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Found 48 results

  1. I have been thinking about Bondsmiths and the spren they bond with for a while now, specifically about the power these spren grant their bondmates. It takes no great leap in logic to wonder why. Look at how the Stormfather describes the power he grants to Dalinar: "Yours is the power Ishar once held. Before he was Herald of Luck, they called him Binder of Gods. He was the founder of the Oathpact. No Radiant is capable of more than you. Yours is the power of Connection, of joining men and worlds, minds and souls. Your Surges are the greatest of all, though they will be impotent if you seek to wield them for mere battle." Amazing right? But in this post I'd like to highlight a possible feature to the Bondsmiths and the power they wield that may be an added bonus, implied rather than explicit. Pure speculation, emphasis mine: “But as for the Bondsmiths, they had members only three, which number was not uncommon for them; nor did they seek to increase this by great bounds, for during the times of Madasa, only one of their order was in continual accompaniment of Urithiru and its thrones. Their spren was understood to be specific, and to persuade them to grow to the magnitude of the other orders was seen as seditious. ” I highlight this particular passage because the bondsmith spren defy classification. In every other order one can pinpoint a general shape of what the spren of that order will look like, including characteristics, tendencies, and abilities. Honorspren are blue, playful, and can hide their presence in the Physical Realm from all but a few people. Cryptics have the distinctive symbol heads, can change size and shape but not go invisible in the Physical Realm, and hum when they hear lies. Inkspren can hide in the Physical, but when showing cannot change form, only size, and they are ultimately logical. I could do this for almost every order, spit out facts that differentiate them from other spren, other orders, based on what we find in the text. The point is that there are commonalities among them. Those spren who grant Bondsmith powers are different in that they defy typical classification. The only commonalities they share are that they hold more Investiture than any being on the planet who isn't a Shard and they grant Bondsmith powers to those they bond. After that the similarities end abruptly. We have met 2 of the Bondsmith spren in the text, Stormfather and Nightwatcher, and they could not be more different, either in appearance, temperament, and what would likely attract them. We haven't met the Sibling yet but it seems like it has a different function than the others as well. Take a look at another quote, emphasis mine: "So Melishi retired to his tent, and resolved to destroy the Voidbringers upon the next day, but that night did present a different stratagem, related to the unique abilities of the Bondsmiths; and being hurried, he could make no specific account of his process; it was related to the very nature of the Heralds and their divine duties, an attribute the Bondsmiths alone could address." Unique Abilities. That may not be evidence, but it is a slight indication that Bondsmiths are a bit different. In my mind they cannot just be talking about their regular surges, Adhesion and Tension in that quote. Even the combination of the two amounts to what Stormfather once referred to as a 'party trick'. Well enough preamble, Maybe-Not-So-Crazy Theory time. I have come to believe that Bondsmiths get abilities outside the traditional powers of their order based on which Mega-Spren they bond. I do not know what these abilities are so the speculation must come from what the Spren can do. For the Stormfather he grants his Bondsmith the ability to far see, i.e. he can get a real time video feed of any region the Highstorm touches. For the Nightwatcher it's uncertain, but she has been delegated the task of granting the boons and curses of the Old Magic. Any special ability she would grant to her Bondsmith, I would imagine it would be related to that. We know that the Sibling powered Urithiru and that in the past a Bondsmith was in permanent residence there. Would it grant its Bondsmith the ability to monitor anything going on in that city? All of these abilities fall outside any conceivable application of Adhesion or Tension, even if we attempt to factor in Spiritual Realm shenanigans. It sounds far fetched but we've seen Dalinar display some unique abilities that fall outside what his surges could account for already. Now I'm sure that there are functions that both fall outside what a Bondsmith's surges account and are possible for any Bondsmith to perform. Super Charging spheres according to one WOB is one such ability that all bondsmiths have. For the Stormfather to call Bondsmiths the most capable of Radiants has to mean something, right? I'm just thinking that unique spren with unique functions should grant different abilities as well. Tell me what you guys think.
  2. So, this is my first "official" theory, and to be honest, it's not completely formed yet. I'll try to add/update as it solidifies in my brain and as I find supportive quotes. At this point, it's more of a gut feeling, but I could be WAAYYY off LOL. In a nutshell, I believe one of two things. Either a) that each/all of the KR will end up ultimately bonding 2 spren. The next question would seem to be, which ones? And, how would they do it? Or b ) that KR will be paired and bonded in some way. If we take option a, it may be that in order to bond a second spren, the specialized skills of the Bondsmiths may be needed. Not sure what that would be or how it would work yet, but it could be an additional meaning to the "unite them" message that Dalinar is motivated by. We know there is conflict among the KR, and also the spren. We don't know yet exactly what the tension is between them, but we can deduce (and it's been mentioned by others here) that it's because of conflicting ideals such as with Syl and Pattern. In this theory, the KR would quite literally bond two different spren. With option b, which I'm tending to like much better than a, the Bondsmiths would be able to create a link between two Radiants, by creating some sort of bond between their spren. I don't know if it would cause the spren to quite literally "merge" in some way, or if it would be more along the lines of an oath. I tend to think oath. I also feel like the Parshendi are involved somehow since they can bond with spren as well, but I haven't quite figured out how. Have to chew on that a bit more I suppose.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks that Adhesion is the dumbest of all the surges. Especially with Windrunners. We've only seen them stick people to things which they could could do already by just changing their gravity to the wall. It doesn't seem to be very effective or useful. With Bondsmiths we see Dalinar use Adhesion to spirtually connect to the Azish enough to speak their language but Windrunners are just stuck with a lame power that has been used in practicing with stormlight and never again. Any Ideas on what Adhesion might do additionally for specifically windrunners, if it does do anything more?
  4. I'm on my 4th trip through OB now and I'm trying to keep my eye out for odd stuff. A part of chapter 38 got my brain juices bubbling. It's the scene at the end where the Stormfather has finished explaining to Dalinar and Navani about the Heralds betrayal. A Shin soldier walks into the cave where the Heralds left their blades. "The man fell to his knees before the wonder of the abandoned Honor-blades. But a moment later, the man looked to Dalinar, and then spoke with the Almighty's voice. "Unite them". Could Tanavast have been telling Dalinar to literally unite the Honor-blades? By this I mean, use his Bondsmith weirdness to merge them into one blade that grants all of the Surges and all of the intersections that would result from having them.
  5. Reposting this from my introduction post **Warning: This post contains MASSIVE spoilers for Oathbringer. Proceed either with caution, or not at all.** Hi guys! This is my first post here, and I want to talk about Dalinar. Near the end of Oathbringer, Dalinar is able to recreate Honor’s perpendicularity by joining the 3 Realms. I was wondering what the extent of these powers are. Could Dalinar travel to the Spiritual Realm? What would happen if he did? Does this require Stormlight? At the end of Oathbringer, Kaladin said that Dalinar was able to renew gemstones for his trip, which indicates that Dalinar is able to combine the Realms at any time. Can Dalinar do this because he is a Bondsmith, or is it something else entirely? We know that Bondsmiths are somewhat special among Radiants, as there can only be three, and the order was founded by Ishar, who (I think) Ash said was the only Herald that didn’t lose his mind. Dalinar seemed able to do something similar when he operated the Oathgate, despite having no Shardblade. This power is surely the same as the one Dalinar used later on to unite the Realms, but this quote makes it sound less like a Bondsmith power, as opening the Oathgate seemed to hurt the Stormfather, or at least bother him deeply. This probably wouldn’t happen had this been typical Bondsmith behavior. This raises a question: if it’s not a Bondsmith ability, then where did this power come from?
  6. So when Dalinar unites the Realms, he refers to the Spiritual Realm not as a place, but all places at once. Since it seems that Bondsmiths are able to join the Realms and create portals between them, could one theoretically travel through a Bondsmith’s perpendicularity and use the Spiritual Realm for instantaneous travel? I don’t think this would work for going anywhere, as the rift only connects to one place in the Physical Realm, but one might be able to travel to a different perpendicularity, as that path to the Physical/Cognitive Realm already exists. If this is possible, however, that would make Bondsmiths extremely powerful. It actually makes me wonder how Radiants with the Transportation Surge travel, though I’m pretty sure this isn’t it.
  7. **Warning: This post contains MASSIVE spoilers for Oathbringer. Proceed either with caution, or not at all.** Hi guys! This is my first post here, and I want to talk about Dalinar. Near the end of Oathbringer, Dalinar is able to recreate Honor’s perpendicularity by joining the 3 Realms. I was wondering what the extent of these powers are. Could Dalinar travel to the Spiritual Realm? What would happen if he did? Does this require Stormlight? At the end of Oathbringer, Kaladin said that Dalinar was able to renew gemstones for his trip, which indicates that Dalinar is able to combine the Realms at any time. Can Dalinar do this because he is a Bondsmith, or is it something else entirely? We know that Bondsmiths are somewhat special among Radiants, as there can only be three, and the order was founded by Ishar, who (I think) Ash said was the only Herald that didn’t lose his mind. Dalinar seemed able to do something similar when he operated the Oathgate, despite having no Shardblade. This power is surely the same as the one Dalinar used later on to unite the Realms, but this quote makes it sound less like a Bondsmith power, as opening the Oathgate seemed to hurt the Stormfather, or at least bother him deeply. This probably wouldn’t happen had this been typical Bondsmith behavior. This raises a question: if it’s not a Bondsmith ability, then where did this power come from?
  8. When the words "Unite Them" appear on the page, is that someone speaking to Dalinar? Is that him remembering Honor speaking to him in the vision, like an echo? Is that Dalinar reminding himself of his mantra or something? This really piqued my interest, because I'm rereading Words of Radiance. I've read WoK a bunch, and Oathbringer about three times. Only read WoR once, so I've been rereading it and searching for clues. The interlude chapter called Taravangian, where he sails into Vedenar to see the King die, he thinks about how Gavilar had the visions and explained it to him. Then the text, "Unite them" appears. Did he hear it too? Is he remembering Gavilar speak it? Is there a disembodied voice speaking to more than one person? What happened here? I really hope this isn't a Bondsmith thing, because I really don't want to see him become a Bondsmith as well, while actively trying to undermine Dalinar so much. Btw, that chapter is fantastic for theory crafting. They talk a lot about the diagram, his boon and curse, 2 Unmade, they talk about Dova and how she discovered their operation and even have a Deathrattle. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!? lol
  9. Just finished Oathbringer yesterday!!!!

    © Ariel Edwards

  10. I have theory that I don't know if it has been brought up elsewhere. What if the sibling is the term for an unmade that has swapped sides as apart of the terms of the oathpact and is currently in a state of a coma as it's nature changes sides. Odium allows one of his minons to help humanity per each cycle and this rotates per each cycle. One of the unmade not active at present would be waiting for their new bondsmith to bond them as the "Sibling" currently sleeping has awoken as it's previous unmade self. This would account for there being 9 unmade while 10 is a specific number on roshar. It would also count for the unmade names to change as they have been confused as to which side they are and mistrust of the nightmother to be considered as one of the unmades.
  11. Dalinar is the only Bondsmith we know of to date int he story. He is bonded to the Stormfather who has never bonded to another since he has incorporated the Cognitive shadow of Honor. This has led to various uses of power that have never been done, according to the Stormafather. Dalinar has not begun using his second surge, which could also be boosted. Ishar/Ishi/ the Herald of Bondsmiths/ priests/ etc.was first in enforcing oaths on the Radiants, and claimed to have power to destroy them all. He is also mad, and without his Honorblade, but has a following believing he is a God (as he himself thinks) and still has a strong influence over Nale and his Radiants. The two are going to clash, and likely sooner rather than later. So the speculation starts with these: Does Dalinar clash with Ishi before Odium gets to him? -(I think yes) Who comes out as the top Bondsmith? - I must hope Dalinar does, since two other Heralds appear to be inclined to him at least). Does ishi try to destroy Radiant bonds? -Wow! what a twist that would be. Any guesses? Will Ishi join the coalition when he finds out of Honor/Stormfather's approval of Dalinar? - Naw, he is nuts.
  12. We saw when Dalinar bonded the Stormfather that he would not have a shard blade. I wonder whether this is the case for all Bondsmiths, and whether it applies to shardplate as well. Presumably a bondsmith could still wear shardplate without any issues. Also, I always got the impression that the Stormfather refused to be his blade out of pride, is there anything actually stopping the Stormfather from becoming his shardblade? Presumably, if Dalinar could be persuasive enough then the Stormfather may be convinced to become his blade. Feel free to correct me wherever I may be wrong. I welcome your input.
  13. Hello all, I have invested some stake in the idea that Cusicesh the Protector is the third Sibling, referred to as a sleeping "they" by the Stormfather in Oathbringer. The Stormfather refuses to divulge more information than their existence and their relation to himself and the Nightwatcher. Cusicesh is described in Interlude I-5 of the Way of Kings as a spren of great size (over 100 feet tall) with four arms and a body with a deep blue center. It* rises out of the ocean at the same time every day (7:46am, though I won't pretend to know what that means,) and looks toward the Origin for the full ten minutes of its "performance". While doing so, it rapidly changes between human faces--male and female. Axies cannot tell if there are any repetitions of the faces shown. People who have watched Cusicesh have reported feeling drained afterwards. From Oathbringer's exploration of the Cognitive Realm, there is mention of a link between humanity and the spren. If the Sibling is "sleeping" as the Stormfather said, I believe they would still need to sustain that interaction with humanity. So, everyday, Cusicesh wakes up from its pseudo-hibernation, drains some energy from onlookers to sustain itself, and looks toward the Origin with longing, bearing the faces of those it bonded with in the past, then goes back to sleep. *Though I believe Cusicesh to be the Sibling in question, my belief does not constitute as evidence for sentience in said spren, so I will use the pronouns given to me from the book for Cusicesh until I am proven correct or other pronouns are given.
  14. How do you think the Nahel Bond would be effected by a Knight Radiant traveling through space? I assume a spren like Syl would be more okay with traveling, and I feel it is implied that Willshapers and Lightspren potentially travel all over, but what if Dalinar had to board a spaceship and leave, would he still be connected enough to the Stormfather to benefit from the bond? Could the Stormfather travel? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? If the Stormfather were on a space station large enough to contain him, could they power it with stormlight and all Radiants always have plenty of power (while on the ship or whatever)? Any other thoughts about the Knight Radiant Orders in space??
  15. So we have no idea if all three Bondsmith will ever bond the mega spren: who would you most like to see rise up as the next two Bondsmith : me personally I would like to see Navani and Rock . Navani because she is so into Fabrials . And Rock because he is non violent and this would be a good use of his abilities :
  16. I have seen many threads on this and I thought I should ad mine to theirs. However , my theory is indirect sources is really coming at it from. Different angle. Who is the 3rd Bondsmith spren? i have just finished words of radiance for the third time. As Brandon changed the ending I wanted to see if there were any other changes . So I either missed all this before, or it wasn’t there. Szeth says Aboshi is the name of the spren of the mountains. He calls Nale by this title as he sees the Herald is akin to a god. The three Mega spren were on Roshar before the shards came. The Stormfather, The nightwatcher , and the sibling. Most of my basis revolves around Szeth, with a few lines of shallan and one of Eshonai. Eshonai during her transformation. And said once you were a friend . This details the time before the shards cane Szeth has been Urithiru twice since being name truthless. He blatantly says the city of Urithiru is the only place where stone is not cursed . This is where I believe the Stone spren set aside an area for humans to walk on . But why would Szeth come to Urithiru? Simple he cane to see if he was really truthless. He wanted to see for hisself if the Knights Radiant had returned. After he fought with Kaladin the first time he went there again. Nope no Radiants Kaladin must be lying . When shallan activated the Oathgate. Szeth was fighting Kaladin . Szeth saw the beam of light and said i have seen this before! They went to city didn’t they! Where could Szeth have seen an Osthgate operate? The only blades that could open an Osthgate are the Radiant blades which no one had, and the honorblades. So someone in Shinovsr used an honorblade to go to Urithiru . My guess a stone shaman went there to converse with Aboshi only to find he is still slumbering . So what cause him ( the sibling ) to withdraw? Shallan says that shattered plains were not always shattered! This much damage to stone cause the Stone spren to slumber. So in my opinion the Stone Spren is the Spren of the planet of Roshar. All the stone of the planet is Holy to the Shin. They will not walk on it as they believe it is a god in the same manner as the Stormfather is a god to humans . As there are many mountains of stone . It is another explanation of why Stormfather said leave them alone, you have hurt them enough. Mining stone , building castles of stone, and shattering the shattered plains. In order to wake the sibling I think the shattered plains needs to be restored . Seems like an impossible job ? The Surges of Adhesion and Tension are made to heal stone . The Stormfather told Dalinar “ what u did in Thaylan is a pittance of what u can really do . No Radiants powers are greater than your own! We all looked for the 3rd Bondsmith spren . We assumed in error that it just hasn’t been introduced yet but that is not Sanderson Style. He foreshadow major plot lines all the time. Since the first chapter of WoK she has spoken about how holy stone was. None of us thought to ask how or why is stone holy. I don’t know who will bond Aboshi , but I really hope it’s Navani . With her the possibilities are endless . Thoughts?
  17. sibling

    So this is really bothering me . “There is … a third sibling. They are not with us. “In hiding?” No. Slumbering. “Tell me more.” No. “But—” No! Leave them alone. You hurt them enough.” Excerpt From Oathbringer Brandon Sanderson This material may be protected by copyright. When the Stormfather speaks of his 3rd sibling why does he use the Plural them ! I couldn’t come up with a explanation that made sense. Maybe the spren is similar to the Aimian type 2 that break apart into 1,000 cremlings . So then I consider this Cusicesh the Protector spren and I go with all these faces , he could be a them / perhaps I’ll go ask a sage : I get this #1 Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Does Cusicesh the Protector have anything to do with the third Sibling at Urithiru? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] See, you gave me too much wiggle room there. Because "anything" is a really broad term. So I could say yes, but not in the way you're thinking. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Okay, hmm I have to rethink my theory then. Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] I'll say probably not in the way you're thinking. Im totally lost again . This guy is perfect . So my question is does anybody have a theory as to who this 3rd Bondsmith spren is , and why did the Stormfather use “them” in reference ? Is there perhaps a type of spren that are rare and can join together to make a single entity . The final thing I have to offer is I think while the Nightwatcher is of Cultivation and the Stormfather is of Honor, I think this 3rd entity is part Cultivation part Honor. Any ideas? I’m on the verge of going Brandon Lied to us it Cusicesh , he just didn’t want us to figure it out!!!
  18. So do we have confirmation (via WoB) that Oathbringer was the Bondsmith book? Brandon has confirmed that just because a books flashback is about one character, doesn’t mean the Knights Radiant Order focused on in the book has to be theirs. My question stems from the fact that other than Dalinar’s whole Unity thing going on, which we don’t understand yet anyway, plus a little showcase of his Surges, how much info did we get about Bondsmiths in general. (As I write this I realize there were all the conversations about the Sibling, but still, not that much stuff) On the other hand, we learn ALOT about Nale and the Skybreakers, their training, their hierarchy, their mindset, their ideals. In fact, this is the only Order of Radiants that we’ve seen even hinting at the 5th ideal. I haven’t seen much about this but if I’m missing something, please fill me in
  19. So, I’m rereading basically every cosmere book and I notice Rock’s description of Cultivation’s perpendicularity in WoR. Next, among Szeth’s interactions with Nale, he mentions that aboshi is the title for the Spren of the mountains. Third, I read the epigraphs in part 5, mentioning the 3 listener gods: 1) Spren 2) Stone 3) Wind. We already know that Honor (later the Stormfather) is one of the gods, and that Cultivation is another. In Dalinar’s interactions with the Stormfather, his voice is described as thundering, while in his meeting with Cultivation, her voice is described as “tumbling stones”. I think it likely that these two are the gods of stone and wind. This leaves us with the question of who is the 3rd listener god? Spren seems pretty generic. Well, considering the fact that the first two are the Spren of the wind and the Spren of the stones, the most likely, although strange sounding, is that the third god is the Spren of the Spren. Almost like mankind’s understanding that Spren exist, manifest as an idea of its own. I think this fits into the 3rd siblings role as the life force behind Urithiru, the ultimate fabrial gets the ultimate spren. Also, the Stormfather tells Dalinar that the Sibling has been hurt enough. Seemingly more than any other spren, even with the Radiants breaking their bonds. Maybe, with the Recreance, when the vast majority of bonded spren were forgotten (excluding Nale and his Skybreakers), the Spren of the Spren lost most of its power, as Spren feed off the thoughts of people. Is there a shard attached to this sibling? Where are they sleeping? Who will wake them up, and when? No idea, although the idea of Navani (or maybe even Rushu) bonding them sounds awesome, if somewhat predictable.
  20. I believe that Cusicesh is the mysterious Sibling the Stormfather speaks of. This post will explain why I feel this is a plausible theory. First, we know that Spren are manifestations of the thoughts of sentient beings and in Roshar everything, no matter how large or small, gets manifested. Now, what's the largest concepts humanity tends to anthropromorsize? Land, Sky and Sea. Nightwatcher looks like living land. Stormfather manifests in the Physical Realm as a literal face in the sky. What does Cusicesh look like? Here's the quote: At precisely seven forty-six in the morning—the locals could use it to set their timepieces—an enormous, sea-blue spren surged from the waters of the bay. It was translucent, and though it appeared to throw out waves as it rose, that was illusory. The actual surface of the bay wasn’t disturbed. It takes the shape of a large jet of water, Axies thought, creating a tattoo along an open portion of his leg, scribing the words. The center is of the deepest blue, like the ocean depths, though the outer edges are a lighter shade. Judging by the masts of the nearby ships, I’d say that the spren has grown to a height of at least a hundred feet. One of the largest I’ve ever seen. To me, that seems like a perfect candidate for the Mega Spren personification of the Sea. That Cusicesh is important is obvious; Brandon would not waste an interlude describing it otherwise. However that isn't quite enough to come to any firm conclusion of its nature. For that, we turn to the Recreance. We know that at the time of the Recreance there was only one Bondsmith of the possible 3. We know that Bondsmith was not bonded to the Stormfather; Honor was Investing him before his Shattering. We can assume that the Nightwatcher wasn't the one who was bonded as she is still viable and operational. Also, Cultivation lives and seems to be holding her leash. We know that 9 of 10 Orders abandoned their Oaths. The Skybreakers stayed true; the Bondsmiths did not. So, one Bondsmith abandoned the Order. The Recreance damaged all the Spren who held a bond at the time. Stormfather and Nightwatcher may be crazy but they don't seem to be fundamentally damaged. That leaves Cusicesh, a Mega Spren, one of a kind, one who looks like the Ocean given form, and one who looks damaged as the Sibling bonded during the Recreance must be damaged. It is the perfect candidate for the third Sibling. Furthermore, I believe the faces displayed by the Spren are the faces of every Radient whose Oaths were abandoned during the Recreance, sort of a living memory of a forgotten time.
  21. It is assumed that Sibling is a God Spren of bondsmiths. There is also theory that he is a spren of Urithuru Megafabrial. Navani is an artifabrian, what may bee a connection to the sibling? She is obviously close to Dalinar and there was an entire chapter about her "keeping the kingdom together". Do you think she could become Dalinar's squire, and then bond with Sibling?
  22. From the album Radiants

    The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it?
  23. From the album Roshar Cake

    The Bondsmith piece of cake. with a view of its layers. Lemon filling for the top vanilla cakes. Raspberry for the chocolate layers.

    © DWhitney for cake. Dragonsteel for map and symbols.

  24. So I have been looking at peoples thoughts on this in other topics, and most people seem to be in agreement that the third bondsmith spren is a combination of Honor and Cultivation. I know this is very unlikely, (but I have learned to expect he unexpected from Sanderson) but is it possible that the third bondsmith spren is not of Honor, Odium, or Cultivation, and is instead of a different shard that isn’t on Roshar, but has a splinter that just happens to be on Roshar for whatever reason (similar to Patji)?
  25. We know that before he died, Gavilar went “mad,” and started having visions. Sound familiar? I think that Gavilar could have potentially been the Bondsmith, bonded to the Stormfather, instead of Dalinar, had he not died. So, if Gavilar was still alive, where would Dalinar fit into the entire operation? We know that there are three Bondsmiths, who bond with the Stormfather (Honor), Nightwatcher (Cultivation), and Sibling (Odium, most likely). I think that Dalinar might have been the Bondsmith for Odium, bonded to the Sibling. That would explain why he felt the Thrill so strongly. At some point, maybe after Gavilar’s death, the Stormfather started to focus his attentions on Dalinar, and overpowered the Sibling, causing the Sibling’s “slumber.” Thoughts?