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Found 7 results

  1. From the album What Happened In Oregon

    I have feelings about this character.

    © Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, Ray by @Edgedancer, and drawing by me

  2. Would awakening Iron taken from blood be easier than metal that has not been apart of someone? Example: A supercharged Mistborn pulls the iron from the blood of a random person, would an Awakener be able to awaken the iron pulled from the blood easier than iron that had never been apart of a living object?
  3. Hi guys. I have some really deep mistborn questions and im sure you guys do to si i decided to make a dep mistborn Q&A thread. Feel free to ask questions and answer questions but please only deep good quality questions. Thanks
  4. Corruption in the Senate? The Elendel Daily. 7th of Doxil, 194 Rumors have been flying fast and furious of corruption in the senate. Senators have been accused of embezzling senate funds, offering incentives to their own houses, vanishing troublesome opponents, and otherwise acting in shady and illegal ways. In an effort to deal with the situation, Governor Macmuller has called a conference, inviting several dozen senators and close friends to determine what should be done. It is unknown which senators he has invited, but we at Elendel Daily will be sure to report their names to you as soon as we discover them! Constable-General Yosef, of the first precinct is in charge of security at the conference, and was quoted as saying, “ Will personally see that any corrupt Senator is brought to justice.” Yosef is noted to be a close friend of the Governor, and has a history of overkill when it comes to threats to the Governor. We pity anyone foolish enough to break the peace of this conference. The newspaper was crumpled into a ball and thrown into the hearth as the reader yelled in frustration. “Why can’t he just leave well enough alone?” Two senators sat in the office, one patient, the other scared. Patience relaxed at the desk, while Scared paced by the hearth. Both knew their illegal dealing would come to light at this conference they had been invited to. “Don’t worry. I have plans to ensure he won’t discover us.” Patience unlocked a drawer on the desk and withdrew a vial of liquid. “I’ll have my aide slip a few drops of this into his drink, and he’ll die a quick, painless, natural death.” “We’re already suspected of smuggling and embezzlement, now you want us arrested for murder?!” “It’s either murdering him now, or life in jail and dishonour on our houses. The choice to me seems obvious. Macmuller must die. And when I replace him as governor, our illegal dealings can be easily swept under the rug.” Scared sank down into one of the chairs before the desk and sighed. “Fine. We’ll do it. But this better not backfire.” “No one will ever know. And if they do, we’ll remove them, as we’ve removed all the others. Quick Fix rules are in effect. Each turn will be 24 hours long, and will feature a lynch. There are two teams, The Senate, who must arrest or kill all the Corrupt senators, and The Corrupt Senators, who must Arrest or kill all the Senators. The game will begin on Tuesday, at 9pm PST. (One week, and about 5 hours from this post.) The Lynch: Classic rules. At least two votes to be lynched. If a player is lynched, she is sent to the Holding Cells beneath the Senate. Alignment will be revealed upon being arrested. Ties are a bit different. In the case of a tie. I will flip a coin for each player. If Tails come up, that player is arrested. If Heads comes up. That player is freed. Yes, this means that multiple players can be arrested per cycle. At least four votes need to be involved in a tie for the coin flip to happen. So if two people are tied, they each need to have two votes or more. But if four or more people are tied, they only need one vote or more to have a coin flipped. (If you’re careful, you can get every player arrested in the first cycle.) If a Player is successfully lynched, the Constables confiscate all their items except the bags of boxings. All boxings owned by the Constables will be distributed among the voters of a successful lynch. The Holding Cells: Where the Lynched players are. They all get a doc to communicate in. Players who have not been arrested or killed can start PM’s with these players. A list of who has a PM with what player will be posted at the start of each cycle. Unarrested players can still use items on jailed players. Jailed players can use those items against other jailed players. PM’s: Make sure to include me. Pm’s can only be one-on-one. You can have as many as you want. Roles: Corrupt Senator: Can communicate with their fellow corrupt in a doc. They do not have a group kill action. Senator: No special actions. Governor: You have three Votes. You can split them up, or put them all on the same person. Nobody starts with this role. Players must instead vote for a player to receive this role. The vote must be made in purple.The player to become Governor must have a majority(More than half) of all players votes. The Governor cannot be affect by any items, except the Execution (See; Bags of Boxings) Items: Players may use each item once. They may use all of their items at the same time, or save them. Once an item is used, it is given to the player it was used against. EX: If Mailliw drugs Wilson, then Wilson will be given the drugs, and can choose to drug someone else the next turn. You cannot give a player an item. If a Player is killed by the Dagger, the dagger and all other items will go to a random person who voted for them. If nobody voted for the player, then all items will be confiscated by the Constables. There are multiple of each item. Each player will start with at least one item If a Player is arrested, their items will be confiscated by the Constables. Dagger: One kill action. (Alignment will not be revealed) Drug: A Drugged player may not talk in thread or in PM’s for one turn. Drugged Players will not be listed in the writeup. Ledgers: Look through another Senator’s papers, and discover whether or not they're corrupt. Medical Kit: Prevent one attack against a player. (Does not protect from Lynches) Search Warrant: Steals all items and Gold a player has Bag of Boxings: 1 bag: Change someone’s vote. 1 bag: Talk to an arrested player without your name being posted. 3 bags: Buy a random item from the Constables 3 bags: Bribe a player to target someone with their item. 5 bags: Buy a specific item from the Constables. 15 bags: Bribe the Constables to execute the Governor. Cannot be blocked. 30 bags: Bribe the Constables to execute all other players. You win. Your team does not. Some prices will be determined by the number of players in the game. Order of Actions: Search Warrant Pretty Much Everything Else Lynch All other Kills Quick Links:
  5. For me, one of the best things about Words of Radiance is that we got to know a whole lot about Shallan's powers. I'd like to discuss an aspect of this that's not as showy as transforming a whole ship into water, or creating very realistic illusions to fool Cosmere-aware enemies, or even making perfect drawings from memory. I'm talking about Shallan's ability to "transform" the personalities of people around her. She first does this with Bluth. That one started with a drawing: And it ended with Bluth fighting bandits until he was killed. At around the same time, she does it again with the Alethi deserters led by Vathah, who've been committing acts of banditry as they traveled. This time, Shallan didn't draw them, but merely spoke to them of what they could be: Soon enough, the deserters were off fighting bandits. Now, you'd think that all this had nothing to do with magic, that those people were simply inspired by Shallan's actions. But Pattern thought differently: Then there's this epigraph: We could debate all day as to the real nature of this ability, but instead I would like to simply posit that this ability reflects what I believe the Order of Lightweavers was really about: They were all about changing temperament, whether of the people they fooled/inspired with Lightwoven illusions, or of the Shadesmar Identity beads that they convinced to transform during Soulcasting. It was their specialty to change others' minds, or more importantly, change their hearts. ... So... what has all this got to do with the Essence of Blood? *replaces Cosmere nerd hat with Wikipedia geek glasses* As it turns out, people in the past (starting from as far back as the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks) believed that blood was a very important thing when it came to understanding behavioral changes in people. Not only is it directly linked to the heart, which was believed to be the seat of all emotion, it was also a central part of humoral theory. According to the ancient theory of humorism, the human body contains four different kinds of "humors", which are bodily fluids (not jokes ) that govern health and temperament: phlegm, yellow bile, black bile, and blood. An imbalance between these humors were said to result in sickness, or at least a change in personality. Each humor is associated with a certain type of temperament: calm/unemotional (for Phlegm), bad tempered (Yellow Bile), melancholic (Black Bile), or passionate (Blood). They were also associated with the four Classical Elements: Water for Phlegm, Fire for Yellow Bile, Earth for Black Bile, and Air for Blood. Here's where it gets a bit more interesting (if you're a Cosmere nerd and a Wikipedia geek): Apparently blood has a special place among the humors. People who believe in humorism believe that since the other three humors travel through the body via the bloodstream, blood must also carry the Elements of Water, Fire, and Earth. So Blood has all four Elements. It has also been suggested that the very origin of humoral theory might have something to do with blood, specifically how blood in a container looks like after it has been left to clot. After a while, the blood starts to separate into four layers: the bottom layer containing platelets (representing "black bile"), then a layer of red blood cells ("blood"), then the white blood cells ("phlegm"), then the blood plasma ("yellow bile"). Even when we look at "real" Science, we can still find links between blood and temperament. While we now know that the "seat of emotion" is actually in the brain, emotions are also influenced by certain endocrine glands, which produce hormones that travel via... you guessed it... the bloodstream. *puts back Cosmere nerd hat* After reading about all these little coincidences, I now believe Brandon used this concept of humorism, associating body fluids with temperament, when he designed the Investitures related to the Essence of Blood. This makes me wonder if Shallan is unconsciously changing the blood chemistry of people she "transforms", or if Jasnah's "eight kinds of blood" is actually just normal human blood with varying amounts of behavior-changing hormones mixed in. As a final note, I'd just like to mention the Parshendi, whose Rhythms are related somewhat to their temperament. I theorize that these Rhythms actually originate from their heart, and are thus Blood-related as well.
  6. Then something spread out from him, a wave of energy. And the floor around him changed colors, transforming to metal

    © Alicia Mcintire 2013

  7. © Austin Snow