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Found 26 results

  1. could somebody explain how cadmium and bendalloy to me please because if I'm not mistaken then cadmium slows time in an area or "bubble" and bendalloy does the opposite. what are potential uses of this. i don't understand it. its not like allomancers are immune to their own effects. i cant understand potential applications for the metals it just seems inconvenient. please could you provide examples in the comments.
  2. I am not a scientist, I probably never will be. So could someone smarter than me clarify this WOB for me? What exactly are the 'problems' with a moving speedbubble? Are they lethally dangerous and could there be a way around them? Because if you could move with a Speedbubble around you, it'd be almost like if you were tapping F-Steel to other people. Bullet-time as it were. Then if you got a Twinborn with A-Bendalloy and F-Steel you'd get something really crazy.
  3. So lift metabolizes nutrients into lifelight right? This poses issues as to how much she can store, or obtain at any point, so If she got say, a full unsealed bendalloy metalmind, would she be able to tap it for energy, and then metabolize those calories into lifelight? or would the calories have to be inside her digestive system?
  4. Rereading Alloy of Law, and a thought struck me, gear powered watches would be completely messed up by either of the temporal metals. If, say Wayne, was to burn Bendalloy to create a speed bubble around him, and watches inside would also be sped up, coming out of the bubble ahead of everyone else's. A similar thing would happen with Cadmium, the watches outside of the bubble would be ticking much faster than those inside, but they would be standard time, leaving the watch inside behind.
  5. If you had a really long spear could you attack people out side of a speed bubble?
  6. I wrote this before I saw the thread on atium+electrum which is related to what I am saying here, but this goes a bit deeper. Note: None of this stuff is backed up by any WoBs, this is just straight from my head I have recently been thinking about the relationships between the 4 temporal allomantic metals and atium, so I thought I would put all these ideas in my head onto paper in essay form. Most of these ideas and theories originated from that fact that Ruins god metal happened to be time-related. It makes sense why the pre-catacendre allomancers wouldn't have made the connection that atium didn’t fit into the nice 4 groups of 2 groups of 2 that they have discovered in era 2. (I guess they didn’t have that whole diagram, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t have known it.) Basically the point I am trying to get to is that bendalloy and cadmium are the right and proper counterparts of gold and electrum because it makes more sense based on the relationships between other allomantic metals, and atium has certain properties that make it stand out from the other metals. First, using the relationships between other metals as analogies. If one just looked at the enhancement section of the allomantic table you might think that atium fits right in with gold. Aluminum leeches your own metals, and chromium leeches the metals of others. Electrum shows the future of yourself, and atium shows the future of others. This seems like a fair analogy until you look at the rest of the table where we see a more widely applicable pattern. The pattern is that internal metals affect only you, and external metals directly change something in the world around you. Pewter only directly affects you, while steel can directly change the outside world. Bronze gives you information, while zinc can change another’s emotions. That is the problem with atium. It does not directly affect the world around you, it only gives you more information. Bendalloy and cadmium do affect the world around even if they don’t make as nice of a pair as aluminum and chromium, but these are really the only ones that do. Lastly, atium needs to be a god metal because of its special properties. Most obviously is the way it grows. Since when did metals grow in geodes? Even if most Final Empire scandrians didn’t know about the perpendicularity (most of them didn’t know about what the pits were for either) they still could determine that something was seriously wrong with the way that the metal developed. The next reason is probably wrong, so someone please correct me, but I think that seeing the future is a property of the spiritual realm, and therefore burning atium to see the near future implies a stronger connection to the spiritual realm than what a normal metal could give you. Therefore atium is a god-metal, and god-metals don’t fit into the allomantic table. So to conclude atium is not one of the temporal metals (we already knew this, but these are just more reasons why), because it should be an external metal but doesn’t affect anything externaly, and second it does things that only a god metal can do. Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts, I just thought I would get this out here. I would also appreciate it if people could find WoBs to either support, or disprove any of the things I said.
  7. Okay so I knew that Wax had a resonance (his steel bubble) but I this WOB stated that Wayne also had a resonance. My question came from this WOB. Any ideas on what it might be?
  8. Suppose we have a laser beam that is split and one half is sent through a speed bubble. Does any pulse sent on the accelerated route arrive earlier? If not, why? Does a speed bubble change the speed of light? That is a question we can actually answer in the negative. Electrons in atoms are pretty fast in the case of the heavier elements. So fast that their chemical properties are altered by relativistic effects. If you lowered the speed of light by an order of magnitude, it would affect the iron, zinc and cobalt in your enzymes. You would be dead within seconds. Clearly it does not expand space correspondingly, or Wayne couldn't use it to move faster from place to place.
  9. So I feel like Brandon has to have built in some reason why this allomantic trick woudn't work, because it would be entirely too OP and easy to do. Say you have too Bendalloy Mistings, named (by uncreative parents) A and B. They are standing side by side. A makes a speed bubble (Bubble 1) around both of them. T B moves to about the edge of bubble 1 and makes bubble 2. Both mistings are now standing in the area where both bubbles overlap. A walks to B and turns off bubble 1. Then he walks to the edge of bubble 2 and does the same thing. Essentially, two Beldalloy mistings use overlapping speed bubbles to travel leapfrog-style. They could go anywhere they want in the space of a heartbeat. It would take a lot of money (to buy a ton of Bendalloy) and two Bendalloy mistings, but someone like the Set would have figured out how to do this, and then be able to steal whatever they want and assasinate whomever they wish. But as I said, this feels like it breaks Brandon's nice balanced magic system, so there's probably some reason it doesn't work... ...right?
  10. My understanding of F-Bendalloy is that is stores "nutrition and calories" or water. Since some (iron and zinc for sure, maybe copper?) of the Allomantic pure metals are also necessary minerals for humans to survive, could you store your non-alloyed metals in a Benalloymind for later use?
  11. So one thing I've been thinking about recently is whether it would be possible to refine cadmium and bendalloy using Final Empire levels of technology. Chromium wouldn't be possible-- apparently it requires an electric arc furnace to extract pure chromium from the ore-- which means nicrosil would also be impossible. But cadmium is usually found as a byproduct of zinc refining, which the FE obviously must have had. And bendalloy (Wood's metal in our world) is an alloy of cadmium and several very common metals: lead, tin and bismuth. Bismuth was known as early as the late-1600s, leading me to believe that the slightly-more-advanced-than-expected metallurgy of the FE could have known about and refined it. Knowledge of these metals would almost certainly be suppressed by TLR and the Steel Ministry, and the fear of heavy metal poisoning through recklessly experimenting with different percentages would have discouraged anyone but an extremely eccentric (and wealthy) Mistborn with an absolute ton of aluminum from messing with it. But I think it might have at least been possible to produce back then. Am I missing something?
  12. It seems the explanation for why objects get jostled as they enter and leave speed bubbles can be found from this WoB (Emphasis mine): Source The trick, it seems, is that momentum is a vector, not a scalar. This stealing of momentum has a direction to it. If an object is traveling in a different direction than the direction of the stealing, it will be jostled. Sidenote: This stealing of momentum can also explain why light coming out of the speed bubble isn't blueshifted. Since the frequency of light is related to its energy (because of weird quantum stuff), and its energy is related to its momentum (because of weird relativity stuff), stealing momentum from a photon will lower the frequency of the light.
  13. Hello! I'm excited to finally be a part of the cosmere club. Now I can speculate absurd ways of hacking the magic systems just like I used to, but now it'll be official. Medium-sized blurb about me: favorite cosmere setting so far is Mistborn Era 2, Wayne is such an awesome character (maybe even as awesome as Lift). Favorite feasible power set (as you might be able to tell from my username): Twinborn Allomantic Slider + Feruchemical Steelrunner A theory that I've been considering recently is what would an allomantic bendalloy savant be able to do? Take his time bubble with him as he moves? Reduce his bubble to act like a second skin so that no one else could accidentally get inside and reap the benefits?
  14. Preface: This question is quite nerdy and I don’t expect anyone to think this is interesting but be. So I’ve been thinking about how the Mistborn Modern Era would work, so as the 2nd era has shown mistborn is on track to follow earth like technology (e.g. guns, cars, etc.) so it’s quite clear that computers are going to become a part of life on scadrial at some point. My question is how would a timebubble (of any sort) effect the action of a computer. Specially how would a timebubble effect a fibre optic connection, from my understanding fibre optics work by flashing a light on and off in different pulses which corespond to 1s and 0s in binary if you have a timebubble around that connection could you scramble that data by compressing the intervals with timebubbles. If anyone smarter than me can shed some light on this that’s be great. Thank you for reading my super nerdy question
  15. So we all know that Mistborn Era 4 Scadrial has become a space faring civilisation, and that in Sixth of the Dusk, there is at least one civilisation that has reached this status. Given the sheer versatility of the investiture systems, it is pretty likely that the aliens are in fact Scadrians. That opens up so many questions, but I would like to focus on one specifically: how did they do it? As mentioned before, it is Scadrials magic systems which probably made them the first space civilisation. I believe that it is a combination of Cadmium, Bendalloy, Ettmetal, and Medallions which have allowed them to enter the space frontier. Bendalloy makes speed bubbles, so if you attach one to a spaceship, the math on the wiki page says you would compress 2 minutes of the ship moving at full speed into 15 seconds of actual travel time. The problem with this is that people inside the spaceship will still age, as it is time which is being manipulated. That means that while the spaceship would travel FTL relative to the cosmere, inside the bubble, people would age normally. Essentially, it unpractical space travel and very limited. BUT, if you also create a smaller cadmium bubble around the structure of the ship ( a C.bubble within a B.bubble), we know from this WoB that the effects will cancel out: This means that the crew wouldn't be trapped inside the speed speed bubble, and so will experience time normally. However, to make this technology even more efficient, the Scadrians would put up ANOTHER cadmium bubble within the first cadmium bubble (C.bubble within C.bubble within B.bubble). This would allow them to travel FTL and not feel the time effects at all! Essentially, they would be able to get anywhere in no time. I do believe that Ettmetal will be used in the propulsion of the spacecraft, probably through some nuclear propulsion technology. This is what would take the spacecraft to such high speeds. I don't really know how to explain all the other uses, so here's @hwiles comment pulled from here: As for the medallions their benefits are endless: from breath, to healing, to warmth, to weight (which will probably be useful combined with pushing and pulling in space) and the various other technological impacts. NOTE: I just found out from the coppermind that time bubbles in fact compound if used together. This is crazy, and makes FTL travel much, much easier. A normal speed bubble speeds up time by a factor of 8. Compound this with 10 bubbles and you would be travelling insanely fast. WoB is unclear to me, not sure if will double (8x2) or multiply (8x8). We have no information on Cadmiums factor of change, but we can assume that it will be the same as they cancel, and that it'll also compound. Basically, you can use primer cubes each powered by Bendalloy and Cadmium, structured in specific layers. All the Bendalloy bubbles would need to be outside, and you would need about double the amount of Cadmium bubbles to counteract the Bendalloy bubbles and still create their own time-slowing bubbles. What do you guys think? Any other technology which would make FTL travel feasible or easier for Scadrians? (This is my first theory, so there might be gaps in knowledge. Feel free to point them out).
  16. Time in the Cosmere does not seem like something that can be warped. For example, we don't have any time travel magic so far, and even shards that can see into the future only see possibilities. Then all of a sudden, in Mistborn era 2, something happened that allowed time to speed up and slow down. This is a really big deal! Bendalloy, which speeds up time, essentially allows a person to go into the future at a very slow pace! This is crazy! So I have a theory. I don't think the time is actually being altered. It's the cognitive aspect that is altered. The person's perception of time changes, not time itself. They age more slowly/quickly inside the bubble because their body itself doesn't think that it's aging. Time itself stays the same. Now, this seems kind of like a moot point to argue, since either way it looks like the same to the people both in and out of the bubble. However, this is actually a pretty big issue since if it's true, it proves that time in the Cosmere is immutable and can't be altered. Otherwise we would have to look at time as something that could be warped by investiture, and that would be very confusing. Ideas?
  17. Maybe bendalloy coins do show up in Bands of Morning, but I don't remember them. Surely the south scandrian expeditions traveled with bendalloy minds filled with food and water. Their ships just barely fly, they really don't have any room for supplies of food and water. Expanding on this... If there are enough people capable of filling unsealed bendalloy minds, a significant portion of south scandrian nutrition might come from bendalloy coins. A large challenge with getting food to people is both preserving it and transporting it. Feruchemical bendalloy solves these problems. With it, food can be preserved indefinitely, and transportation is both logistically easier and time insensitive.The gains from preventing spoilage may make up for the additional cost of bendalloy. It seems like they have already established a system than can produce filled Feruchemical bronze medallions for the population, they might be able to create a similar system to fill Feruchemical bendalloy medallions. Feruchemical coins may be South Scandrian currency.
  18. This is going to be a bit dense so be warned but I believe there may possibly be a very powerful application of bendalloy and even cadmium in combat for a mistborn that has not yet been explored. Pulsers and Sliders have the powerful ability to dilate time by burning there respective metals. We are talking time dilation to massive degrees. However there have been limitations shown thus far that prevent these abilities from being used practically in combat, these few limitations being: The user is affected by there own ability, for Pulsers this means that their time is slower like everyone elses The user cannot leave the bubble, preventing them from throwing down a cadmium (slow mo) bubble as a trap for example Any objects that come into contact with the "membrane" of the bubble is affected in adverse ways (usually disorienting people and refracting the trajectory of projectiles), preventing those within the bubble to interact with those outside and vice versa The third point is described in the mistborn adventure game as: It can assumed that this current is random and constantly changing based on the unpredictable ways in which objects are cast askew With that in mind, this third point may be exploitable. So far we have only seen how physical objects interact with the membrane, but what if the thing passing through a membrane is more of a force, an allomantic force to be more specific? For example what if a mistborn within a bendalloy bubble tried to pull on a metal outside of their cast bubble. Mistborns can only pull metal so if the membrane was to interfere with the force it is possible that the mistborn would be pulling something that is not metallic, since that is not possible I have absolutely no clue what could happen if it is affected by the membranes "current" On the other hand if this theory is correct and that only physical objects are affected by the membranes "current" then the allomantic force being acted upon the metal outside of the bubble could be increased exponentially! To put numbers to it, say for instance a mistborn cast a bendalloy bubble that dilated time by a factor of 10. This means he/she is experience 10x more time than those outside the bubble, every 10 seconds to him/her is one second to those outside. If the mistborn is able to enact say 100 newtons of pulling force per second on a metal, then this would translate to 100 newtons per 0.1 seconds on a metal outside of the bendalloy bubble (as their time is much faster and he/she can apply 10 seconds worth of force from within the bubble per one second of time outside of the bubble) This would mean that the allomancer in question could theoretically apply 10x as much force to the object per second as they were able to before! With this in mind this is not free power, the allomancer in question is burning metal at 10x the theoretical rate to do so, burning metal for 10 seconds for every one second of time experienced outside of the bubble The applications for this would be mind boggling, imagine if you will a coinshot within a bendalloy bubble, pushing on an object outside! And we thought crashers could do some serious damage! The same effect could be theoretically achieved by an outsider trying to influence metals inside of a cadmium bubble. Whether you agree or disagree all thoughts are welcome (as all are part of the fundamental process of the scientific method), I hope you enjoyed the theory, and I can't wait to hear your opinions!
  19. Recently I was playing an MMO at my friend's house. For those who don't know, it's basically a video game where multiple people play on the same map at one time. And so that got me thinking. If I was burning bendalloy, how would that affect the game? Would other players slow down or would my character get really twitchy or something? I don't entirely know how online games work, and help would be much appreciated.
  20. <p>Sorry if this has been asked before, I have been meaning to know this since the first time I read alloy of law. <br /> Consider someone who burns cadmium say Marasi. If she has sufficiently large amounts of cadmium, and if she keeps burning it continuously she could form a bubble in which the time runs very slowly and the time out of the bubble runs fast. With proper supplies she could stay inside the bubble for days and come out to see years passed.<br /> <br /> <em>Isn't this similar to what </em><em>hoid</em><em> is doing? </em><br /> <br /> Heck Marasi can potentially live thousands of subjective years while living only normal lifespan inside the bubble. Even if she doesn't do that, even if we consider her burning the metal at the same rate as other allomancers, she would live for a longer time than normal people because her body lived a "smaller" time than others.<br /> <br /> Now consider someone burning bend alloy, say like wayne. They are the exact opposite of marasi. He can live for a hundred years inside a bubble to come out and see that only few days have passed. Even for a normal usage of the metals, he would live for a particularly lesser amount of time than what others can, because his body aged "longer" than others for the same outside time for all the time he spends in speed bubbles.<br /> <br /> <strong>Cadmium is more useful than </strong><strong>Marasi</strong><strong> gives it credit for. Consider how much useful it can be for biologists working on evolution, astronomers studying star cycles etc.!!</strong> <br /> <br /> and you can potentially rule out a player from a chase or the events going on if you just sneak in a cadmium burner and flare the metal around the important opponent - say army general. Even if you flare the metal for few seconds, you potentially leave him useless for hours! <br /> <br /> Consider a seige. If you have enough cadmium burners and if you bring all your poulace and your resources into one spot and make a huge time bubble around them and spend a few weeks inside it, months will have passed outside but you are no where near the end of your food or resources. It can change the face of seiges and war fare!<br /> <br /> Also, how will be savant of cadmium or bendalloy be?</p>
  21. I apologize if another post has already asked this, but search revealed nothing similar. The question I have is, do people age differently when in a speed bubble? It seems that they would, so Wayne, who spends a LOT of time with time sped up, is probably several months older than his birthday would suggest. If he continues to burn a lot of Bendalloy he may end up being seventy years of age when all the other people born when he was are only sixty or so. Conversely, since Cadmium burns so slowly, I could actually see someone doing this to appear younger. If a noblewoman spent half her time in a Cadmium bubble she could live to be over 200. Granted, she wouldn't actually gain time since she'd be losing every other day, but in other people's eyes she'd be amazing, and she could see 200 years of history, news, etc. It would be like putting herself into a time capsule. I don't think either Wayne nor Marasi spend enough time in bubbles to make a huge difference, but since allomancy is only limited by metal access a very rich noble could, technically, have enough bendalloy or cadmium to basically live in a time bubble all the time, replenishing metals as needed. For that matter, if that noble uses Bendalloy so often, could he become a savant? There's a scary thought, a bendalloy savant!
  22. So, for a while now, we have known about the possibility of FTL travel allowed via Allomancy. I'm not sure where, but we are also fairly confident that bendalloy's speed bubbles have something to do with it. Now, in one WoB, Sanderson said that we were close, but we were missing an important part. I have tried to find any theories with relevant information, but it has been inconclusive. So, I'm going off of one WoB that I found when I was bored. This is by no means conclusive, but I have played around with it in my head, and I believe I have determined how FTL is possible using bendalloy. Break the Allomancer's spiritual gravitational bond to the planet. I propose that the way to do this is by making the gravity that is influencing the Allomancer come from a different source. Translation: put them on the moon. I don't exactly mean the moon, a spaceship with artificial gravity would probably do the job, assuming it was an adequate distance from the planet. So, you have a bendalloy burner in a spaceship with artificial gravity and plenty of metal. He burns the metal, and, assuming the bubble is bigger than the ship, the ship will begin to go much faster than an identical ship with identical power settings outside the bubble. So, with high enough burning rate and speed of the ship, you could go faster than the speed of light relative to the outside of the bubble. Basically, to an observer outside the bubble, you achieve FTL travel. Inside the bubble, you don't achieve FTL travel. I have little evidence to support this. To those with physics degrees or contradicting WoBs, fire away.
  23. I am a big fan of the mistborn books and I think aol is one of sanderson's better ones - particularly with the humour Anyway I have a question about bend alloy and ageing. If a slider uses a bend alloy regularly will he eventually age faster than people who can't burn bendalloy? To this effect could bendalloy be used to age faster on purpose? Is there a specific amount of time that can be compressed in a speed bubble or can it vary? I would be very interested to see people's opinions on this particularly as we have little information on the new metals.
  24. This is one of the metals that I created with Adobe Photoshop. I took a bunch of .png files and put them into Photoshop, then used a lot of different techniques, blurs, noise, and such to create these. I hope you all like them. I am not sure if I need a disclaimer, but I don't own anything.
  25. Simply put, a planet is in motion. Therefore a speed bubble has to be moving with the current (planitary) reference frame. Would the same apply for a spaceship? Cadmium bubbles would allow survival of space flights at non relativistic speeds but Bendalloy moving in a different reference frame would allow travel great distances apparently instantaneously.