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Found 9 results

  1. Steelslayer (with his epic powers) Fire fight Prof Wingflare Life force ( as seen with all his abilities at the end) Obliteration Nightwielder Regalia Loophole Jax (with watch, Sword, and sonic gun.) Round one, matches chosen at random. Prof v fire fight. Loophole vs wingflare Jax v Regalia. Nightwielder v Lifeforce Obliteration v stealslayer
  2. It was done. What had once been a simple scholarly interest had now become a single-minded obsession, heedless of the politics that funded it. With Pyrus by his side he worked over the magic, compiling decades of knowledge into a single scalpel of work, aimed at the brick wall of a problem that had tormented him for weeks. Months, maybe. He had lost track of time. The Liebrarian’s goal was simple: Get past the barrier wall. Behind the simplicity lay endless reams of layered hurdles. The DA had designed the barrier to be impossible to penetrate. It extended below the ground, a perfect sphere surrounding the Worldspike, blocking off all three Realms from matter and energy and investiture alike. Rashan's works had outlined the basics. The detainment unit had supplied the rest. You needed Administrator access to enter the barrier. The Administrator was stuck inside. An unforseen catch-22 made access inside virtually impossible. It had taken a few days to find a possible loophole, with assistance from the detainment unit. A month to experiment and find the parameters of that loophole, and exactly how far things needed to be stretched to break the barrier. Many more months to refine their plan and organise it. Alum had scoured the city for people with specific types of investiture, visited other worlds to read in the great libraries of Elantris and Kharbranth, and experimented with various weather phenomenons. It had all come together now. The meeting had been set carefully, in accordance with the predictions of the stormwards. The timing would have to be perfect. They made an odd group. A tired Azish man with a spren on his shoulder, standing next to a being made of light, formed out of Selish symbols. Various Liebrarians moved about, checking the preparations. Finally, groups of magic users, hand-picked, filled the rest of the street that led up towards the barrier. A division of Nicrobursters sourced locally. Those had been the hardest to find. Easier to recruit were Elantrians, Bloodsealers, Chay-Shan users and Forgers, each making up their own small crews. Exactly two dozen recruits in total. The wind began to pick up from behind, heralding the beginning of the operation. An Alleystorm was brewing; one of the strongest yet, the stormwardens had assured him. He wondered if it was enough. There was a joke, somewhere, in the fact that he had spent all this time labouring over the project and he still didn't know if it would work. He turned to face the others, and they quieted. The release of Voidus and the guardian would shape the face of this planet. "Ladies and gentlemen. The Alleystorm is building. It's time to approach the barrier. Anyone who wishes to assist us is free to do so. The plan begins now." The group moved forward, down the street. A hundred metres of wide alleyway lay between them and their goal. Alum wondered if anyone would try to stop them. Time to break the barrier.
  3. Eubeal stepped inside the (false)Waystop, a 'man' in a nice suit and clean leather shoes with a completely chrome mask with no features, his hands were in his pockets and not an inch of flesh could be seen. His connection with the strange voice back. He saw his target: Ioc. The denizens of the Waystop looked at the newcomer. "Ioc, come with me please." The man gestured with his shoulder, his hands still hidden in his pockets. He didn't really need to wait for Ioc to respond, he just manipulated the scalar value of distance to zero —for him and Ioc— to a point outside the Waystop. "I represent a group called the Reality Slayers and we've detected some spikes in power here, they sent me to take care of it. Either leave this plane of existence or I'll be forced to use force. If you don't possess the means to exit a specific universe or multiverse, we have someone that can ferry you to a different universe more suited to your level of power. Keep the balance and all that." He nodded. "Questions?"
  4. I'm not sure this is exactly a theory, but it relates to the Cosmere as a whole, and I've seen other posts like this, so I'm going for it. What if there was a total war game based on the books of the cosmere. (It would function similar to Medieval 2: total war, with the ability to play on multiple planets.) Here are some ideas for armies with their pros and cons. Warning, there will be very minor spoilers to almost everyone of his cosmere books. I will be ignoring White Sand unfortunately. A few categories have ?s feel free to tell me how to fix those. (I am also adding heroes who could possibly be part of the armies.) (Last note, obviously the shardbearers would win any battle, but, for evenness sake, imagine slightly more balanced) Mistborn The Lord Ruler's Army Pros: Inquisitors, Kaandra, Mistborn, Mistings, Kollos Cons: Generally expensive, Normal soldiers are fairly low on skill Possible Heroes: The Lord Ruler Skaa Rebellion Pros: Very cheap troops, Huge numbers, A few mistings Cons: Poorly trained, Low morale Possible Heroes: Kelsier, Vin Elend's Army Pros: Fairly cheap troops, Kollos Cons: Low morale, Koloss will ocassionaly disobey Possible Heroes: Elend, Vin, Tensoon, Spook Ruin's Army Pros: Koloss, Inquisitors, Infinite morale Cons: ? Possible Heroes: Marsh Alloy of Law (I don't know the name of the series as a whole) The Roughs Pros: Cheap troops, Twinborn, Outlaws, Koloss blooded Cons: Disobedience Possible Heroes: Wax, Wayne Elendel Pros: Constable troops? Good Morale, Disciplined Cons: Lack of magic Possible Heroes: Wax, Wayne Southern People Pros: Good at lowering morale on opposing troops, Higher technology, Aircraft, ? Cons: Expensive Possible Heroes: ? Sixth of the Dusk Patji Pros: Trappers, Aviar, Fairly high technology Cons: Low numbers Possible Heroes: Sixth of the Dusk Shadow for Silence in the Forests of Hell Colonists Pros: Well trained troops Cons: Low morale at night- like really, really low morale Possible Heroes: ? Warbreaker Hallandren Pros: Lifeless, Returned? Kalad's Phantoms, Awakeners Cons: Very, very expensive Phantoms Possible Heroes: The God King, Vasher? Idris Pros: Good Cavalry, Good guerilla warfare Cons: Low troops, unaesthetic Possible Heroes: ? Elantris Arelon Pros: Elantrians Cons: Not very many troops Possible Heroes: Raoden Teod Pros: Awesome Navy, Decent land troops Cons: Small troop numbers Possible Heroes: Rose Empire Pros: Trained troops, Large numbers (I can't think of how forgers would be useful in a battle, if you can think of any, please tell me) Cons: ? Possible Heroes: ? Fjordell Empire Pros: Huge troop numbers, Cheap troops, Gyorns, Dakhor, Monasteries... Cons: Slightly rebellious troops? Possible Heroes: ? The Stormlight Archives Alethkar Pros: Shardblades, Large numbers, Shardblades, Soulcasters, Archers, Shardblades! Cons: Discontent, Tendency to occasionally disobey orders, Expensive Possible Heroes: Kaladin, Dalinar, Adolin Jah Keved Pros: Large numbers, Shardblades Cons: Expensive Possible Heroes: ? Parshendi Pros: Warform, Stormform Cons: Not very many troops Possible Heroes: Eshonai If anyone has ideas for maps for battles, I'd love to hear them.
  5. Kaladin vs. Wax and Wayne; who would win? Assume that Kaladin has a pouch of infused spheres and has sworn two oaths. Let's say that he only has a regular spear, no Shardblades. Syl is still there, but she can't turn into a Blade. Wax and Wayne have a reasonable, but finite, amount of bullets and metals and Feruchemy stores. The way I see it, Kaladin has more power, but he'll run out of Stormlight before W&W run out of metals if he does anything other than keep it in for strength. Feel free to tweak the rules a bit if you feel like it! I'm most interested in your thoughts and speculation!
  6. So I just got back from seeing the new Hobbit movie! I just wanted to see what everyone else thought about it? All the friends (admittedly most of them were guys) I went with loved it, but honestly I had mixed feels. It was a very good action movie; but that is just what it was, almost pure action. A solid 3/4 of the movie was fighting. And while I do love a good action movie, I like to have at least some kind of plot line to them. I started to feel like it was a Michael Bay hack and slash movie instead of a Peter Jackson film. I would only give it about 2 and 1/2 out of 5 stars. Although, most of the fighting was very cool and well choreographed. Especially the scene where Galadriel, Elrond, Saruman and Radagast are going on the 'rescue mission' to save Gandalf was pretty great. I loved finally getting to see Elrond and Saruman fight! (I know that technically Saruman and Gandalf fought in The Fellowship, but that was only like twenty seconds so I'm just going to say that it doesn't count) Especially since Saruman was on the good side this time. So that brought the rating up a bit. Now let me explain to you the parts of the movie that I did not like. The whole Tauriel, (who should not have been in the movie in the first place, she was completely unnecessary. We already had a love story arc with Gandalf and Galadriel) Legolas, (again, someone who shouldn't have even been in the movie) and Fili love triangle. It added nothing to the story, and was also not done very well. It felt like it was almost added in as an afterthought most of the time. Not only that, but people, some of those action scenes were a bit ridiculous. Like when Bard rode down the hill in a cart and rammed into that Troll thing? Or when Legolas hitched a ride on that bat, which took it exactly where he needed to go, just so he could hang off of it by his feet and shoot it in the head? Or the bridge scene with Legolas and Bolg? When Legolas defied the laws of physics and climbed up the pieces of a falling bridge??? And finally, the two main bad guys, Azog and Bolg would not die!! Azog fake died once, and Bolg fake died at least twice! I mean come on, Jackson! I know you did not have a lot of content to work with in the last chapters of the book, but extending the movie by thirty minutes is not worth it to have at least three fake deaths. Okay. I believe I am done with my rant now. I know I'll probably catch some hate for this post, but oh well, this is how I feel. Let me know how you guys felt about it!
  7. Kaladin Stormblessed and Szeth battle in the clash between storms... Color pencil/digital art

    © Hannah Williams 2014

  8. I need a good old fashioned fight. I want cannon characters from Sanderson's works. I can fight as Kaladin, Sazeth, Vashar, Shallan, Adolin or Eshoni. I can also be some unspecified awakener, mistborn, shardbearer, radiant, futrechemist etc.... We can have up to 4 fighters including myself. Rules will be established later.