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Found 4 results

  1. Lets face it. Setting up a tabletop RPG takes a long time. You need to write out a character, build a campaign, and get people interested. And, if you're playing with new people, you basically have to go through all that twice because you need to explain everything to them first, and then help them out with everything else. Not that I don't love RPG games. They're probably one of my favorite kinds of games in the world. However, it's just so much easier to throw a board on the table, deal out some cards, and get playing; not to mention that you only have to explain everything once before somebody gets it. So is anyone interested on making some Cosmere games? How does a Stormlight Archive board game sound? A Mistborn trading card game? We don't have to stick with the cosmere: we could try and make a battle-royal style Reckoners game, or an X-Wing style Skyward game. I think that the possiblities are endless. So, that being said, who's in?
  2. I just kickstarted the project on the epic tier and I'm not gonna lie I'm super excited for this game! Anyone else kickstart today? Here is the link to the page if you don't know what I'm talking about
  3. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a cosmere version of Risk? The answer is yes, it would be very cool. The real question is whether it would be feasible. Rather than continents, there would be shardworlds. The Perpindicularities/shardpools could be links between worlds. If you conquer a shardworld, you get a troop bonus. Have any of you played Risk: Godstorm? In that game there are "faith tokens" that you use to summon gods or miracles. In Risk: Cosmere, there could be "investiture tokens". Different magic systems require varying amounts of investiture tokens to use. For example, for some investiture tokens, you make some troops into mistborn. Now they win tie rolls when attacking. Here's something that could be added to that rule: you must own a territory on a shardworld to use it's magic system. Therefore, you would have to own a territory on Roshar before you gave any of your troops shardplate or surges. Roshar would basically be Asia. It would have multiple exits and tons of territories. Some of the countries would have to be combined into larger territories. Scadrial would be more of a problem. I can only think of three territories: Elendel Basin, the Roughs, and the Southern Continent. Hopefully the upcoming mistborn novels will shed some light on the current status of Scadrial. With Nalthis, you could have Hallandren, Idris, Pahn Kahl, Huth, and Kuth. (Yes, I know that Pahn Kahl, Huth, and Kuth aren't currently nations on Nalthis, but neither is Kamchatka, so I don't give a darn.) Sel has tons of countries and magic systems, but there are some interesting possibilities there. Because the magic systems are so localized, maybe they're all much better for defending their territory of origin. Or maybe you can use AonDor only if you have conquered Elantris, forging only if you have conquered MaiPon, et cetera. Maybe they could be extremely powerful, but only work on Sel. There are a lot of possibilities there. Minor shardworlds would be single territories, and they wouldn't give a troop bonus. However, people would still fight over those worlds for the right to a magic system that nobody else could use. It would make sense for the magic systems of minor shardworlds to require less investiture. This game really won't be able to happen for a long time. Four continents is not enough for a game of Risk. It would be much cooler if we could also use Ashyn, Taldain, Braize, and Yolen. Here are some ideas for magic:
  4. SEMI SPOILER: DISCUSSING SETTING OF The Way of Kings So in TWOK you have a long drawn out war against the parshendi. The war has been treated like a game by the high princes, a sort of competition over gem hearts. Coincidentally this setting would be really easy to turn into a board game. Each player would play as a high prince of a major house, and the game would center around a competition to acquire the most gem-hearts. You have in place a classic war/competition with other players theme. There is also tons of room for other elements such as: -political intrigue: vying for the favor of the throne -management: managing everything that goes into the war camps -arena fights: pitting your shard-bearers against each other for honor and fame I am a big board gamer and think this could be a lot of fun. Thoughts?