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Found 28 results

  1. Alright! It is TIME! Let's DO THIS! Oh, wait, you have no idea what I'm talking about. Last year, I came up with a cool idea for a book. and I decided to write it. And never got started. But then I decided to really apply myself and actually write it. Aaaaaand I never got past the prologue. But now, on my third attempt, I finished the prologue, and the first two chapters, and I'm still going strong. So I decided to share it with the amazing and supportive Shard community. I'm very bad at writing, so I'd appreciate feedback. I hope that you enjoy my crummy novel skills! Chapters will hopefully be posted on Thursdays. My goal is to write two chapters a week, but I might only post one due to revision and stuff. We're starting out with the (very bad) prologue, so tune in this Thursday to see the (revised) chapters One and Two. So yes! Welcome to... Heroes of Home Peak By NerdyAarakocra That blurb on the back of the book that explains stuff Prologue Chapter One Canil Chapter Two El'nar Chapter Three Canil Chapter Four El'nar What will happen to El'nar? Will Canil's plotline actually start? What about the magic system? Find out next time in NERDY WRITES BAD FANTASY! *Outro music*
  2. So here's a story. I'll be updating it every once and a while. It's just a side story I'll be writing when I get tired of my book I'm trying to publish (The first little bit is in my signature). I think the magic system of this book is pretty interesting. Sorry for the length. Maybe I'll shorten chapters into sections. Chapter 1
  3. SPOILERS!!! For Stormlight archive and missborn i’m sure there’s already A lot of posts about this but how is honor Dead are they talking about the host or the power is honor Dead in the way that preservation was dying where the host died but the power was still there so Sazed’s could take it can someone still take up the power of honor is it actually possible to kill the power of a shard
  4. What does the in universe Way of kings Book look like for example is it a Big tome or is it just an average book
  5. I've been reading darkstalker and darkness of dragons, but am i the only one who hates peacemaker but loves darkstalker? anyone agree?
  6. So, I am starting to wander my way into some of the non cosmere works as I await the lost metal. Just curious if anyone else has much experience with the world of Enderal as I love it immensely and have no one to talk about it with (much like the cosmere). If you are not familiar feel free to comment anyway as I so love to gush about any form of media I enjoy. As always thank you for your time and I look forward to talking with you all.
  7. From the album Memes!

  8. So, would anyone be interested in me writing a book like Fadran has? It wouldn't be frequent, but I'd definitely do it if there is interest.
  9. What is your Favorite Harry Potter Book and Movie?
  10. We've all been there - whether we're looking for cheap books because we're strapped for cash, want to support our local library, or still want to read while saving up for that newest hardback, all of us at one point or another have probably been on the hunt for cheap/free books. What are your favorite sources of cheap/free books? These may be yard sales, library-supported apps like Libby/Overdrive, or Lending Library...where do you purchase, or borrow, your favorite books, ebooks, and audiobooks?
  11. I was wondering if anyone could provide some input on the magic system in my novel. It's not fully fleshed out yet and I need some help developing it. The wizards in my novel have certain types of magic that they are born good at, and others that can be developed over time. There are also aspects of it that they can never master (example: A character who is born exceptional at influencing the elements. They struggle with telepathy, but they can still perform it to some degree. However, they are never able to shapeshift). My question is: What could be a determining factor of the magic they can and can't do? My friend had the idea that it could depend on genetics and ancestry, say someone who's ancestors were from Antarctica had power over heat and fire. Or we had an idea that maybe wizards with different powers came together in clans a long time ago and they all migrated to different places, meaning that where you're from could determine your power set. I'm just trying to come up with a better plan for my magic system, since it's not very together at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  12. This came in the mail today!!
  13. This is a summary of the basic premise of the world for my current project, Glowdrop. Highmount is a city that pierces the sky. This city, isolated on the small continent of Vibrolan, is built completely around a massive volcano called the Glowmount. However, this is no ordinary volcano. The Glowmount fires a strange substance called Glowdrops into the atmosphere before night falls every night, to keep the darkness of the Night away. The people of Highmount worship the Glowmount and what it does almost like a deity, and shun darkness. All who possess qualities of darkness, from hair to skin color, are subjugated as "darkshades". Darkshades are fed endless propaganda and are forced to live at the very bottom of Highmount, barely able to see the sky. All the while, brightshades, with hair and skin from blonde to blue, revel endlessly under the light of day. On the topic of Glowdrops, not all of them make it to the atmosphere. Some wayward glowdrops return to earth, and some even crystallize into a stone known as Tearstone. On its own, Tearstone is a particularly ordinary stone, but some of the inhabitants of Highmount have the ability to use Color Weeping, an ability that allows them to create a physical representation of their emotion, a technicolor substance called Emotion. Using Emotion, they can bond it to an object made of Tearstone and give it a special power depending on its structure. For example, a Tearstone Sword, given enough Emotion, can become up to four times as powerful as an ordinary sword. There are six levels of Emotion production that are categorized at the amount of Emotion released every ten seconds. At maximum Emotional Level, a special power is reached that depends on the emotion used Sadness creates the Blue Dampening, a blue aura that decreases the effect of Emotion on Tearstone Happiness creates the Red Awakening, a red aura that increases the effect of Emotion on Tearstone Love creates the Green Dispersion, beams of green light that give some of the user's Emotion to whoever they touch. Hate creates the Yellow Redirection, beams of yellow light that take people's Emotional storage and give it to the user when they touch someone. Other Emotional Powers are rumored to exist, but none have been officially documented. And that's the basic world premise for Glowdrop! Feel free to ask me any questions.
  14. I am currently in the process of writing a book, the planning phase to be exact. I am also looking for co-author(s), I figured the shard is the best place to look. I need some help, the poll being one, and the other being the magic system. I am having four people wield the four forces of nature and I don't know how to really create a magic system around gravitation, electromagnetism, the weak interaction, and the strong interaction. So please post your ideas. (Names are welcome as well!) Below this is the synopsis of the book. Balance has been upended. I fear I have been the cause of this. I can feel the change on the winds, in my blood. A darkness is coming and I fear I can not stop it alone. My goodness and just dealings have brought this upon the world. God once lived among men, but now he is gone. No amount of searching has uncovered the slightest clue to where he might be. We might as well be doomed. But if you, hero, are reading this, humanity might have the slightest chance, a glimmer of hope to overcome the eternal death that has been unleashed. Do not lose hope, endure what is to come with patience, for if you don't humanity might as well give up. Character Synopsis Aurell Faine She was sent as an ambassador from Ettera to the kingdom of Surn to plead for help, aid and Allies from King Spero Montague. Upon her arrival, she finds out that the capital has closed its gates to all. In a moment of desperation she sneaks into the city only to find herself confronted by a cloaked character. When she reaches the palace she sense that the city is the center of everything, and something big might revolve around her finding out the identity of the figure in black. What will she uncover? Prince Ryker Sinclair Montague 3rd Ryker is third in line for the Montague throne. He is a known to be an excellent swordsman, and witty. But he harbors a secret that nobody can find out. He is the Sparrow. A religious crime fighting vigilante, who feels it is his duty to keep the city safe and return the truths lost to the people so long ago. What will he do when he meets the Etteran Ambassador? Casteal Vaenlane Her name means “the enemy”. Brilliant and talented in engineering, science and mathematics she was inducted into the Flanagan Empire’s military School for the gifted. Even there she exceed the expectations and was soon drafted into the military to build designs of mass destruction and domination. Soon war broke out as Emperor Flanagan tested a new weapon on the peoples of a nearby nation of Voryld-En’ryn. She is promoted to a general of a fleet, she designed herself. Can she win the war? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! -Sahin the Just
  15. So... hello? In my country some genius splited Oathbringer into two parts. Firts already come out and second one will be available in next two months. I just finished teading first part of it and I am searching for some PDF in english, to finish reading book. Can anybody help me? I would be really happy.
  16. Hey everyone. I know we're all excited for Oathbringer What are you all going to do the moment you open the box that came in the mail, that contains that beautiful, hardcover book? Will you scream with joy, and let the cake burn in the oven while you glory over the embossed cover? Will you jump in and start reading immediately, missing five important phone calls, but you don't even care? Does UPS come later at your house, so that at 10 pm, you'll scream with joy, awakening your dog (not like that) and not even caring that no work will get done the following day because you stayed up until 4 am reading?
  17. So, I haven't found this question discussed anywhere on the site. Last we heard from Eshonai she was pushed down a chasm by Adolin at the final confrontation with the Parshendi in the WoR. Here is the extract from the book: "His shove threw her over the plateau's edge. He felt Eshonai's panic, heard her shout, as she was dropped into the open blackness" (pp. 1011). Given the storms raging/ building, at the time, we can expect that the chasms wasn't and wouldn't be very hospitable place to be for the coming hours, and given that Shardplates behave like other armor in water, it probably won't be particularly useful in saving her life. So, going on that I am assuming she is dead. But, I have three small questions that make me ask whether she might somehow be alive after all. 1. We know that Esonai, based on postings from other people here, that she will have the flashbacks in book 4 (I think), and while Mr. S has said that (also based on postings from other people here) that the person didn't need to be alive to have flashbacks, might this be a factor making it more likely that she survived? 2. And, related, there has been some suggestions on the forum that the the 10 flashback persons are related to the 10 orders of KR, although Mr. S apparently has considered giving someone two flashback books, e.g. Kaladin, which would suggest that there is no relationship between the 10 books and the 10 orders of KR. However, if there indeed is a link between them, that would mean that Eshonai somehow has to be become a KR, which would require her to still be alive (okay, this wasn't really a question at all). 3. In the ending of the WoR, there is no mention, as far as I can remember, of Eshonai, or speculations of what has happened to her. Given the value of shard plates/swords, said to be worth more than a kingdom, isn't it strange that people weren't running to the chasms to find and claim them? Or, do you guys reckon that this is all being taken care of in the background with Mr. S not wanting to use space in the ending of the book for such trivial matters? So, basically, what I am saying is that she is not mentioned after falling down the chasm, combined with the fact that she has a flashback chapter, and that I am uncertain about how useful a shard plate and sword might be for falling into and getting out of/ surviving in a chasm during a storm while in stormform. What do you guys think, is it pure nonsense from my part, or might she still be alive, somehow?
  18. Welcome to the first weekly book review by Sharders, for Sharders! Come here to read critiques and discuss what everyone's reading this week. (To write your own review and contribute to this great community, Sign up here!) Applause goes to The Young Bard for organizing this group. To get the ball rolling, I'll share my review of The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa, originally written a few years ago after I read the book the second time. And, if you've already read The Immortal Rules, you might be interested in my reviews of books 2 and 3 in the Blood of Eden trilogy, The Eternity Cure and The Forever Song. (SPOILER WARNING: My reviews of books 2 and 3 contain spoilers for previous books in the series.)
  19. Hi guys! So you know how Brandon Sanderson made a 10th anniversary special leather edition of Elantris?? Well what about Mistborn? It's almost been 10 years since the first book came out (it came out July 17th 2006) Do you think Brandon will make something special? if so, please comment your ideas! I personally think he will do something special for that but maybe he will wait for the entire first trilogy to have 10 years to make something special... (2018)
  20. I'm going to pre-order it and Bands of Mourning soon. Is that a good idea or should I wait until it gets cheaper? Is anyone else going to order it?
  21. Hi, friends! This is an outline of my book idea. I'm writing it right now, and I can't wait to tell everyone! I hope you enjoy it! WorldSync --------------------------- Backround: Only two beings, one might call them gods, existed in this universe. A father a son. The father loves his son very much, and wishes to tell him all about the universe and it's secrets. The son wants to make his dad proud more than anything else. When the boy got old enough, the father decided to teach him the ways of life and what it means to the existence of the universe. The boy watches as his father raises his hand and a solar system, a sun and 5 appears in a blink of a godly eye. "Son," he said "This is your first test in succeeding me.". The father had grown quite old in the last millennium. "I will not be here forever, so I must teach you. Create bodies of animals. Show me your creativity." The boy did as the father asked, and created a vast variety of creatures. The father was very impressed, but something was missing, something important. The creatures did not move, they were lifeless. The father took a deep breath and breathed a godly breath, full of life. The creatures blinked and stirred. "I have much to teach you. You have done me proud. I love you" and they embraced. Several hundred years later, a much wiser son and a much older father prepared for another lesson. "I grow tired of these teachings, father. Let me go throughout the universe and prove myself. "And the father denied him. Then let me just visit my creations. Just for a bit. And the son raced down to the planet. The planet was huge, and teeming with life the son had created and life the father breathed. The original creatures the Father had given life, called The Alpha Generation, were immortal, but not indestructible, and their sons and daughters were mortal. A peculiar species called the Sunborn, grew jealous of the son, and wanted his vast power for themselves. The Sunborn are glowing forms of pure energy, with a unique symbol on their faces. They attacked the Son as he drew near. The Son, never thinking his own creatures, his own children would attack him, was powerless. Other creatures of the Son were near. These creatures had physical bodies, unlike the Sunborn. These Alphas had seen their creator get attacked. Only the bravest of these Alphas would help. They would be soon known as the Monkey, Horse, Cat and Wolf. They fought the Sunborn off, and the Son was grateful. So grateful, that he gave them the best gift he could give; a sacred body and mind. They could think like the Son and Father, and they now had bodies modeled after them too. The Son went to show his dad what he had done. The Father was very angered at what he had done, but also very scared. What if they rose up against him? A deep voice appeared around them. "The first prophecy has been fulfilled, and a deal broken. You and everything else will be obliterated." A sudden lack of light appeared around them, black tendrils, an absence of light, surrounded everything. The Father, fearing for his life, and everything else in existence, needed to stop Him. He breathed his power out in a huge breath, and everything was destroyed. But the prophecy is the single driving force of everything, and it must be fulfilled. The earth the Father had created split into 4 pieces and now existed in 4 dimensions, with the 4 "risen" creatures inhabiting different ones. The Prophecy is in motion. I hope you enjoyed this. I know it has errors and plot holes, but I'll be developing it more in the future. I've got the premise of the first book already finalized, with a lot more surprises, I promise! -Aegis P.S- All criticism is welcome here. Please tell me everything that's on your mind!
  22. Should Brandon re-schedule the Philly signing that should have been tonight but was cancelled due to a little bit of snow.... I know Vin would have made it even if she had to use a few Horseshoes...
  23. Hey guys, don't know if this thread has already been done but i wanted to make a new Topic all about the Easter eggs in each of the Cosmere books. I've been doing a great reread of all the Cosmere books and thought it would be a good idea to have them easily accessible for everybody, So if you find a Easter Egg please feel free to post