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Found 10 results

  1. We know that it is possible to store Bio-Chromatic Breaths inside a Nicrosilmind, which is essentially just a small piece of Innate Investiture. Does this mean that if someone from Scadrial, Roshar, or some other Shardworld where people have innate Investiture but who don't have any Invested powers, could they store their Innate Investiture as a Nalthian could store their Breath? Or is there a difference between a Breath gained from someone else and your own, personal Breath?
  2. If you were to give a Threnody Shade a couple hundred Breaths, would it's nature be greatly effected since it would be comprised mostly of Endowment's Investiture rather than Ambition's? If you gave it thousands instead, would it potentially gain greater sapience, maybe even return it to full cognition, similar to a Radiant Spren?
  3. I was considering the nature of Bonds in the Cosmere when I had an idea. If you were to give a Koloss a large number of Breaths (lets say, at least a thousand), then take them to Roshar and Bond them via they're Hemalurgic weakness, would be person who Bonded them gain powers? We can see from this WoB that going to Roshar while possessing a bond other than that of humans and Spren could potentially provide powers to someone, which I think supports this theory.
  4. I was wondering about Navani mixing Investitures with different Intents when I had a thought; what if you were to mix Bio-Chromatic Breaths with some other investiture, and then retrieve the end result? You might have to worry about the end Investiture not being retrievable, but maybe you could command the Breaths to Invest a Gemstone with the explicit instructions to return to you. Perhaps that would work. It also might be interesting to see if the resulting Breaths would alter the effects of your Heightenings, as they would no longer be composed of Endowment's Intent, but at least you would have more total Investiture in your system.
  5. I read this quote and it got me thinking. So if the elderly have weaker Breaths, does that mean that your Breaths leak away as you age, contributing to your body breaking down? Could it perhaps be that aging in the Cosmere is a combination of you Connection to your birth time, but also that your innate Investiture leaks away?
  6. Which is better for detecting investiture? A Seeker burning bronze, or an Awakener holding Breaths?
  7. This WoB says that Allomantic bronze could sense sources of investiture that are harder to detect normally, but that it would require a minor “tweak” of some kind Holding Bio-Chromatic Breaths allows one to sense nearby sources of investiture, including those that aren’t active. If an Allomantic Seeker could get ahold of some Breaths, could the interaction between the two sources of investiture allow their bronze sense to detect these sources of inactive investiture as well?
  8. Hemalurgic spikes cannot directly steal breaths from a donor since they are too much within the physical realm, and not enough in the spiritual realm, where pretty much all of their ability to manipulate resides. However, all you need to do to get the breaths of a person is for them to willingly grant them to you. So, if you were to grant them spikes instead of trying to make a spike from them, and then you used emotional allomancy or some other method of mind controlling them, you should be able to force them to give you their breaths. Does this seem plausible?
  9. If you stabbed an awakener with a raysium knife, could you inject yourself with their breaths? I know that you likely wouldn't be able to awaken with then since they're keyed to someone else's Identity, but could you gain the heightenings?
  10. Can a radiant spren or a ‘normal’ animal spren be given bio-chromatic breaths? If so, would giving them enough turn them into something that has much more widespread and unique affects and abilities, like the Unmade or the Stormfather?