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Found 1 result

  1. Cycle 2 Shaman sky perused the kitchen for clues. She looked through cabinets and cupboards. Ovens and drawers. She came up empty handed. Lieutenant Lilac sauntered over with a quizzical expression and cleared his throat. “Can I help you, Miss? Looking for something to eat?” She flipped her blonde hair from her eyes and stared at him coldly. “Someone just died. I don't exactly have an appetite. What do you think I am, a ravenous wolf? I don’t think...” She stopped and screamed in horror as the officer's head began to twist and distort turning into the head of a wolf, the rest of his body changing and mutating too fast to determine what he was becoming. The distorted creature lunged for Shaman Sky but she instinctively turned herself into steel, blocking the attack. The mutated officer fell to the floor. Dead. ____________________________ "I stand by what I said, every bit of it. You stand only for yourself, it’s what you do. I can’t apologize because it’s true." "Now, who will stand with me?" Windrunner had gotten on Sergeant Salmon's nerves. He already tried telling him off by saying he should go interrogate his own Chief if he didn't have anything better to do. He'd decided who he was interrogating first if only to get this crazy epic out of his hair. Just then, a scream came from across the kitchen. He watched, mouth agape, as one of his officers was mutated and fell to the floor dead. “I told you it wasn't me.” Windrunner folded his arms and looked back at the Sergeant. Windrunner ended up in the Interrogation room. “Darn it. I was hoping we'd find something on him other than being a pain in my…” “Mobile, Sergeant.” Sergeant Salmon set down the smoke grenade he'd confiscated, glancing at his blinking mobile and sighed. “The Chief must want an update. I'm not sure how to explain a mutated officer and a cleared epic.” ______________________________ Crimsn-Wolf was attacked by the Rightful Rulers but survived! Coop was interrogated (lynched) and found to be an innocent Democrat so he is free to go. He had a Smoke Grenade item. YoungBard was mutated and killed. He was a Spectator Police Officer. _______________________________ Vote Count: _______________________________ Room distribution: Dining room: Deathclutch19 Stink Elandera Living Quarters: Sart Xinoehp512 Droughtbringer Mr Doctor Ballroom: Gancho Libre Shqueeves Cadmium Compounder Megasif Kitchen: Devotary of Spontaneity Kidpen Crimsn Wolf I think I am here Snipexe _______________________________ Turn ends in... Player List: