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Found 57 results

  1. Speak again the hallowed oaths: Books before friends. 17th Shard before the real world. Release dates before birthdays. This guild is for those of us who will pledge our allegiance to the cause of... well... being awkward. Our best friends are fictional characters. We stay up late at night, watching the comforting blue glow of our various devices as we look up obscure things on The Coppermind. We read and reread books for traces of Hoid and various awesomeness. The Knights Awkward must rise again. The orders are as follows (spoiler tags for length)
  2. Ya know what to do The Way of Kings - 4 Words of Radiance - 4 Edgedancer - 4 Oathbringer - 4 Dawnshard - 4 Rhythm of War - 4 Mistborn - 4 The Well of Ascension - 4 The Hero of Ages - 4 The Alloy of Law - 4 Shadows of Self - 4 The Bands of Mourning - 4 Secret History - 4 The Eleventh Metal - 4 Elantris - 4 The Hope of Elantris - 4 Warbreaker - 4 The Emperor's Soul - 4 Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell - 4 Sixth of the Dusk - 4 Arcanum Unbounded - 4
  3. So I've been in this reading challenge (one friend dared me to read 250 books this year) and I'm about halfway through. The problem is, I'm running out of books to read! Does anyone have any recommendations? I like to read pretty much everything (I'm not particularly picky), though I prefer Fantasy and other fiction genres.
  4. As an LDS teenager, I love fantasy and basically any book I can get my hands on, but so many modern fantasy books are full of sex, pornography, and dirty jokes. Are there any recommendations you guys have on CLEAN Fantasy?
  5. I was looking at the forums and was ashamed to find that there was no Keeper of the Lost Cities topic. This is for anyone who would like to talk about KotLC. Three main questions: 1. Who do you ship? 2. Which is your favorite book? 3. Which is your favorite character?
  6. This is a thread to talk all things Wings of Fire, Tui T. Sutherland’s YA book series about dragons! Spoilers ahead! Who are your favorite characters? What are you hoping for/predicting in the next book? So far, my favorite character is Sunny, with Fatespeaker and Cricket as close seconds. Unfortunately, Sunny doesn’t get much development outside of book 5, which disappoints me, and is also why book 5 is my favorite book of the series. Also, what did you think about Dragonslayer? I quite liked it, but I think there were a few people I’ve seen who would have preferred getting book 14 first.
  7. what it says, just talking about and admitting guilty pleasures THIS IS A SAFE SPACE FOR EVERYONE and all embarrassing shows and book loves for example, i am a avid MLP fan, and totally afraid to admit it
  8. Ok how do you guys get your books? I personally use the library and kindle, but how do you? Vote in the above poll
  9. What is favorite series/standalone and what is your least favorite? And why? Which magic system do you resonate with the most and why?
  10. This is in response to another thread, where instead of focusing on book recommendations, we all ended up floating down memory lane. What was your favorite book/book series when you were a kid? What were you obsessed with? What remains close to your heart, and what do you cringe over now?
  11. Hi, Sharders! So, ever since the Knight Radiants Order Quiz came out and we got to know a little bit more about the specific traits related to each order I've been compulsivelly trying to sort every one of my favorite charachters from books, movies, TV series, anime or mangas, games and so on.... But it turns out I'm in quite a pickle in a couple of chases, cause I'm just can decide wich order fits them best. That's when I said to myself "Hey everybody in the 17th seems to be pretty good at super-annalizing this kind of subject, let's ask them" So I would like this to be a thread where anybody could propose a charachter ( any charachter from any format of entertainment) and everybody who knows about the charachter here on the Shard ( we all seem to have pretty good taste, after all we all love BS) can go ahead and say wich order they think would be a better fit and why? To start, I'll just propose a fantasy classic I think most people know Harry Potter, so I'll ask for him, Hermione and Ron; but if you are a fan feel free to speculate on any of the charachters. And to get more in topic I'll bring up ASoIaF, wich is sort of a personal favorite. Is anybody there even KR material?, maybe the Starks( Jon, Arya, Sansa.. Ned is definitively the embodyment of honor)
  12. Who here likes DIVERGENT!?!?!?!? I do. What are your opinions on the end?(plz use spoilers) Opinions on anything else? Please, I want to discuss with you!
  13. As the title says, which medium to you think works best for which kind of story? I have several projects in various stages of writing/brainstorming. One is a superhero novel series set in the 'real world', and another novel/series is a little closer to the epic fantasy mould. I'm working on a graphic novel script which was partially inspired by Bioshock, and I think the emphasis on the architecture of the main cities means it needs a visual medium (or perhaps it could be an illustrated novel similar to the Stormlight Archive). Another idea which has gone to the backburner is a tv show which can be boiled down to Sanctuary/Primeval, if a Buffy-wannabe was going around trying to kill all the creatures they're trying to save. Obviously, different media have their own pros and cons. Literature gives more access to the internal workings of a character, but visual media are more immediate, and film/tv allows you to follow the characters movements and bring music into the equation. To use the Bioshock example, games also allow you to almost tell yourself the story.
  14. We've all been there - whether we're looking for cheap books because we're strapped for cash, want to support our local library, or still want to read while saving up for that newest hardback, all of us at one point or another have probably been on the hunt for cheap/free books. What are your favorite sources of cheap/free books? These may be yard sales, library-supported apps like Libby/Overdrive, or Lending Library...where do you purchase, or borrow, your favorite books, ebooks, and audiobooks?
  15. It's been a very long time...I sorely miss the Cosmere. I've been kept busy, and I haven't even had time to read. In the past it's been my escape, and I seldom have a chance to even pick up a good book for a few moments anymore. I've had to pause my progress on Hero of Ages, and I really miss reading in general, but especially Sanderson. But that's all good and fine, I'm prioritizing, and I hope to find more time to read this summer. So, partially because I want to remain active on the Shard, but also genuinely to ask a question I'm posting this. Once I finally finish Hero of Ages, I'm planning to read Warbreaker before I continue on to Words of Radiance. I can figure out a decent order, however I'd like some advice on where to fit in Shadows for Silence--I know it's a short read, so maybe that'd be good for when I am still busy. I know Threnody is a less significant shardworld, so I was wondering if anyone had input on where to fit it in with my (slow) Cosmere reading. Thanks for keeping the Shard alive, I'm looking forward to Binge Reading again when I get the chance and hopefully I can keep up with the Cosmere better next year, since I've actually only gotten to a couple books as of yet.
  16. Hey y’all I’m new here and I just finished the Mistborn trilogy and I’m in love with it! What should I read next?
  17. There are only so many times I can re-read The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, and Oathbringer in a row. I'd like to mix in some new novels before coming back at SA. So: I'm looking for book recommendations; what would you put forward as similar to SA, but different enough to be fresh? Or maybe just some recently-finished books that come to mind. I can start with some recently-finished ones Sufficiently Advanced Magic (Andrew Rowe) This has a sequel, On The Shoulders of Titans, which was recently published. I would describe these as a cross between Harry Potter and D&D. It effectively starts with the main character's entrance exam to school, during which stranger-than-the-expected-amount-of-strange things happen, culminating in a Quest. This Quest winds up being tied into Far Larger Things of an Epic Nature. The magic system is quite detailed -- perhaps a step too far for my taste (mana is, for instance, quantified numerically, there is a class system like you would find in an RPG). Compared to SA, the focus on the characters is impersonal. For instance, Kaladin's motivations clearly come from aversion to failure, and ensuing self-recrimination; Dalinar's from a sense of remorse combined with respect for discipline; Shallan's from feeling like she has to present a different face in different situations combined with the desire to define her true self. I couldn't say the same about the main five of these books; the main motivations are generally external (getting stronger, helping others). The story is much more combat-heavy than SA; but these scenes are done very well. My largest gripe is that (especially with book 2), the main characters routinely get in far over their heads (like sailboat-attacks-battleship) without significant-enough consequences. Probably 7.5/10 for #1, 7/10 for #2. Similarity to SA: Some. Positive outlook. Magic, some (hinted-at) politics, talking non-humans, involved divine entities, (largely-unknown) before-the-gods magic and history Perdido Street Station (China Mieville) This is a beautiful book, with a heavy emphasis on physical description. The world is incredibly varied, with sentients spanning the gaps between subterranean extradimensional spider-things, a race of sentient but parasitic pairs of hands, anarcho-communist tengu communes, garbage heaps with emergent AI, and actual devils. And everything in-between. Much of the plot -- particularly in the first 20% of the book or so -- feels like an excuse for more excursions into the various unique little niches of culture and history and biology found within the setting. If you liked the bit of TWoK with Shallan and the Santhid, or Rysn's interlude in the Reshi isles, or the Kaza soulcaster interlude, you might find this book appealing. There is no magic system. Magic exists in a kind of scientific form ("Thaumaturgy"), and lots of magical things happen, but the "how" is not a concern of the book. Magical creatures do this sort of a thing, and it's an instance of that kind of thaumaturgy, but nobody really knows how it functions. The character's don't extensively use the magic, and the story isn't about them learning to use it or getting stronger with it; so this approach works quite well. In contrast to SAM, the characters have clear personal motivations (needing intellectual and social validation; regaining a core component of self-identity). The story can be summarized very succinctly: Boy plays with Science, Science decides to try to kill everyone, Everyone doesn't know what the heck to do so tells Boy to fix the problem, Boy (nearly fatally) attempts to fix the problems several times before finally succeeding. None of the 867 pages is devoted to political machinations, the bulk of it is details and vignettes and interludes. I loved it -- but if you want the plot to drag you along by your ears from page 1 to page 600, this isn't the book for you. Finally, the prose itself is a world apart from SA. It is verbose, descriptive, and logophilic. I had to look up a word or two ("etiolated") for the first time in years. I think this adds to the aesthetic of other-worldliness; at the cost of feeling slower and a bit pretentious. The tone is definitely darker, coarser, and grittier than SA. Nonetheless 8.5/10. Similarity to SA: Not much. Forces More Powerful Than Us; world-building; magical creatures
  18. I was just wondering if anyone knows whether Brandon is going to continue to release the $100 leather-bound editions of his books on their tenth anniversaries? I need to know how much I'll need to be saving up in the future if I'm going to have to re-buy every single novel he's written for display. Haha. I would assume he would just stick to the bigger cosmere-related novels, but I wasn't sure if it was going to continue making these for Way of Kings, Warbreaker (which would be next I believe), and the Wax and Wayne Mistborn books.
  19. Looking for good books with a female protagonist that is either a villain or anti hero. Preferably Middle Ages-esque. The Young Elites series is a good example.
  20. Sorry for brutalizing this, I was wondering if Arsteel was the author of the Alasteely(Couldn't find a spelling for it) since he was one of the five scholars... I couldn't find and reference to this in Warbreaker, or Stormlight forums...
  21. I love Brandon Sanderson, I have read all mistborn books (including arcanum unbounded), white sand, the way of kings, the reckoners, and alcatraz vs. the evil librarians. Any sugestions for what Sanderson books (preferably cosmere) I should read next?
  22. Is there still a way to ask questions in signed books? I can't remember if it was removed or not.
  23. Hi! I'm TruthlessofShinovar. I really thought that name would have been taken. I remember last year looking at some Best Fantasy Books lists, and I found Way of Kings as number 1 or 2. The cover and description instantly hooked me. I looked it up on Goodreads, and it became even more interesting. I remember buying the Kindle version that evening because I needed to read it. I think my 16-year-old mind blown with every chapter. (About 500 pages later I bought the physical copy - and the sequel.) A few months after reading WOK I read Elantris, and I loved it. Then Words of Radiance, which I think is even better than Way of Kings. Now, 8 months and three Sanderson books later, I'm currently reading Mistborn: The Final Empire. I love Brandon's writing style in the Stormlight books, but for some reason I'm finding Mistborn's style a bit clunky and exposition-heavy. From reading some earlier and later Sanderson books, I think he really improved on his writing - and especially his dialogue.
  24. As we are all book lovers here, I thought many of you would enjoy a poem I wrote today that I'm calling "A Dusty Old Tome". It's supposed to be a prose poem, so don't tell me about the lack of stanzas. Here goes: Watch as the traveller pushes through the heavy oak doors into the portal of brick walls and hardwood floors. A labyrinth of leather-bound books line the walls, lamenting their isolation, waiting and wishing the traveller be tricked into selecting their stories. But despite that, waiting patiently with a hush one could feel more than hear. The reader can sense some sort of reverence in the respectful silence permeating the library. In counterpoint, familiar already-read tales shout in recognition to the traveller, who marvels that no one can hear them but he. Beams of sunlight cascade through the skylight, pointing out hovering motes of dust that tickle the traveller’s nose. The dust in the air swirls like magical pixie powder as the traveller passes slowly through the sunbeams. Slowly, so he can read the spines of the dusty tomes sitting on their tightly packed shelves. Titles glitter in gold and silver on the spines of black or brown books, mere glimpses into the secrets they hold. The traveller selects a candidate, on a shelf almost too high for his reach. The worn book has known many a touch; its pages browned by age, its binding crackling at its opening. But the traveller is careful, ever so careful with the precious, fragile tome. The indescribable scent of ancient parchment wafts to the traveller’s nose: Musty, dusty, and lackluster, but somehow hinting and wonder. And the thin papers smooth to the brush of his fingertips, possessing grit ever so fine. Black-inked words stand stark on the off-white pages, but its story is more than just words. The traveller is already smitten; the reader already in love. The jealously taciturn books unselected would have to wait until his next visit, the traveller remarks. He’d selected his journey for today, but soon he’d return for another. Let me know what you think! And thanks for reading!
  25. Just finished the first book in The Risen Kingdoms trilogy. Highly recommended. We get a peek at just a few, quite original magic systems (using your shadow to kill). Lots of world building. Anyone else here read it? What did you think?