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Found 8 results

  1. Hello hello! So I'm relatively new to worlbuilding and learning how to find ideas among the everyday. I just wanted to ask, how do you guys narrow down your ideas to successfully worldbuild? I've been doing brainstorming sessions, but I end up with so many ideas and possibilities that I feel more overwhelmed than I did before I started. I don't know how to pick which way to go; there are so many things to make decisions on, I just feel I'm going to make a mess of things down the line
  2. I'm currently in the process of designing and building a pinball machine and I've landed on the Stormlight Archive as a theme. I've been building and repairing arcade cabinets for years and have wanted to do a pinball project for quite some time. The idea for the Stormlight theme came from a dream I had while camping on a stormy night this summer (I'm not kidding.... maybe a visit from the Stormfather?). I'm wondering if anyone is interested in helping me brainstorm some ideas. In general, pinball machines typically have a all of the basic components like flippers, bumpers, ramps, elaborate mechanisms, etc. and thematic modes or goals that can be achieved. There are usually about 5-7 main modes (and other smaller modes and objectives) and you can think of them like levels in a video game. For example, there could be a target that you have to hit a certain number of times without draining that activates a relevant animation or action on the playfield and has some outcome that effects gameplay (lots of points, start multiball, allow access to some advanced mode, etc.). There is usually also one or more "wizard" mode that is activated by completing all of the other major goals. In my mind the more thematically unified the playfield, modes, and lights/animations/sounds are the better the overall experience. I've been going back and forth on two overarching approaches on this: 1) My original thought was to actually center the game around a discrete event in the books with lots of sub-goals that would make for fun modes. The context that jumped out to me most was the Battle of Thaylen Field as it seems like a perfect setting for a bunch of associated but discrete goals. For example, a mode involving ramp leading to a wire ball guide would be a good thematic fit for Lift and Szeth and going after the King's Drop. Kaladin vs unmade-ified Amaram could be a great and preferably very difficult mode to bash some 3d toy repeatedly perhaps while maintaining a "stormlight" meter over a certain level. Adolin and Renarin vs. the Thunderclasts with a big 3d movable mech. A Shallan multiball representing her army of lightweavings. A big Dalinar "you cannot have my pain" moment associated with some really difficult shot. It really does seem this would be a pretty good context. The advantages are I think it could be thematically unified well and it only relies on published materials through Oathbringer so I don't need to worry about Brandon Sanderson nullifying something I produce in book 5. The major disadvantages are that it only allows for a limited set of "set pieces" or moments from the books and there are soooooo many good ones I'd love to include. 2) My second idea is just covering lots of events from different books through RoW. There are again a ton of great moments that would make good modes. Adolin's duel with Kaladin's help (I can just hear the "Honor is dead but I'll see what I can do" callout). Fighting different kinds of fused. I have a vision of a magnetic Fourth Bridge carrying the ball from one location on the playfield to another. Modes for swearing ideals with increasing difficulty for each one. Highstorm and Everstorm multiball modes that various add or potentially take away points for certain outcomes. There is just so much it's hard to narrow it down. I'd love to hear other things people think could be cool. Other general ideas: I've been working on designing some of the specific mechanisms and, though I'm not tied to any of this yet, what I've got at least partially done so far is... 1) Urithiru playfield 3d model with a ball trough and a gate that has to be hit a certain number of times to open and then "defeat" the unmade at the pillar. For those familiar with pinball this is very much inspired by the Medieval Madness castle and works in the same basic way. 2) A small screen with a "Pepper's Ghost Illusion" display that allows me to show objects that will look like they are floating on the playfield (this is in the recent Stern Ghostbusters game and also the same basic effect used in Disney's Haunted Mansion for the ballroom). My idea is to have that be an animation of Syl reacting to different outcomes on the playfield. 3) A magnet capture that takes the ball under the playfield and into a "Shadesmar" mode that would probably be a video mode on the backbox. Anyway, I'd be super interested in hearing thoughts that anyone has about either of the overarching options above or other modes or mechanisms you think would be cool to include. If anyone has any experience in the pinball world I'd love to chat more and collaborate.
  3. So recently I had one of many cosmere inspired dreams. In which the singers came to our plant instead of roshar (strange I know, I don't understand my brain). Essentially plot followed much along the lines of the books. Desolation comes and radiants appear and the battle for earth begins. Still working out the logistics of why bullets and such would not suffice (Beyond the carapace being strong enough to maybe deflect bullets not block them). Though an everstorm did knock out a lot of the infrastructure of human civilizations. My dreams get weirdly detailed I don't know why. The second idea I had was for a member of the 17th shard who is something of an anthropologist studying the various cultures and customs of the cosmere to bring back to silverlight. Granted over time certain issues may push against the 17th shard's non interventionist policies (there will be worldhopping). Have not decided on the home world of the OC's and such. Just curious if either of these sound interesting to anyone and if anyone has any suggestions to make things more interesting. As always thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.
  4. Hey all, So I've been workshopping a vanilla character with @Chasmfiend, and I realized that although we encourage new people to make vanilla/human characters as well as epics, we don't really have a good list of suggested roles for vanillas to fill. Now obviously the roles available to vanillas vary city to city, so I'd invite the other G.M.'s (when they have time) to post a list of suggested roles here. Other players are also free to post suggestions as well, of course. I can copy and paste master lists into this post, if others agree, so that it's easy to find. Corvallis Vanilla Roles: I hope these help as a starting point. Individual players can give blanket consent if they want to people making servants or workers in certain sectors.
  5. So, let's say you need your heroes to get around the city. On their own, so preferably no public transport and if they had a car, they wouldn't need a special way, right? So, what are your ideas? Or what interesting solutions have you seen? Of course, flight and teleportation does not need to be pointed out. Other interesting ideas: Of course, Lurching and Steelpushing (IIRC Newton in Reckoners did something similar to Steelpushing) parkour (for example, Assassin's Creed and Mirror's Edge). It's mostly running, but an efficient one and can get you to places normally unavailable grappling hooks to swing around (superheroes, the most famous: Spiderman. Also, metalbenders from Avatar) inFamous 1 & 2 had Cole who manipulated electricity - he jumped on tram traction and slided around
  6. So, a few months ago I got my hands on RPG Maker VX Ace, and I've been itching to create a game. I've been trying to learn all about game design (learned a lot thanks to Extra Credits) but I don't really know how to start it. Due to the technology I have at my disposal, it... a) must be a JRPG, with JRPG mechanics. This includes the dreaded turn-based fighting b ) cannot require a whole ton of coding. c) must have a gripping story. d) must be simple enough to present with ease. e) will not work with a mouse. You can use a keyboard or a controller, however. f) must have an old-looking nostalgic art style, such as: Lately, I've been kind of stuck as far as the story goes. I considered making an RPG version of Mistborn or something, but that would take a lot of effort for something I could never really share. My current original ideas: 1) A kind of bedtime story, told by a son to his father. It would kind of be an AU of the "real-life" setting, involving an alternate version of the son as the "hero," guided by the alternate version of the father, whom the player would play as. Medieval fantasy setting. I've got more of the story for this one, less of the world, but I don't know if it's any good. 2) A food based magic system. Basically, different flavors of food allow certain abilities to the magic users of this system. Would probably have a typical fantasy setting. This food-based magic would make consumables easy to explain. Don't really have a plot set out, but that might be for the best. As far as tools at my dispense, I have plenty of music, a (human) sprite generator, different tilesets and whatnot. I know that there are plenty of artistic and creative people here on the 17th Shard, so I am requesting help with story and world-building for the time being. Later on, I might need aid with some art things. Any advice?
  7. Everyone likes a gang of Mistings, assuming they can be on your side. Whether you want them for security or for raiding, or for some other purpose entirely, there is a great deal that can be done with the full set of sixteen powers. In one of my projects (several, actually, but I digress), I have a magic system where each practitioner has a unique talent. But despite three years of pondering, I've not built up a full set of powers. So I turn to the wonderfully diverse creative minds that wander this forum. I'm going to give you the list of talents that I'm planning to use. I am not going to give you the number of blanks to fill. All I ask of you is to create a bunch of convoluted projects (heists or vaults, for example) that involve the use of large numbers of magic talents in concert, and add (or subtract) as many powers as you need to make your design(s) work. You may also ask questions and concoct abuses of individual talents, if that suits you. With any luck, I'll get the inspiration I need to fill out my worldbuilding for this project. Thanks for participating. Commonalities of the System: > Talents can be used on what you are touching. > A user can only use so much talent before their fuel supply is exhausted. One grand use or many small uses are options. > Many applications of talents can be undone, reclaiming spent fuel. You can only undo your own deeds. Some Magic Talents: > Proxies - Enchant a matched pair of objects such that by touching one, you are "touching" objects in contact with the other. > Stealing magic - Soak up another user's fuel, and gain the ability to use their talent while it lasts. > Power battery - Your fuel is a wildcard that you can add to any other user's supply. > Cloning - Make a full size, independent simulacrum of an object. After a few hours, it fades and vanishes. If a living simulacrum is undone, the user will share its memories. > Tracking - Enchant an object and you will know which direction it is in. > Alarm ward - Enchant an object and you will know when it is touched or modified. > Emotion control - Enchant an object so any sapient beings who perceive it (by any sense) feel an emotion of your choice. > Instinct control - Enchant an object so any living creature perceiving it (by any sense) has its instincts react to a stimulus of your choice. > Heat sync - Enchant a matched pair of objects such that their temperature is linked and changes as an object of twice the mass. > Light transfer - Enchant a matched pair of objects such that light striking one is reflected from the other. (Refracted and absorbed light is not transfered.) > Surface retexturing - Change the texture of an object's surface to any state. If two surfaces are in contact and both are changed at the same time, the surfaces fuse and cannot be magically undone. > Temporal shifting - Reach back into an object's recent history and make it skip the intervening time. Any physical changes during that window have not occurred, until the enchantment is undone.
  8. Many of the threads in these parts are requesting help with building a system out of a particular power. I have the opposite problem. I have no trouble building systems. I tie them into the world, make schemes for how people handle the system's limitations, identify points of misunderstandings, all of that good stuff. Most of these systems are based around magic users with specific, limited abilities, rather like Mistings or superheroes. The trouble is that I often find one or two interesting powers that fit my schema well, and then I can't find enough similar ideas to fill all of the other slots. And with three, four, five, . . . lots of magic systems under construction, I have lots of slots to fill. And so I come to you, asking the question in this thread's title. What would you do with magic? Let's do a little brainstorming together. Think along the lines you might for a "If you were a feruchemist . . ." only throwing the doors wide to anything. Need some starting points? What's something tedious that you need to do regularly? An activity you find distasteful? Something that would be nice if it could be done faster? Something that you can't quite achieve in reality because of one little technical detail. For example, I've built powers out of the following ideas: Carving stone with your bare hands. Sealing an object inside a seamless crystal sphere. Repelling insects without chemical repellants. Weighing things without a scale. All ideas submitted to this thread may be used by any reader as they please. Ideas are cheap. Limitations are more interesting than powers. Your limits almost certainly will vary, so stop worrying about originality and help me build a nice repository of launching-off points for aspiring writers. Feel free to suggest twists of other peoples ideas. Mix and match. Whatever floats your boat. Hmm . . . floating a boat . . .