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Found 101 results

  1. I recently discovered that one of my all time favorite authors passed away last year and it got me thinking of the various sci-fi fantasy series authors I have enjoyed over the years Terry Goodkind. My concious introduction to fantasy was of course Tolkien through the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings which is the first series I re-read. My serious Sci-Fi introduction was Orson Scott Card and Enders Game another first re-read series. An honorable mention for both Fantasy and Sci-Fi would be Piers Anthony. I discovered Brandon because I was finishing Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. After reading his contribution I decided to try Alloy of Law (my favorite Brandon Series), Then I sought out everything else he had out at the time and will give any of his books a try because I enjoyed his style so much. So my favorite Sci-Fi, Fantasy series authors in no particular order are: Orson Scott Card, Brandon Sanderson, L. E. Modesitt jr., Terry Goodkind, Jim Butcher, Allen Dean Foster, and Anne McCaffrey. Now to try to rank them but first Tolkien and Asimov are the Godfathers of the genres to which the others are derivative. 7. Anne Mccaffrey. I absolutely loved her Crystal Singer series, and the Dragons of Pern were both series that immersed me. 6. Allen Dean Foster. It was his Spell singer series and his Starwars adaptations that pulled me in. 5. Terry Goodkind. He used to be higher on the list. I started the Sword of Truth series and Wheel of time at the same time and the contrast between these very similar series kept me switching back and forth. I really liked the rules behind his magic, but kept getting frustrated that Richard never had time for his grandfather to train him until it finally became evident that his gift was unique and wouldn't work like Zed's. It was during a read of his most recent series that I realized his villains are essentially the same villain in different circumstances so he dropped a few spaces. 4.Jim Butcher. I discovered him because of a panel that he and Brandon were on. As I explored Harry's world his writing got more and more entertaining. Then I found his Furies series which has convinced me that I will give anything he writes a chance. Now it gets hard because the other 3 keep switching places on me. 3. Orson Scott Card when his series like Alvin or Ender is on target There is no one better in my opinion, but on his off day like pathfinders ending book it leaves a little gap though still better than most. 2. Brandon is in second for me right now. His characters are deep, scenes are epic, but it is when he writes in humor that it goes over the top. Wax, Lyft, and nightblood season his books with laughter for me. Then stoic Wax, and Steris, and moody Kaladin, and Shallon provide the deep currents to contrast the humor creating worlds of depth. 1. Finally L. E. Modesitt jr. Ironically I have discovered him multiple times without realizing it until relatively recently. He has been writing since the 70's. He started with Sci-Fi so the first series I discovered of his was the Time Lords series where the protagonist was Luke(Loki), and who doesn't want to read about someone named after him. Years later I read the Magic of Recluse without realizing it was the same author. His magic system locked me in. All magic users typically use either order (black) or chaos (white), and some rare individuals straddle both leaning one way or the other. Black magic users are usually craftsmen like carpenters, and smiths, where white magic is good for destruction and offensive battle. when I discovered he was the same author more recently I immersed myself into his other available series and have only less than stunned by his worlds once with one of his most recent books. Oh and he like Brandon lives in Utah. So there you have it. Which authors are your favorites and how do they compare to Brandon.
  2. The secret project is now out, and it's free to read. Children of the Nameless is a novella set on Innistrad, one of the planes featured in Magic the Gathering. It's Brandon's longest novella to date, and does not require any knowledge of the setting to enjoy it. Feel free to discuss the story to your hearts content in here.
  3. I was just doing a casual reread of OB and looking over Shallan's sketches of Urithiru while it was occupied by Re-Shephir and realized this sequence might've been intended to evoke a sense of dread in the reader. A lot of the Unmade would've been pretty terrifying: Re-Shephir, Moelach, Ashertmarn... but they don't really invoke any emotion in me aside from curiosity. Is Brandon just bad at invoking a sense of looming dread, that mash of horror and mystery? Because I feel like when there's a more human aspect to the dread, he does it well: the fountain executions in Mistborn. What do y'all think?
  4. So, I hope people don’t hate me for this but there are obvious connections between the knights radiant and the LDS priesthood. Brandon is a member of the LDS church as well, so is that connection known? Thoughts?
  5. The gay male protagonist. Bane of mainstream literature. But things are better now™. *sigh* LGBT literature is still very much- actually hold that thought. The existence of that term alone shows the problem: that LGBT literature is a separate thing from straight literature. We rarely have fantasy, mystery or sci-fi whose main character happens to be gay, we have gay fiction which happens to have a fantasy, mystery or sci-fi setting, rarely. Mostly it's just romance. Written by women. *sigh* It's mostly erotica, basically not even aimed at the same gender. There are gay authors: Adam Silvera, TJ Klune, Will Walton, Benjamin Alire Sáenz,... well-known LGBT authors. Special thanks to Richard Morgan who finally wrote a non-romance with a gay male character as the main protagonist. Also Robin Hobb. Gay characters are almost never the main protagonist in the mainstream literature. Gay literature is still a niche genre and generally not taken to be a part of mainstream literature. When gay characters do appear in the mainstream and they're not badly written, they're usually secondary characters or at most, the deuteragonist. These authors are then treated like the bastion of LGBT literature and everyone else would remember their example for the next ten years as completion of the required dosage of gayness they can handle on their reading list. They will then cite these books everytime some poor sod mentions we need more representation, "wasn't that one book from 5 years ago with that one gay character (who probably dies later on) enough?" And these authors too, even after all this time, are in the minority compared to those who simply ignore that gay people exist. These are the books most likely to have a lot of romantic subplots. Love triangles, ahoy! "But we need romance in our books!" "Why do we need to have a gay character?" "what does it add to the character?" Female gay characters are, of course, fine. I mean there's also less gay female characters because it's not as daring and "female lead" is still something that can be used to sort books but at least people aren't directly opposed to them. Gay male characters on the other hand are an insult and a threat to masculinity everywhere *long exhale* So we have Ranette and Drehy filling the quota of gay characters in the Cosmere and they're tertiary characters. So far, we have maybe-promises from the author regarding gay characters in the future. On a completely unrelated note, how many love triangles have we had in the Cosmere so far again? This post is my anger and this post is my logic: Also check out this comment by @The Awakened Salad which addresses the question of why a character would "need" to be gay:
  6. Happy New Year’s Eve! Or, for some people, new year’s day! I think I’m kind of a messy reader - I dog ear pages, fold the spine of paperbacks. So yeah. I was bored. How battered are your Sanderson books? This is my copy of tWoK. Is your copy worse off? Better? Well, believe it or not, I got this six days ago. I think it’s pretty beaten down for being less than a week old...
  7. Does anyone know why Brandon switched editors for RoW? I haven’t found much information about it and was wondering if anyone knew.
  8. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    There's that one scene in WoR where Shallan finds a place brimming with life, and she stops to draw. I just couldn't get that scene out of my head! LIFESPREN! Yes, I know I haven't drawn what could even closely be considered Rosharan flora...
  9. So, There's an author I really like, he writes epic fantasy, but he's not super well known. I was curious, does anybody on the shard like Brandon Sanderson? I haven't heard anything about him said, though. If so: What's your favorite book? Who's your favorite character? When did you get introduced to Sanderson? Please put all spoilers in spoiler boxes. Thank You!
  10. Chapter 89: Voice of Lights Just a cheeky inclusion of Harmony I spotted in the main text outside the Epigraphs.
  11. This is just an observation but I feel that we're so very fortunate to be experiencing Brandon's Cosmere and other books the way that we are. By that, I mean I'm glad we need to wait between book releases and can't just read everything back-to-back. We get to discuss ideas, theories, etc. between every book. As long as you are caught up to the most recent book, there's no possibility for spoilers. I was watching a video where the person was discussing the Wheel of Time series and they were mentioning that they couldn't discuss theories with people or even Google anything while they were reading it. Even typing a person's name in a search bar would reveal huge spoilers. Those of us that grew up reading it got much more enjoyment BETWEEN books that people today can't have. So, we're very lucky that we can come on here and discuss, guess, theorize, and enjoy the time in-between books. The next generation won't get to do that.
  12. From the album stormlight archive art

  13. From the album Stormlight Archives

    I struggle with visualizing what the singers/listeners look like so I wanted to try drawing Venli!
  14. From the album The Wheel of Time Fanart

    some Perrin fanart! He's the man of my dreams.
  15. From the album The Wheel of Time Fanart

    Aviendha fanart from the wheeeeeeel of time by robert jordan and brandon sanderson.
  16. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    Renarin is the literal sweetest boy on Roshar.
  17. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    Adolin Kholin and Kaladin Stormblessed? HELL YES.
  18. Brandon Sanderson has spoken a few times that he really like a game called Dark Souls, and every time I read Elantris, I keep picturing the ruined city looking like areas from the game. Basicly, everything from the undead asylum to the bell chapel areas above, down to the undead burg and parish areas are all pure elantris to me. just add more sludge. I will share a timestamped video below and also some screenshots to compare. The timestamped video also shows the real life inspirations for the locations in the game: This is the lore description of a Hollow, an undead who has finally lost it's mind pretty much: All Undead will one day lose their mind and go Hollow. The symptoms of being Hollow is primarily characterized by a lack of free will. Those that are Hollow may still have attractions to things they valued as living and Undead. This might explain why so many have maintained stations at various posts as well as their aggression towards non-Hollows. Hollows are also referenced as mad or lost, also characterized by abhorrent stench. Hollows' minds are filled with fears.During the process of hollowing each death erases some parts of memory and at the end only madness persists. Beyond this, drastic changes in physical appearance can be observed. Skin appears slightly decomposed and the body thoroughly dehydrated, prominent veins can be seen surrounding the heart although physical signs may only be indicative of progression into a Hollowed state and not of being entirely Hollowed. I will include some more pictures of the area as well. I can't unsee any of this whenever I read Elantris.
  19. From the album Mistborn Fanart

    Fanart of Vin by me! (It's been a long time since I read Mistborn and I really need to read it again soon)
  20. Brandon Sanderson and Mary Robinette Kowal's collaborative audio exclusive short story The Original is out today (September 14th) and available for download! If you want to get it to your earholes as soon as possible, check out these links to your favorite audiobook retailer: Audible | Google Play | | | Kobo Clocking in at just under 4 hours of listening time, this short but tense sci-fi thriller is read for you by Audie Award winner Julia Whelan. It follows Holly Winseed, a woman who wakes up to find that she is a replica tasked with hunting down and killing her Original in order to avoid being eliminated herself. Along the way she needs to grapple with terrorists, the underside of a seemingly utopian society, and ultimately the truth about herself. In the end, one of her will remain and one will walk away. For further information, including a sample, see this post on Brandon's site. To discuss The Original, head over to Other Stories or #the-original-spoilers on Discord! Watch out for spoilers and have fun!