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Found 15 results

  1. Kels epilogue shows he no longer has Allomancy, Hemelergy doesn't work as he knows it outside of helping him reach the physical realm. This also insinuates the medallion system doesn't work for him. Hence the naming of the Bands.. he's mourning his loss of Allomancy.. another "failed" experiment.
  2. This quote is about the servants of trell who will supposedly conquer Scadrial This seems to connect nicely to odium since those two are by far the most common color associated with odium. Since per wob his investiture should be gold and the fused as well as other creations like the everstorm are red. but the sets “faceless immortals” Suit does call it a “faceless immortal” but I would not expect him to know the difference between a mavset-im which is the type of fused this would likely be also known as those ones of masks. While the red eyes could result simply from corrupted investiture it doesn’t make sense to me why that would turn their eyes red as nothing similar happens to normal kandra. On top of this I do not personally see why autonomy if it is trell woudl have any reason to attempt to take over Scadrial and even if it did I do not see why it would not work with others in some capacity to maintain independence. Brandon has also stated there is a connection between odium and trell. I doubt that was a fused but it just seems possible especially since this happens post timeskip in stormlight.
  3. So I've been thinking about Hemalurgy a lot recently. One of my latest questions is about a multi-metal spike (like how the Bands of Mourning are a multi-metalmind). If you made a spike of all 16 metals (or, 15; adding aluminum would be kinda dumb), would it work? would the spike steal all of the things that its metals would steal at once? or would just the metal on the tip of the spike get charged, and the rest be inert? But then, what if the metals were radially arranged, such that all 15 spanned from tip to spike-head? Assuming that it DOES work and steals EVERYTHING that hemalurgy can from the donor... What now? You have this super spike, where do you... put it? What the heck kind of bind point does a spike like this even have? ...The heart? Maybe where the steel Linchpin of the Inquisitors goes? Moreover, could you do this with the Kandra Blessings (assuming you had the knowledge and means to turn the spikes into actual Blessings)? A simpler version of this might be a Lerasium/Atium multispike, since that would steal all the human aspects and all the powers (allomancy/feruchemy). But you'd miss stuff like Chromium and Duralumin's hemalurgic effects, right?
  4. 1 Why would Kelsier store (and as a consequence, lose) his memory of meeting the southern scadrians? 2 how did Hoid (someone Kelsier dislikes) get hold of it?
  5. This idea is probably way out there: but what if? What if Hoid has given up on instant noodles? I know he's just messing with us, but what if he's giving a clue? I dunno, let me know what you think about this idea.
  6. Just wanted to pose a few questions about the "Allomantic Grenades", or the Ettmetal cubes that could simulate Allomancy (and Feruchemy). First, when the cube is first used, it is "Invested" with Chromium Allomancy, draining Wax's stores. However, I noticed that the cube does not touch Wax, as would be necessary with a Leecher. So why does it work? Later, when Wax is experimenting with it, the cube uses steel Allomancy as a filter for the power of the Ettmetal, but the cube somehow has the pushing power to move Wayne's metal belt and Wax's shotgun. Does the cube then replicate Wax's push force instead of using its own mass? Also, if it were using steel Allomancy wouldn't it be pushed out of Wayne's hand? If it does replicate Wax's push, could he increase his weight, then charge the cube with steel Allomancy, giving it a greater push force? Though it does not specifically mention the cube, it is probably a similar device, but the Set gets the ship to store its own weight so that it is lighter and easier for the ship to take off. There are a lot of implications here. Is the weight of the ship stored in a certain place? If the device is started in the same way by performing the Feruchemy, and could you use the device to make the ship heavier as well, or only if you had previously stored the ship's weight? Could someone store the ship's Identity then, store weight, creating an Identity-less metalmind of the ship's weight that the person could then use? If the ship can store weight, how would other things, such as health work with the ship? This topic is mostly to spur conversation and the flow of ideas about these curious devices, so let me know what you think...
  7. ***contains some spoilers for band of mourning, the emperors soul*** hello all i think this topic has been talked about before in terms of the link between soulcasting and forgery. however after i read the bands of mourning another peice of the puzzle slotted into place. My theory is that shallan being completely unaware can use her soul casting and connection to cryptic spren with her drawing ability to change a persons identity. For this im using Gaz and maybe Yalb as a example. Shallans Memory skill might come from her bond with the cryptic spren. They are described as being a infinite spren trying to see the truth of things (whenever i imagine pattern i always think of some ever changing fractal pattern), when i think of truth i think less of 'truth and lies' but more the mathematical, spiritual, cognatve and realistic truth of the cosmere. I think her Memory ability is part of this glimpsing the truth of a object's/person's reality in all three realms. i think she is able to hack into an object or persons idenity and seperate it and modify it. When she draws she is able to use the physical action of drawing to manifest this change. In this section she describes the charcol,page,and other tools as blood,sinew,skin. interestingly enough these terms are in the ars arcanum besides the heralds. Therefore important to all magic systems in the cosmere. As shallan is activley thinking of these in those terms it is having a reaction to her drawing in the cognative,spiritual realms as well. In Bands of Mourning we find out that a object/persons identity can be manipluated and changed when the Kandra are talking to the wax and wayne gang. Although they are talking in terms of investiture changing its not a long stretch to think of the process as working bidirectionaly, investiture could be used to change a persons identity. we see this with Hemalurgy and forgery for instance. In The emperors soul Shai tells us how Forgery works. Using a phsyical object (marks) and having to know the memoryand history of a object/person to change its identity. I believe when Shallan uses her drawings she literally is able to trim of a part of a persons identity and modify it. whenever she draws a person she has come in contact with she draws a positive aspect reaffirming and strengthening part of the person which was always there and undeveloped.In Yalb, Talakv and Gaz and her other guards (cant remember their names now ) she was drawing braveness and confidence and in likenesses that where different from the people that they had become. I believe when she shows these pictures and drawing to the people themselves, the idenitity within the drawing that shallan had cut and augmented and transformed instantly reaches out and rebinds with the orginal person. As Shai says when forging an object in the cognitive realm is how it is viewd and how it views itself and will always try an exist as a whole. In the novels whenever these peoples glance upon their drawings of themselves they always take a while like Gaz, Jasnah ect, this isnt them admiring the artwork this is the time which their souls are being repaired and changed with shallans transformation ability. when we last see Gaz in words of radiance he seems different and changed this could be due to shallans transformation seeping through his spiritual and cognative self and changing his outlook and self perspective. However i could be wrong as other theorys go and this could be a kandra in disguise.
  8. So, this is about the three weird symbols/circles, at least, I believe it was three. Good evening. This topic will delve into my favorite activity... PURE SPECULATION. Anyways, in Bands one other thing (of many, but let us not go into that again) has kept bothering me since reading the book: the door with the three weird symbols which Wax has to Push on in a certain order to open said door. What's weird, here, is this: ~BoM, 324 No one really seems to know what those are or what language they are from. While Suit knows what order they should be pushed in because he talked with the Southerner captain (331-2). So, for the fun of speculation, where do you people think these symbols are from? They're probably not from the South (Allik would've recognized them), the North, or, presumably anywhere the characters know... But, there's some hints in the text (maybe, if you pull on it certain ways) as to what they are: After Wax Pushes the first symbol, Edwarn tells him to Push on the second one: ~BoM, 332 This seems to hint that these weird symbols are circles with a symbol inside them (or something like that). A part of me says that they're Aons because that would be Aonic* or some weird symbols from another world, but the rest thinks it's just some meaningless bullcrap that Sovereign made to play with the expectations of his followers (and the readers). Finally, according to Edwarn: "Apparently these symbols spell out something the Lord Ruler would have understood." (333) So, thoughts? *that is not a pun on ironic; seriously. That would be bad. ** Also, I wish I had called this the Dor Mechanism now. Oh well. xD
  9. I've seen many people assume that with the Survivor's/Sovereign's Spearhead avalaible it's possible to reproduce it or any medallion. I think it's wrong. Why? While we do not know how medallions work (with them being usable by anyone and not just Soulbearers), it's fairly certain that they are unkeyed nicrosilminds. So medallion-maker stores one of his abilities by using Feruchemical nicrosil. But he has to make it unkeyed! So he has to have no Identity at the moment. As far as we know, it's possible by storing aluminum 100%. Conclusion: It's impossible to create an unkeyed nicrosilmind containing Feruchemical aluminum as Feruchemical aluminum has to be avalaible to make the metalmind unkeyed in the first place. It means that there cannot be a medallion granting Feruchemical aluminum. By extension, the SSpearhead does not contain that ability. So to make more medallions, we need Trueselfs and give them the SSpearhead.
  10. Trell is a shard we have seen before. Threnody does not have a shard on it, but it may have at one point. I propose that this unnamed shard wanders the cosmere destroying planets. Its metal is a spike that brings spiritual things to the physical, like spiking shades turns them into physical beings (red-eyed faceless immortals). This theoretical metal could also explain quite nicely how Kelsier got his body back. In the BoM broadsheet, the main story of (Allomancer Jak's woman friend, whatever her name was), she was fighting a guy who had a gun that charged from green to red, and then disintegrated a window. This might be weaponized threnodian technology. Using a story in a broadsheet as hints about future books has precedence (stories about encountering masked savages in the SoS broadsheet), and when Main Character Girl goes back to investigate the wreck of the skycar she is met by a "thin, white haired, young guy" who asks her some slightly mocking existential questions (Hoid?). The only way Hoid? could be included is if this story is based on actual events (the only reason to pay attention to a fictional newspaper story).
  11. The more we learn about Three Metallic Arts, the more powers of TLR become broken. Let's break it up in a few steps, as I think we don't really appreciate the full power of a Fullborn. The Compounder First, we learned that not only he was an extremely powerful Mistborn whose power exceeds the power of Lerasiumborns by far, but we also learned that he's a Full Feruchemist who never runs out of the Feruchemical attributes. Infinite Feruchemy storages + extremely powerful Allomancy. The Savant Then we learned he was a savant in nearly all metals. Not really groundshaking revelation, but power is power. The Twinborn When we learned that certain powers form a synergy, like Crasher combo, which makes both Skimmer power and Coinshot power far more powerful than any of them would be on their own. If there are any other such combinations (like suspected Soothing/Rioting + Identity or maybe Connection), he has them. All of them. Now, there are also those so-called 'Twinborn effects'. Ars Arcanum notes that they may be not as noticeable as the effect of mixing Surges on Roshar, but they still are there. Fullborn has all 256 of them. I do not know what they are or even how useful or how powerful those may be, but nevertheless he has them. EDIT: Thanks to Yata we know that's not the case. The Soulbearer Then we got to the Bands Of Mourning and we learned what a Soulbearer can really do. Soulbearers can store their Innate Investiture and later tap them... Which means they can store their abilities. And later strenghten them. Forget multiple spikes, a Soulbearer Twinborn can just strenghten his Allomancy several times at ease! The Nicrosil Compounder Now, not only it's possible to strenghten abilities several times by just tapping nicrosil... No, a Fullborn can rusting COMPOUND IT. And TLR's base power level already was 'extremely powerful'... Now, we can suspect that he wasn't so powerful because he didn't have access to all of the metals, as they couldn't have been produced in Final Empire. The thing is, there is a WoB stating that TLR wasn't using duraluminium for his feats, but it seems unreasonable that he was using nicrosil Feruchemy (as it would be one of the hardest metals to obtain nad make). So, the power he has shown us was only his normal, base power? Oh, and he's a Sliver on top of all that. Anyway, we've got another Fullborn running around. While his Allomancy may be just of an ordinary Mistborn, the rest of the things I listed here matches as well. Oh, and Kelsier is a Sliver too. I believe he can do much more than what we have seen done with the Bands... If he Compounded enough nicrosil, he could be always at mistpoint. That's a lot of terrifying power. This is really immense, godlike power. I wonder where did he go?
  12. Major Bands of Mourning spoilers. (Is there a way to hide a picture behind a spoiler tag?) Kelsier returns home in the Mistborn Adventures era. Harmony's perpendicularity is behind him. It's a work in progress and will eventually be transferred to watercolor board and painted. First time I've drawn Kell, and the first time I've posted a picture here. Hope you all like it.
  13. So in BoM, near the end the "Rep Rip" is mentioned as being in the sky. I think this could have something to do with Trell, given that it is depicted as surrounding the planet and its Immortals have red eyes. It's even mentioned twice, one on page 84: "By the starlight- which was bright tonight, with no clouds and the Rep Rip low on the horizon-..." and in the Epilogue, in the Wax section, right before he looks at the memory: "...though the skyscraper was tall enough he thought he could see stars and the Rep Rip through that mist..." At the very least, this is a new feature of Scadrial's sky that I don't think has been mentioned before.
  14. Hi, all! I went to the midnight release of Bands of Mourning at BYU. I accidentally chose the wrong shipping option and so now have an extra copy. It's signed by Brandon and is #423. I asked the admins and they have given me permission to advertise it here and let you all know that I'm selling it for $35. If you have any questions, let me know. PM me if you want details.
  15. Note: I haven't read White Sand. If someone who's read it considers it plausible / impossible, please mention it below. Spoilers: Part for length, and part for SoS major spoilers (even though I don't have to).