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Found 1 result

  1. Night 8: Dreams of the Future Remart Ffnord’s dreams that night were dark things. He was running through a plain with a great wind at his back. The light was far ahead of him, and he was not alone in the darkness. There was someone beside him, but in the way of dreams, they switched who they were as they ran. He was being chased. A monster in the darkness far behind him, full of great teeth. The Darkness approached with it, blotting out the light even as he chased it. A rumbling eternal wave of blindness. So Remart continued to run, his legs moving slowly, as the ground seemed to flow from his footsteps much faster than possible. There were people and building up ahead, and suddenly he had reached them. He was among the great buildings, each the height of Kredik Shaw. They were broken things, dropped by a capricious child. Remart ran through them, but the Beast was gaining, so he was inside one of the buildings. He hid, watching through the window as the darkness swept through the town, erasing the buildings from existence. The Teeth were everywhere now. A grinning maw surrounding the town. Remart screamed in his dreams, but heard no sound as the teeth closed on him. Locke Tormander stepped from his coach, and grinned up the steps at the Tekiel Guardsmen. Lord Eru Tekiel stood at the head of the steps, looking down in disdain. “Lord Tormander.” “Lord Tekiel, I hope this morning finds you well.” It should. Tormander Allomancers had been killing the man’s rivals all last night and morning. “The shape of it pleases me currently, but I am unsure if letting a man like you into my house is the best course of action i can take.” Despite his words, he nodded to his captain, who called out for the men to part, allowing Locke to climb the steps. Two servants opened the great doors before them, and Locke followed Eru into the house. “I am surprised that my inclusion would not be considered an excellent choice my Lord. I would bring riches, allomancy, and knowledge into your house. The Tormander name is a respected one.” “It is a feared one.” Eru snapped back. “Lord Jack did well do distance himself from that reputation, but with his murder, in his own keep, I’m afraid you will have to work far harder to escape it then he did.” “I believe that marrying into the Tekiels, and letting the Tormander name die, would be helpful to that cause.” Locke smiled, though Eru wasn’t looking at him. Eru opened a door, revealing a small study with a darkened fireplace, some tapestries, and a large desk. He walked around the desk, picking up a pre poured glass of wine, and sat down. He indicated the chair and glass across from him, and asked. “So you intend to marry my eldest daughter?” Locke sat down, and picked up the glass. “Lady Tintallë is not your eldest child. She is lovely, and I know you were intending to marry her off in order to cement an alliance. Let me try to win her over, and if i can marry her, you will gain all the might of House Tormander. With Heatherlocke dead, and Ffnord in pieces, my wealth will put you among the Great houses of Luthadel.” Eru slowly stirred his wine as he thought. He leaned forward, one elbow on the desk. “Let us discuss terms then.” No one was lynched! This will be the final night of LG42, after this, the Heatherlocke and Ffnord winners will be determined via tiebreaker. If all 4 players have put in action orders in the first 24 hours of the cycle, i will end the turn early. Otherwise, the turn will end in