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Found 3 results

  1. Can atium future-sight be used to determine Hemalurgic bind points? The atium can be used to determine the effects of future actions in a very short window, so could you use this to find bind points, even if you didn't know what it would end up doing?
  2. I had an idea today mostly based off my theory on triangles, This is a prerequisite(well not really but for this theory to make sense you must believe in The power of triangles). So looking at the way the bind points overlap on the various types of triangles 4,6,and 9(two is excluded do to some bind point issues). so on a 4 point circle three points overlap on one corner and two on the rest. for six pointers it is two,one , two , one, two,one. and nine only one point on each position. so now with the appropriate background out of the way here is the theroy. The more bind points over lap the stronger they become. now one might be wondering how i am rating the strength of every bind point So in one of the illustrations It is noted that a chalking bound to a bind point is stronger than one that is not. My rating for the strength of bind points is how much strength is added onto the chalkilings strength. and potentially with further evidence as to weather it is a multiplier or additional number. So three is stronger than two is stronger than one is stronger than none. SO Comments thoughts questions, additional bits and pieces, proofs, disproofs, ectera, ectera.
  3. Yes this about shardblades, but it's pretty heavy in realmantic theory and it relates to Mistborn, so I'm putting it in Cosmere theories. Before discussing my main theory, I want to take about the mechanics of shardblades. I don't know if this has been discussed else where, but for the sake of clarity, here's the idea that I've based the rest if my theory on. Shardblades cut things by affecting them in the Spiritual Realm. Essentially, it is just a really sharp blade in the Spiritual Realm that can cut most things also in that realm. So, when a shardbearer slices a rock in the Physical Realm, in the Spiritual the shardblade cuts the rocks spiritual essence in half, which, by realmantic voodoo, means the rocks physical aspect is seamlessly cut in two. With living things, its a bit more complecated. Basically if you cut someones arm with a shardblade, their spiritual arm is severed, resulting in the physical essentially dying. When someone is cut in a vital area (i.e. spine or face) their spiritual aspect stops working, so their physical body dies. (As a tangent, this would mean most forms of healing Investiture could not heal shardblade wounds, since, as I understand it, healing magic works by restoring the body to its ideal state. i.e. its spiritual aspect. Since the spiritual aspect is armless, tapping gold, if anything, would make your physical arms fall off). Things like shardplate (and hypothetically other invested items) are resistant because of the weird investiture-interference principle. That was longer than I thought it would be...Anyway, the main idea that I wanted to bring up is that if shardblades function essentially as I described above, then could you possibly use a sharblade to preform sort of spiritual surgery similar to Hemalurgy? Basically you would stab someone at a bindpoint and the shardblade severs whatever spiritual essence is there that Hemalurgy would steal. Hypothtically, if you hit just the bindpoint precisly enough, you would leave the person more or less intact. Since Hemalurgy is universal, it stands to reason that anything that can affect things spiritualy should be able to preform a similar function. Although, it wouldn't really be considered Hemalurgy because you can't steal anything, but say you wanted to non-lethally stop a Mistborn, you just slice out his Mistborn-sDNA, leaving him alive but without any powers. Whether this is feasible is another matter. For instance, you'd probably wan't a shardscalpel or something to get the precision needed to hit the bindpoints. This probably isn't something you could do with a normal, giant-sized shardblade, but I thought it sounded cool. Any thoughts on either half of this theory? Edit: Hmm...I misspelled 'shardblades' in the tags. Any idea how to fix that?