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Found 22 results

  1. braize

    So, we know that Hoid and Odium met over 1000 years ago (according to the RoW Epilogue), and I'm assuming that Odium was stuck on Braize for 4500 years (how long Taln was in Braize), so what was Hoid doing on Braize? Are there any theories on this?
  2. We don't know the gritty details of the torture that heralds go through on Braize, do we? I was randomly wondering about that and thought that perhaps years of torture would have a two-fold benefit for odium. Not only does it make heralds break to start another desolation, but can we also think of it as advanced "training" for Roshar's most powerful super soldiers? We know Odium is preparing for a greater war. Perhaps he hopes to use the heralds to fight somehow. I could be way off base here but I'm coming from a POV of trying to understand Odium's great plan. I don't think he is necessarily evil, or if he is, evil for the sake of being evil - I believe he is simply trying to prepare for a conflict so great that he considers much of roshar and its people to be disposable in order to fulfill a greater plan. This could be why Taravangian thought that surrendering to odium was his best hope. Perhaps he saw that Roshar was potentially doomed, argued to save just his own city, and realized that everybody else would be screwed because of an impending war. I think this could add depth to Odium's character/intent. Perhaps there is a good reason an extreme utilitarian took up the shard: maybe odium truly thinks that, in contrast to "journey before destination," the best outcome requires immense sacrifice to have an army capable of handling what is yet to come. Of course, we know his other goal is to be the only shard remaining, so I'm not sure how to reconcile that. Maybe he fears an assault from other shards on roshar / his forces that, if successful, could take him down. Perhaps Rayse simply intended to protect himself at all costs, and Taravangian simply saved what he could. Perhaps this is another reason why Hoid wants Odium bound to Roshar. What if an invasion force came to try and destroy him or the planet to avoid his further conquering? I could see that uniting the people's of Roshar, humans, singers, heralds, and fused alike. Thoughts? Ik I'm all over the place but I always like to read what people think, especially if they can easily debunk me, or spawn their own theories instead
  3. Okay, this might be a dumb question, but I have been looking for an answer and haven't found one yet, so I'll ask it here. Why doesn't Odium just destroy Braize? In the Coppermind, it mentions destroying Braize as an option, so why not do it? From what I understand, Odium is more confined than limited/weakened on the planet, so why not just destroy it and leave? Ruin seems to be pretty capable of destorying a planet, so it' doesn't seem like it would take too much of his power, and if it did, he could just recuprate before going after his next Shard. Am I missing something here?
  4. We know what starts a desolation: Heralds returning to Roshar or staying on Roshar for too long. We have no similar idea when it ends. Yet the heralds knew. The present desolation has one new feature in the form of the Everstorm. In past desolations killed Fused would return in the next desolation only. So who has which interests after it is sufficiently clear who will win? Let's look at the actors: The Heralds They really do not want a desolation to formally end. For them the best possible world would be one where they do little to no fighting, but are allowed to stay on Roshar. The distinctions is important. They want to win the war, but not end it. A bit like mercenaries. The living Fused That depends on patriotism. From an individual biew point being alive on Roshar looks better than ghosting around on Braize. They might continue some kind of guerilla. If you want the SIngers to prosper, the next Desolation cannot come soon enough. The dead Fused They want the next desolation. For that the Heralds have to break. For them to break they need to be tortured. For them to be tortured they must be forced to return to Braize. If there is no longer a realistic chance of winning, it is better to give up and try again. The sooner, the better. Odium His view is likely close to a dead Fused. As soon as his forces are defeated and have done all the damage they can reasonably do on Roshar, it is better to withdraw for the next round to come quickly . Where does this leave us in terms of strategy? I am afraid I now need to ask you to liberate your inner psychopath and drop all hints of ethics. Let me look at Odium. After the first few desolations he has understood that he is in a war of attrition. Hence he will shift his focus from the field forces of Honor's troops to the population, as soon as he is losing. While you are winning captured population is good. They will make your supplies, perhaps you can even press some of them into your service. But you lost all prior desolations. You need to prepare to lose this one and be ready to switch. First you want to destroy any institutions that keep civilization working: hospitals, places of learning, port facilities, ship yards, mines, mills, forges ... But at some point this runs into diminishing returns. Then your next target become the people itself. If there are fewer Rosharans, you will face fewer soldiers the next time. And they will have a harder time getting civilisation running again. So whom do you target? Women and children, especially older girls. The factor (food aside) that sets a limit to the growth of a mammalian population is the availability of fertile females. Hence women and older girls (younger girls is not so good, because child mortality, which will be high, as you are confiscating food, would render a part of your job futile). Disgusting, but wars are not nice. Your enemy will try to stop you by means of fortifications. Warfare is sieges and assaults on fortresses, followed by a dash to catch retreating forces, then surpressing the people of the area you took. And once you are being beaten back, you slaughter civillians. And once you are beaten so much that the damage you do is no longer worth the time you are giving the Heralds, you retreat to Braize to start over. So, what, mechanically speaking, ends a desolation and forces the Heralds back to Braize? I have three candidates: The number of Fused on Roshar is getting too low (It cannot be zero or the Heralds would have tried capturing some, bashing their heads in and keeping them alive in a coma with Progression - yes, war is gruesome.) Fused cease to come to Roshar (This is unlikely, as it would allow the Fused to come, keep running and make Heralds return, leaving the Rosharans alone to fight. And you are not going to catch all armies of flying Fused) Odium turns off the tap of Voidlight - I think that is really the end of a desolation (and I would speculate that that was the reason Gavilar acquired spheres of Voidlight for experiments) The most important conclusion I am drawing is that the Heralds don't end a desolation. Odium does so, forced but deliberately.
  5. The unmade clearly were once something different likely of honor or cultivation. My theory is that they were the dawnshards. My evidence is the abilities of one of the unmade an and the quote of one of the dawnshards. The quote from a poem that jasnah finds while researching in the palinaeum about the dawnshards states roughly it can bind any creature voidish or not. This sounds similar to the unmade that can bind the chosen and allow them to manipulate the surges. However it could just also be that the dawnshard is a reflection of the surge of connection uses by the bondsmith. Also the fact that there are nine unmade indicates that they originate in braize. This is my best guess.
  6. The unmade clearly were once something different likely of honor or cultivation. My theory is that they were the dawnshards. My evidence is the abilities of one of the unmade an and the quote of one of the dawnshards. The quote from a poem that jasnah finds while researching in the palinaeum about the dawnshards states roughly it can bind any creature voidish or not. This sounds similar to the unmade that can bind the chosen and allow them to manipulate the surges. However it could just also be that the dawnshard is a reflection of the surge of connection uses by the bondsmith. Also the fact that there are nine unmade indicates that they originate in braize. This is my best guess.
  7. I don’t really have any evidence for this assumption, at least not hard evidence. However, in the scene where he accidentally walks in on Shallan in a nightgown, I noticed something odd he said. He said, “ name is Adolin Kholin, I was born under the sign of the nine...” Knowing Brandon, I wouldn’t dismiss this as coincidence out of hand. We know Braize, Odium’s Invested planet, is related to the number nine. Since Preservation’s number was 16, Honor seems to be 10, while Odium is 9. Nine shadows of his Champion, Nine Unmade, etc. We have WoB on that, can’t find it. Anyway, what is “the sign of nine”? Why does it happen that a main character, who has had nothing special happen to him as an individual thus far (at least in comparison) suddenly mention this supposedly unimportant fact in passing? Coincidence? Not likely.
  8. So, I've only read Oathbringer once and I'm still a little confused. Oathbringer spoilers follow.
  9. A transcription of the reading of Silence Divine. Silence Divine takes place on the planet Ashyn, which is in the Greater Rosharan system. Please note that this story is Unpublished, and therefor non-canon at this time. An OB spoiler: Some discussion of it in this thread here:
  10. So i tend to agree with some theorists proposing that the in book, book, Oathbringer is being written by jasnah. The line that stuck out the most was "I did not die. I experienced something worse." I believe she is referring to her attack on the wind's pleasure, and subsequent trip into the cognitive realm. We know from her first hand that she visited the highspren and their city during her travels there, but i think the perhaps she made another stop along the way. Possibly by choice, or perhaps by force or happenstance. I think jasnah visited braize in the cognitive realm, this is one of the things often referred to directly or obliquely as being worse than death. Damnation. This is only supposition which may be proved wrong on this upcoming tuesday, but i imagine that if jasnah was finally going to take a deep dive into the cognitive realm she would be compelled to have a better understanding of her enemy. Discuss.
  11. Braize is the third planet from the system's sun know as Damnation. Roshar, which exists in between the Halls and Damnation is second planet. Is Ashyn Tranquiline Halls? the first planet?
  12. Ashen and Braize are on the Shadesmar map. This all comes from my ramblings on the Cosmere Maps thread but I'm consolidating it as a concise theory here. First: People seem to use the term Shadesmar and Cognative Realm interchangeably. So I just kept plugging along assuming that Shadesmar was the local term for the Cognative Realm on Roshar. Same thing, different places call the same things different names. Like some places it will be a water fountain, others a water cooler, others a bubbler, and others a scuttlebutt. No it is like Utah, United States of America. It is Shadesmar, Cognative Realm of the Cosmere. It is a zip code....An area code. My epiphany...which most of you knew already I assume...came because I realized that the Expanses looked like Mountain ranges growing bigger and taller in the sky. Almost reaching up to touch the Physical Realm at those 4 corners. @KidWayne map Clearly shows the Roshar System as the only known named system between the 4 Expances if we assume that we have associated them correctly. Now this is the KEY PART. Shadesmar is NOT a map of the Cognatve Realm, NOR is it a map of the planet of Roshar alone. It is a map of the entire Rosharan system. There are 2 more mountain ranges on the Shadesmar map. The Nexus of Transition and the Nexus of Imagination. Both are much closer to the 3 seas (3 dif credit to One Who Connects for languagues) 5 different language groups, and possibly different origin planets of the people of Roshar). 2 mountains not identified and 2 additional inhabited planet's in the Roshar system. The Rosharan system map shows both planets about the same distance from Roshar, but due to smaller orbits, Roshar and Ashyn should pass closer together more frequently than Roshar and Braise. Also sickness plays a key part on Ashyn. People Transition from healthy to sick and sick to healthy. I also can't think of anything more imaginary ie from the mind...than a planet full of cognitive shadow splinters. Therefore, my theory is that the Nexus of Transition is the Cognative pathway to Ashyn and the Nexus of Imagination...which just doesn't quite always touch any of the seas is the Cognative pathway to Braize. I have outlined where the 5 major language groupings occur on Roshar and transposed it to the Shadesmar map. The Vorin line up pretty well with the Sea of Lost lights and reach out towards the Nexus of Imagination. The Makabaki creep out of the Sea of Souls into the Sea of Regret. The Iri straddle the mountains of the Nexus of Transition. Dawnchant based languages survive in isolated and rigorous environments forming enclaves across the map. This could indicate that it originally was the only language and was pushed out by invaders or immigrants to the point that only the most rigorous places maintained the original language much as Spanish and English pushed out Native American languages. WOB on Reddit on language groups Questions and Flaws to be addressed: There are 3 Nexus (yes plural is same except bar on u, I looked it up) but this theory never addresses the Nexus of Truth. Recent ideas also speculate that the nexuses could be indicative of Sephardic influence affecting the CR. Why do the Iri straddle the Nexus of Transition, but not really any of the Seas? If Dawnchant was the original language, where did the other 3 people's come from? "Expanse of Storms" name is credited to @The One Who Connects
  13. I suspect that when Radiants who have reached a certain degree of progress in the Nahel bond die, they go to Braize. Several points of evidence have led me to to suspect this: The Nahel bond was not designed by Honor, but was an attempt by the spren to imitate what Honor had given to the Heralds. In WoR chapter 87, Syl clarifies to Kaladin that the Nahel bond was specifically based on the Honorblades. The Prelude to the Stormlight Archive tells us that one of the conditions of the Oathpact is that the Heralds would return to Braize to be tortured if they died, and were expected to return willingly if they did not die during a Desolation. To abandon the Oathpact, they had to leave their Honorblades behind, willingly and intentionally giving them up. They did so by slamming the Blades into the stone ground. This suggests that the Honorblades was the basis of their connection to the Oathpact, and thereby to Braize. The coded passage from the Diagram found in the WoR Chapter 84 epigraph references "the secret that broke the Knights Radiant". Apparently there is such a secret, and obviously it would need to be a very significant one. When Dalinar observes the Recreance in his vision (WoK Chapter 52), he sees the Radiants slam their Blades into the stone ground, as the Heralds did, and as Dalinar does when he relinquishes Oathbringer to Sadeas. This is clearly how the Bond is broken, though why they needed to leave the Plate behind as well is unclear, mostly because we know so little about what Shardplate actually is and whether it has any connection at all to the Heralds (whom so far have never been shown wearing Plate of any kind). Nale believes, following Ishar, that when the proto-Radiants "naturally discover the greater power of the Oaths"..."without Honor to regulate this, there is a small chance that what comes next will allow the Voidbringers to again make the jump between worlds." (Edgedancer, Chapter 9) This suggests that the Radiants are connected in some way we do not yet understand to Braize, and could potentially (though by no means certainly) bring a Desolation the same way the Heralds do. Whether Ishar is correct in this belief or not is not yet known to us. To bring these points together, the Nahel bond is based on the Honorblades, and severed by the same means that the Heralds severed their ties to the Oathpact. Is it possible, then, that by copying the Honorblades, the Nahel spren inadvertently recreated the not-so-desirable aspect of the Honorblades that connects the Heralds to Braize? If so, it is possible that when Radiants die, their soul(?)/Cognitive shadow/non-material aspect goes to Braize, as the Heralds do, instead of going through the usual afterlife? This would be an extremely serious side-effect for the Nahel bond to have, and it's hard to imagine anyone, least of all the Radiants who were all broken people in some way, stoically accepting more-or-less-eternal torment after their death. As others have theorized, we already have reason to believe that the afterlife is messed up in some way on Roshar, but if the Radiants suddenly found out that they were more or less guaranteed to go to Damnation, that would go a long way toward explaining the Recreance.
  14. SPOILER WARNING: While this theory does contain spoiler information for many of the cosmere books, the main theory itself is only concerned with Stormlight Archive and all cosmere spoilers (including Words of Radiance) are in spoiler tags. Feel free to read the theory and peruse and open spoilers as you feel fit! Disclaimer: This is not the kind of theory in which I gleefully proclaim that I have “figured it all out” and have indisputable evidence to back up my claims. This is a shot-in-the-dark, guesswork kind of theory. A “wouldn’t it be cool if” kind of theory. Got it? Basically, I was in cosmere chat and was suddenly struck by an idea. See, we still don’t know much about the Stormlight Archive and its overall plot. We know that Odium is a bad guy and he is trying to accomplish something. We know that the Knights Radiant are returning because of some reason. We know that there’s three shards but we don’t really know what each of them are doing or have done or what their goals are. As far as what the big arcs of this series are going to be, what the main goal of our antagonist is, we’re actually sitting quite a bit in the dark. At the moment, the series is concerned with fairly small scale things, arcs relating to individual characters or single countries or such. But there’s hints and stirrings that this is going to get big. So, here’s my humble guess: There is something wrong with Roshar’s afterlife which needs to be fixed or solved. This will be a major part of the plot for The Stormlight Archive. There’s a few different reasons why I’m coming up with this. I’m going to put these things in spoiler tags just to keep things neat and organized, because I dislike huge blocks of text. Some of them have spoilers within them, others just have info. Textual Reasons 1.The Tranquiline Halls (no WoR spoilers) 2.Braize and Damnation (one WoR quote, not really spoilery) 3.Other Cosmere Afterlife Hints Metatextual Reasons 1.It Hasn’t Been Done Before 2.Brandon Is A Troll There’s more I could get into her with all of this, and perhaps this thread will bring up some of those discussions, but I think that’s enough for an opening post. Fanfic writer that I am, I’ve been tossing around possibilities of situations if this does turn out to be the case, some heartwarming, some tragic – because this is me after all, and I’ve got to live up to my reputation as the fandom monster right? So, thoughts, opinions, more evidence, disputes, theological debates? What are you guys thinking about all of this? Do you think it’s possible? Do you think it’s likely? Do we all just really want to see Tien and Kaladin reunite? Give me some of your responses! Update: July 2016 Hello to all who have come to check out this theory post after it was on the Featured Theories news (thank you, @Windrunner, I am extremely flattered). However, there have been a few books released since I first typed up this theory way back in... 2014 was it? And boy were some of those books doozies when it came to this theory and its implications. So, here's a quick update on how this theory is faring thus far: 1. New Information (Bands of Mourning and Secret History spoilers!)
  15. So first post on the forum, and after reading some theories i have an interesting question to ask. Do you think that Cultivation could invest part of her shards power into Odium, and that's why he is trapped on Braize because he is somehow connected to cultivation like what preservation did to ruin?. Also side question do you think if a shard splintered could cultivation then invest that power for her own purpose?
  16. So I just found this new WoB here: Given that we have that old WoB that there aren't 10 Unmade, and given that we think that Odium has been forced to camp out on Braize, I'm proposing that there are in fact going to be 9 Nazgûl Unmade. Now if we look at Voidbinding, the name suggests that the magic is a mix of both Odium and Honour, which suggest that much like Surgebinding there could be multiple Orders. It would make similar sense therefore for there to be 9 Orders of Voidbinding, each of which could then be linked to one of the Unmade similarly to how the Orders of Radiants link to one of the Heralds.
  17. Let it be known that I'm so excited about the essays that I haven't even read Edgedancer yet (even though Stormlight is my favourite series). We got some lovely information from Khriss that clarifies so many old questions. I have a few main theories that I want to bring up, that I know some people have already tossed a few of these around, but well, I'm just so excited I needed to make my own thread. Sorry, not sorry. Selish Observations Scadrian Observations (Secret History spoilers as well as Arcanum Unbounded) Taldain Observations Threnodite Observations Drominad Observations I have to go for now, I'll continue later tonight with the Rosharan system, Silverlight, and some theories I've got about all this new info. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Time to do a complete cosmere reread and hunt for clues.
  18. So while it could still be entirely possible, Braize doesn't scream as loudly as Damnation or the Tranquiline Halls as I thought it would. Ashyn is described as "the burning planet," which sounds more like Hell/Damnation to me (granted, my lens comes from a Christian background). It sounds like Odium is holed up in the Physical and Cognitive Realms in the Greater Roshar system, but the essay didn't explicitly (or exclusively) say he's on Braize. Maybe the Tranquiline Halls and/or Damnation are in the Cognitive or Spiritual Realms?
  19. As I'm rereading through TWoK, I got to the section where Wit (Hoid) appears in the story and something hit me. We know that physical death on Roshar is off a bit, that "warriors are needed to fight for the Tranquiline Halls" in the afterlife and all. The ardents teach that all callings are helpful in the afterlife, so it seems that death takes a person into service in the next life. It's been theorized that the reason the KR abandoned their oaths was because they learned that death would send them to Damnation (Braize) to fight voidbringers or to be tortured or whatever happens there (obviously unpleasant because they abandoned their shards and oaths to avoid going). But, even after the Recreance, this idea of moving on into the afterlife to fight for the Tranquiline Halls continued in culture/religion, but obviously didn't apply to average people because giving up the shards/Nahel Bond caused the KR to become average (read "uninvested" maybe?) people again, avoiding this unpleasant future. That said, of all the kinds of people and disguises Hoid could have taken, he chose to be a King's Wit, a position who insults others and is often killed for the offensive nature of the position. We know Hoid is invested with all kinds of magic - do you think he wants to be killed so he can be transported to whatever this next life, the "Tranquiline Halls/Damnation/Braize/Cognitive Realm," to further his mission in the Cosmere? Maybe there's no other way to get there specifically, so he's biding his time insulting powerful warlords knowing that he will eventually get his chance to go. Theory Hole #1 is that Hoid seems to be worried about Odium/Rayse and the terrible power he holds, so why would he want to go to where Odium is? I'm not honestly sure, but he does strange things - maybe he's ready to take the fight to Rayse directly?
  20. So, this is from the 2014 Omaha book signing: From the specific wording of the answer, I have deduced that this question is somehow important in a way we don't currently understand. This is the sort of brilliant intellectual work I am capable of. So what I'm wondering is, why is this question such a big RAFO? We know Hoid isn't one of the Heralds, so that answer is out. Why does it matter whether Hoid's taken a stroll down Damnation Avenue at some point? Personally, I'm not good with this sort of guesswork. I've been toying with the idea of Braize being the current state of Yolen, but I have little evidence to support this. So, discuss, maybe?
  21. At this point, I'd like to put some increased evidence forward for the idea that the Parshendi are the true inhabitents of Roshar, who initally went to war against humanity for reasons that were somewhat understandable. Perhaps they were even created by Adonalsium when it was on Roshar, but that is irreleveant. Firstly, I'd like to point out that the Parshendi are unable to bond with the Nahel spren. I interpret this to mean that the Parshendi were unable to bond with the Nahel spren because they were closer to the Cognitive Realm than other peoples. This allowed them their forms, but they were not well-rooted enough in the Physical realm to form Nahel bonds with the most intelligent spren. However, then for whatever reason, human refugees arrived, I believe fleeing an attack by Odium onto their home planet of Braize, in the company of Honor and Cultivation. And they could bond with the Nahel spren just fine. However, they also were doing what humans do and conquering the Parshendi land with the help of these powers, and powerful spren such as the Stormfather, who they called traitor. They beat the Parshendi and drove them back into Braize, which was now a hellish nightmare, thanks to Odium. They called this place Damnation. I believe some memory of this conquest can be seen in this Death Rattle. The Parshendi, who had been around for much longer, felt betrayed by the spren, who gave humans some fantasitc abilities. How could the Parshendi hope to match them? This is echoed here, with disturbing implications. At this point, I believe Odium saw what had happened happening, and realized that he had had a stroke of good fortune. His army was here. They were angry, they wanted their homes back. So, he and the Unmade made an accord with them. They would give them new forms, forms of power, in exchange for destroying humanity. The Parshendi agreed, without realizing the trick. Once they took on these forms and bonded with Odium's voidspren, they were his Voidbringers, scourge of Roshar. This is shown here. The Parshendi songs even claim that the gods gave them powers similar to the human Surges. Another quote again mentions that it was crafted by the Unmade. This also explains something else. The Last Legion may not have been able to remember a time when they were free to chose their own form, but it used to be so, before humanity arrived. So although time has dulled the specifics, the ideas of the forms themselves remain. There is one quote that seems important that I cannot make sense of, though. Ideas on what this means are welcome. All in all, I think this is a pretty solid interpretation of early Rosharan history and the conflict between the humans and the Voidbringers. Obviously some of the details may be wrong, but I think the outlines are on the right track.
  22. In searching for some other quotes, I came across something that might be an interesting tidbit. The wording is what sparked my mind. Hypothesis: The Desolation is a world-hopping event, and either creates a breach directly to Braize, or transfers things from Braize to Roshar. Evidence: • Odium is suspected to be located on Braize, also called Damnation by Vorinism • The Heralds are tortured in Damnation, or Braize • The return of the Heralds occurs at the same time as the Desolation • The Desolations are preceded by the arrival of a previously unknown on Roshar creature known as the Midnight Essence, seemingly unrelated to the Desolation • The True Desolation is related to a giant storm, the Everstorm, which could have investiture powers on the same scale as the Highstorms • The Spren are particularly wary of the Desolation, and sensitive to it's arrival. Spren live in the cognitive realm, the known method of worldhopping • The Voidbringers were said to be cast back to the 'Tranquiline Halls', a Vorinism belief that corresponds potentially to Yolen (the origin of humanity) • The Odium spren began to appear around the time of the Desolation, and Odium is believed to be on Braize Possible Conclusions: It seems likely that the Desolation itself, in whatever particular form it takes, is a worldhopping event. It is possible that the Desolation is simply the opening of a corridor between Braize and Roshar, causing a variety of creatures to appear in Roshar to wreak havoc. As we have very little specifics about what the Desolation itself is, a more complete conclusion cannot be drawn. Edit: Colloary It strikes me that I missed a vital implication. If the Parshendi are in fact Voidbringers, and the Voidbringers came/were driven to another world at the end of most desolations, it seems logical that the Parshendi were in fact the native race of Braize, not Roshar as some have theorized. They crossed during the world hopping event of the desolations. That would leave the Aimians (confirmed by WoB to be not-human) as the native people of Roshar.