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Found 4 results

  1. It's said that shardblades are modelled after honourblades however it seems that shardblades are just what happens when a cognitive shadow (spren) manifest fully in the physical realm. It is the same material as in Honorblades. Investiture made manifest. So that being true it seems less that the bond is modelled after the herald honor bond and more that it was just inspired. So if that's the case then why is it that shardblades form as swords.
  2. Would it be possible for multiple gems to be put on a shardblade, then have multiple people bond the same shardblade?
  3. So I have been thinking about the possibilities of fabrials. we know that fabrials can be made that emulate all ten surges, so i was thinking about some of the possibel devices that could be made..... #1 - melty sword. a sword that has a fabrial in the hilt which strengthens the blade (against temperature and impact) while another fabrial makes it SUPERHOT. (with a device to stop the handle from heating up.) melt through your enemies armor/bodies/horses. 'nuff said. #2 - reverse shield. A shield which changes the gravity of any objects that hit it's outer surface, throwing them away. these could be good for non-shardbearers to equalize things.... Any other ideas? I got more, but I wanted to see what you guys came up with.
  4. I have seen many theories of where Shardplate and Shardblades are. We know that there once were many, many sets of Plate and Blades, right? Well, what if most of them were destroyed? Certainly, there are many sets of Shardplate and Shardblades in Urithiru, of course. And the Shin almost certainly have plenty of sets of their own. However, chances are there were still dozens, perhaps hundreds of sets of Plate and Blades left unaccounted for. My theory here then is that most of the sets have been destroyed. If there were many mini-wars during the Recreance in which normal people took Shardplate and Shardblades and fought each other for it all, one would assume that many, many sets would have been utterly ruined. In addition, we cannot assume that it was common knowledge that inserting gems into newly-given Shardplate would make it "regenerate" the broken portions of it. I am assuming that this was knowledge receive much later on - at least after a fair number of sets of Shardplate were smashed to bits and then scattered. And then these broken, shattered, scattered pieces of Shardplate, over the course of four thousand five hundred years, got buried in the sands of time and... sand. Y. Ness. Stuff. Apologies if this has been suggested before. I (1) didn't know what to search, and (2) didn't find anything when I tried to search... Now... tear me down and point me to the light! Hahaha.