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Found 3 results

  1. Friends, Sharders, BoredBois, lend me your time. I come to praise Boredom, not to bury it The fun that men have lives after them; The fun is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with Boredom. The bored @I Am A Fish Hath told you Boredom was bored: If it were so, it was a boring fault, And boringly hath Boredom answer’d it. Here, under leave of @I Am A Fish and the rest– For @I Am A Fish is a bored fish; So are they all, all bored men– Come I to speak in Boredom’s monologue. Yep, I literally copied a Shakespearean monologue onto here, then put my name in here... He was my friend, bored and boring to me: And you wonder why I'm bored? But @I Am A Fish says he was ambitious; And @I Am A Fishis a bored fish. He hath brought many BoredBois to this thread Whose boredness did the general coffee fulfill: Did this in Boredom seem bored? When that the bored have cried, Boredom hath been bored: Boredness should be made of sterner stuff: Go find our origins Yet @I Am A Fish says he was bored; And @I Am A Fish is a bored fish. You all did see that on the 17th Shard I thrice presented him a bored award, Which he did thrice refuse because he was bored: was this boredness? Yet @I Am A Fish says he was ambitious; And, sure, he is a bored fish. I speak not to disprove what @I Am A Fish spoke, But here I am to speak what I do know. You all did tolerate him once, not without cause: What cause withholds you then, to be bored for him? O Boredness! thou art fled to BoredBois, And men have lost their boredness. Bear with me; My boredness is bored here with Boredom, And I must be bored till Boredom stops be boring. Hello that must have been quite boring. Well if you're bored, join the BoredBois. The Shard's first guild dedicated to boredom. We go around the Shard being bored, and reveling in boredom, feel free to have long boring posts. To join swear the 6 ideals of Boredomness: 1. I will share in others boredom 2. I will chill with my fellow BoredBois during Borantine 3. I will be bored for those who can't be bored themselves 4. I will glory in the many memes of the Universe 6. I will end every post with Hoc erat odiosis Hoc erat odiosis
  2. The past few days on the Shard have been kind of slow. So here's a ridiculous time waster. There once was an ardent swordmaster, Whose speech was a vibrant disaster, He'd grumble with hues, While training bridge crews, He most certainly wasn't named Vasher. Wax has a friend who likes hats, Who battles with bubbles and bats, His accents are "borrowed," His history sorrowed, That Wayne is the oddest of cats.
  3. I've had fun in the Cosmere Limericks page, but the ever present boredom returns, so here's a place to try something a little more... Difficult. Shattered to Shards, seeking purpose leave- Odium, leaving purpose, seeks Shards to shatter.