper pin (different from the Kickstarter pin), a sticker pack, and a chicken scout patch. Also in the store are some last copies of the first printing of the Warbreaker leatherbound. Apparently the printer had some spares that they shipped to Dragonsteel. Neat! Lastly, there's a hardcover of Infinity Blade: Redemption which I believe is also new to the store. [Update 9/24] There are also face masks on Brandon's store! Interview with Isaac Stewart The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies, another cosmere podcast, is interviewing Dragonsteel's Art Director, Isaac Stewart, on October 5th at 7:30 Pacific. That will be on their Twitch at, and you can send them questions to ask Isaac at [email protected] with "Isaac" in the subject line.
  2. Before we get into the main bits of news, posted the first preview from The Bands of Mourning on Monday! It picks up several months after the events of Shadows of Self on a very important day. Obviously if you have not yet finished Shadows, do NOT read this as it does reference a very important climactic reveal. This is a really fun chapter, so if have finished Shadows I'd really recommend reading it. Check it out here! In other news the Elantris leatherbound edition, which includes the 10th anniversary revised text, is finally on sale! And the first printing is already sold out... Don't worry about missing out however as a second shipment is expected to arrive in January (not to mention Brandon has mentioned that he wants to keep the book in-stock for at least a year)! This book is seriously gorgeous. I love the use of the Aons on the cover, especially the use of Aon Ela as the center-point of the design (which is entirely fitting given its meaning...). The repeating Aon Ido also makes for a nice border. The inside is equally breathtaking. Include are full-color pages with some of the best cover-art from around the world. It even comes with a ribbon bookmark! If you order the book before the end of the year you do have the option of getting a numbered edition (aside from 1-50 going to various stores that have supported Brandon over the years the numbers will be randomized. So ordering sooner does not necessarily mean you will get a lower number. Also if this edition does well enough Brandon is looking at doing similar editions for Mistborn Era 1 and Warbreaker. Potentially it could go farther and we may one day be able to have the entire Cosmere sequence in matching leatherbound, but only if the demand is there (so seriously everybody, those who can afford it of course $100 isn't cheap, let's show them the demand, shall we?). The leatherbound Elantris is not the only new item in Brandon's store however. The 2015 Con Exclusive, a flip-back hardcover of Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell and Perfect State, is up. There are Bridge 4 pendents in bronze and silver as well as a poster featuring the map of Roshar from the Words of Radiance end-pages. There are even Mistborn and Stormlight lanyards. Check out our forum topics here to discuss the chapter preview and here to discuss the leatherbound edition! Photo credits: Photos of the leatherbound spine and map from Brandon's Twitter. All other photos from Brandon's Blog Announcement.