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Found 2 results

  1. My model for how Basic Lashing works: Basic Lashing makes (part) of your mass exempt from gravity's pull and instead makes it pulled in choosen direction. One full Basic Lashing cancels all of planet's gravity on you and then makes all of your mass being attracted in another direction. However, a partial Basic Lashing only cancels a part of planet's gravity: half a Lashing upwards leaves only half of your mass being attracted by the planet and the other half being attracted up. Effectively you'll float. A quarter Lashing upwards leaves 3/4 of your mass attracted by planet and 1/4 attracted up. Effectively only half of your mass is being attracted by the planet. Therefore, when dealing with multiple (more>1) Lashings we do not factor in planet's gravity because there is no mass that's left to be affected by it. What's interesting it's how partial Lashings downward would work: turns out they won't do anything and the normal pull downward would remain. This is true for any partial Lashing down up to one full Basic Lashing down. Now, we have instances of Szeth Lashing himself down to restore normal gravity to himself - perhaps if the downward Lashing (less or equal to one) is the only one affecting you then simply gravity reclaims its grip on you.
  2. Basic Lashing had me confused for quite a time. I mean, it makes sense that if you Lash yourself with quarter Lashing, you become two times lighter and if you use half of Basic Lashing, you become weightless. But then I read that Basic Lashing works by cancelling the gravity's pull. And that's where the problem is. With partial Lashings you don't cancel planet's gravity, cause that would just result in being pulled up at partial acceleration. If you Lash yourself with two Lashings, one upward and one downward, that results in being weightless. My proposed model is that planet automatically files in with its gravitational pull if the object is Lashed less than one Basic Lashing. That way the norm for the object is to always have at least one Basic Lashing: 100% planet's gravity (normal situation) part planet's gravity, part Lashing (parts sum up to 1, partial Lashing) 100% (or more) Lashing (one or more Basic Lashings)